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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Yeah, Im late again.  It seems to be a theme with me.  Honestly, finding the time to sit down and write these updates while wrangling the kids

and all of our other things sometimes seems to take up time I don't feel like I have.  We had a really fun and busy March too, but for now, enjoy February.


You know, around here, it always comes in crazy and this year was no different.  Emily turned eight!  We always offer Emily a birthday party with friends.  She always refuses.  THis year and last year I REALLY thought she'd choose to have a party with school friends, but as her birthday drew closer, she started to waffle and then decided on the day in Chicago at American Girl Place picking out a new doll (yes,m this does cost as much as a birthday party with her entire class from school.  Yes, it probably is insane, obscene or some combination of the two).  But, your young lady only turns eight once and I'm all too aware that the day will soon be coming when Emily will stop caring about dolls and wanting to spend time with us and will jump at the chance to celebrate her birthday with her friends instead.


I should note the picture on the banner was taken on Emily's birthday trip.



 Look at those rosy cheeks.  It was cold folks and, as we all know, Chicago is indeed windy.  Emily decided to opt OUT of wearing her winter coat and wore a hoodie.  Obviously I thought it was probably a bad idea, but they have to learn somehow....

It was much warmer inside and Emily was able to get rid of her hoodie and show off her beautiful new birthday dress (with thanks to PapPap).
I hadn't notice how long her hair was then and I think she REALLY looks like my mom in that picture too, but I'm digressing.   She's since had a hair cut which you'll see in upcoming pictures.  The amount of things in the store were almost overwhelming.  We did drop off Nicki to have her hair fixed (it was a tangled mess and we were out of ideas to fix it) and then Emily set about picking out her birthday present.  Up until we hit the store, she had settled on Julie, the 70's doll.
But after actually getting there and seeing the dolls, Emily decided on Mia, the girl of the year.  Dady was pleased as besides being a figure skater, Mia plays hockey.  Gramps sent along money for Emily's birthday too, so Emily bought a whole bunch of doll clothes to make srue Mia is the best dressed doll on the block.
After all of that shopping (Daddy's job was to push the stroller and pay) we opted out of lunch at the American Girl cafe and instead went to one of Emily's favorite restaurants, Chevy's in Shaumberg.    We had a pretty rough trip home.  We had another snow and ice storm that day.  Eric had dropped his car off to have a tire fixed before we left for the city meaning I had no choice but to drive home.  Afterwards, it was cake and doll stuff everywhere.
Followed by a snowday.  Cadence, at least, managed to enjoy the snow this winter.  I'd bring it in for her in bowls and she'd eat the whole thing.   I kind of wondered about her system going into shock or something, but it beat having her eat loose snow off of people's shoes....which she will do.  It would be seriously funny if it wasn't pretty gross.
For Valentine's Day I got a little bit insane and decided to crochet mice for Emily's class.  I made 24. 
`    Mice
I don't think I'll ever crochet a mouse again, but I realized I was reaching the end of the time when I'd be able to send a toy in to class and have the kids like it.    It's really not something I feel all sad about.  Valentine's Day was super busy for us.  After crocheting feverisly for many days, Cadence and I went in to help out with Emily's Valentine's Day party.
There wasn't much time for pictures.  This was the best one I got.   I was Cadence wrangling and kid game over seeing and it was pretty busy.  Emily was super happy to have us there though and all of the kids really love Cadence and are happy to have her in the classroom.  They shared food and toys with her, so even though I was sweating by the time we left, the girls both had a great time.  However, our fun wasn't over.  We went on to my Mom's group party.  It was kind of fun, but really busy.   Cadence gave up and hid in a tunnel.
We rounded out the month with more snow and used our tax return to buy a new car.  Here's both...
Yup, that's what I'm talking about. 
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