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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Hey, I don't see YOU updating.  ;o)


Kidding.   I think I was just reluctant to bump the post about my Mom down the page, but it's stood there now for two months and I realize that I can't really keep it forever, even though I might like to. 


After March and traveling, April was a pretty easy month for us.  Emily, of course, had the biggest part because she made her first communion.

Emily-First Communion

I'd like to take total credit for the dress, but in truth, it was a joint effort.  At first, we asked Grandma is she would hem it and put in the zipper, two things I can do, but I was running short on time and I just didn't have time for making mistakes.  She agreed, but when I dropped the dress off to her, I made a mistake in the skirt.  So, with a lot of help from Grandma A and Grandma B, it got finished and it looked lovely.  

Emily-First Communion

Our girl is growing up.  She handeled first communion with so much grace and maturity.  I know I'll miss her smallness, but damn I'm looking foreward to seeing how she'll conduct herself as a grown up.  


We attended several First Communion related events this month and had a party here too.  Honestly, most of my extra energy in the first half of April revolved around Emily's dress, Emily's veil, Emily's shoes, Emily's hair, Emily's ruffle socks (of course) and Emily's lovely amethyst rosary.  And feeding people who came to see Emily in aforementioned get up. :o)  It was an awesome experience to see faith kind of stripped bare on those kids faces.    No questions.  Just acceptance.  Wouldn't life be easy if grown ups could just believe like that?


Cadence was along for the ride.  Emily was finding God.  Cadence found a worm.


I love having kids two totally different ages.




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