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Sunday, 13 April 2008
Slow your beating heart, this update DOES catch me up until May rolls around. :O)  THe girls are in bed early and Eric is washing up the supper dishes (because he rocks the house)  and I decided to assuage my guilt and get this update done.

This is my baby with glasses.  My baby has already had more glasses drama in a short mointh than most people have in years.  Emily has grown, by my estimations, three inches this year.  It's made her...well..a clutz.  I love her, but there's no other way to put it.  She can trip over air.  I've seen her.    Less than a week after getting her glasses, Emily climed Mount DirtySnow at the end of the driveway and promptly fell off landing, I kid you not, on her eye and damaging one lens of her glasses beyond use.    Last week, she pulled off the little nose pad and that had to be fixed too.  I wonder when she can get contacts??
Besides glasses and easter eggs, we also found a Toddler at our house.  Cadence turned 18 months on the 12th.
March was pretty much devoted to counting down for our Spring Vacation.  None of us could think of anything else.  Emily would ask daily how long until we left.  We all couldn't wait to get out of town and onto warm, beautiful weather.  Of course, the Winter Witch tried to spoil our plans by blowing a blizzard into town the morning we left, but we fooled her because we drug ourselves out of the bed at the serious crack of dawn to be on our way before the snow fell.  We're glad we did as we got FOURTEEN INCHES of snow that day.
To add to the HUNDRED we already GOT this winter.
But, while IL was bured under the white stuff we were here
doing this....
and keeping Cadence from plunging head first into any available water. 
Eric even worse shorts..
...and found time to make out with this guy.  It really does look like they're making out, doesn't it?   Where were we?
But this wasn't our final desition.  We were going here....

where they have these.
Cadence was totally impressed by the Palm Trees or maybe just that she could walk around in her diaper and touch a tree.  Who really knows, but she'd run up to the tree and proclaim "OOOOOOOO!" which is Cadiese for "WOW!"
We tried fishing.  The boys tried all week.  It was an event in itself.   They tried fishing for crabs with strings and spark plugs (we didn't come up with that. S eriously!  But we had to try. Spark plugs?)  Nuttin'  Turkey necks?  No.  Chicken necks?  No.  And too many days in the water and sun makes those things bloat up like....well,....nothing I can even compare it too.  Look how hard they're trying...
There was lots of running and bike riding down to the dock to check the traps.

Cadence wished she could go to, but after the water thing in Knoxville, we were afraid she'd throw herself in.
We finally did catch a baby crab, but he was too little to eat and we had to throw him back.  We gave up and bought sea food and it was fantastic.   The weather was cooler and more windy than we expected and we didn't get to spend much time on the beach.  It was too bad becuase Emily adores the beach and Cadence seems like she does too. 
See, she's going "OOOOOOOOO!"  That's Cadiese for WOW!

But, on the bright side, it was 60 and sunny which is better than 14 inches of snow ANY day.
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