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Sunday, 05 October 2008
Since it's fall, let's relive Spring, shall we??    Spring actually came this year, with cool mild weather and bright lovely sun.  Oh, and tons of rain.
At the beginning of the month we were invited to a birthday party.  THe mother of the birhtday girls is a friend from my Mom's group and she generously invited whomever wanted to come to celebrate with her girls AND they had a small petting zoo and pony rides.  They had a lovely home with a great big, green yard and lots to do to keep the kids busy.  Cadence, though, fell in love with the little lamb.....
Cadence and Lambie
I'm not sure what she must have thought it was.  She kept squatting down to peer into his face.  She was so gentle and interested in him.  It was adorable.
 Cadence and Lamb 2
Emily rode the horse.....her first time!
 Emily on a horse
And held lots of the baby bunnies too.  They had sharp claws, but were too sweet to pass up.
Em and bunny

Cadence, of course, had to ride the pony too.  My Grandma loved horses and had one until just a few years before she died.  I have wonderful memories or horse rides (and a couple not so wonderful ones) and warm summer days in the hay in the barn (despite my allergies).  I was so glad to see the girls on a horse.  I'm not sure either of them will have a psssion in horses or any interest in riding, but I think it would have made my Grandma so happy to have seen them there.
Cadence and the horse
At the end of the month, we gathered for what is turning out to be our annual Memorial day BBQ at Jeff's house.  This won't be the first funny face you see.
Someone knows someone.  Someone ended up with some moonshine.  Someone was told, you only have to mix it with frozen fruit and drink.  This is contimplating moonshine
This is Eric drinking moonshine
This is Jeff drinking moonshine.
Yes it IS that bad, apparently.  I was smart.  I didn't TOUCH the moonshine.
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