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Thursday, 01 January 2009
Happy New Year!  I know our last update was from May, but I've decided that it's important to try and update than to carry around guilt from the fact that I haven't, so....we had a nice summer and fall.  If you haven't talked to us, you'll just have to trust me. ;o)
I have Christms cards to end out.  Thankfully, they're not totally Christmassy, so enjoy the surprise that is coming your way.  I'd apologize for my tardiness, but I suspect people rather expect that from me now.
 We've been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with Eric home this month.  He's in the midst of his vacation between Chrstmas and New Year and I'm so thankful for this time together.  We don't do anything very exciting, but there is just something wonderful about being here all together.  Eric will work from home when he returns to work on Monday, but I know that when he finally goes into the office the following week, that the Bug and I will miss him.  He keeps things calm around here during the day.
Both girls had a great time over Christmas.  Cadence would hold her tummy and say "Ho! Ho! HO!"  She loved decorating the tree and helping to make cookies.
I knew we would have a great Christmas and we did.  The girls adore their presents (a new doll and a new bike for Emily and a trampoline and a little people town for Cadence).  We limit the number of gifts Santa brings the kids (stockings plus three under the tree, just like the Magi brought) and it ensures the gifts get played with.  Eric and I had a great time too and are thankful from the generous and throughful gifts we've recieved from our family.
Our biggest gift of the year, though, for those of you who don't know is the impending arrival of our last baby in July of this year.  We're so thrilled and are anxiously awaiting (and praying for) another healthy, smart beautiful baby.
In less happy news, Eric bought me one of these
Ours is two years newer than this one pictured, but the exact same color.  It was a necessary evil to make sure we had a car that would hold our expanding family.  Eric is happy to inherit the Passat as we've moved the Cavilier off to greener pastures.
We spent New Years Eve with our good friends and I know that Eric and I both feel very thankful for the good year we had and have great hopes for this coming year.
We wish you peace, love, happiness, good health and frienship in the coming year.  Bring it on. '09!!
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