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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Welcome New Year. I love the New Year.  Really, I do.  I find great satisfaction in the process of using things up. I like finishing things up, all tidy like, and then starting over with something new, so the New Year makes me happy.  Emily and Cadence were Grandma Cheryl's special dates, but neither girl (or Grandma?) made it up to midnight.  Eric and I went out the "the friends" and spent the night at a hotel to avoid the amaturers on the road.    We had breakfat and then picked up our girls. 

 After all the fun and festivities, Eric went back to work and then Emily followed.  It had been two weeks since things had been "normal" and I think we were all ready for a little return to normalcy around here (well, I was and I think Cadence was.  Eric and Emily were mopey about having to go back to work and school).




 Jack got to nap, which is what Jack does and Cadence got to play with her toys undisturbed.  We had normal nap times and normal chores and all kinds of normal stuff, even if Eric and Emily were mopey.


We also had crazy weather.  I can't begin to describe how nuts the weather has been in these parts this winter.  We had snow in December.  Tons and tons and TONS of snow.  And then, right before Christmas, right when it looked like we'd have the White Chirstmas I go freaking crazya bout, it rained and all my snow melted, leaving us with only a tiny, miserable dusting for Chrsitmas itself.  And, to top it off, it was freaking cold.  Like, freeze your nose hairs cold (that's cold).  However, a day or two after Christmas, we had a blizzard and it snowed about a foot on New Year's Eve.  Mid-January saw all of our December snow melted away and it looked oddly like spring outside our windows.  Cadnece thinks it should be time to play out now....



Don't worry,  By mid-month we had more than our fair share of snow again






 see?  I don't know anyone in Illinois who is currently worried about when we have snow, but that's another story for February, for which you will have to wait until March. :o)

 In the midst of all of this, Emily had her first reconcilliation.  She was seriously nervous and I don't blame her.   The thought of doing it makes my blood run cold, but we had our parrish priest (there were five priests there taking confession that night) and Emily feels comfortable with Father, so it was all good.  She confessed and did her penance, though I have no idea what that is becuase I told her that her confession was between her, Father and God and that she didn't have to tell us and she didn't.  I asked her if she did her penance and she said she had, so....I guess we'll all good.  This is all in preparation for Em's first communion which will take place in April.


The Tuesday after Reconcilliation, second grade hosted Mass and Emily had a speaking part.  She was nervous, but what made it worse was that Eric drove off to work with my keys that morning and we couldn't drive her to shcool.  Emily was seriously upset about missing her speaking part, but Daddy came home and we made it to school just in time.

Cadence, through all of this discovered the joy of using laundry baskets for various things other than laundry and she will now dump laundry from the unceremoniously so she can use them for her own pursuits... 


Cadence also learned how to sniff.....please excuse the snot...


Catholic Schools Week also took place in January and all the grades worked hard at creating projects for display in the school's learning fair.  Emily's class had to make an object out of 3-D shapes.  Emily wanted to make an animal.  Eric and I are NOT artistic people and after a lot of hemming and hawing, we put together a cat out of the aforementioned 3-D shapes, a few household items and Crayola Modeling Magic.  Sadly, Orange Kitty has met an unfortunate fate and she's currently on the counter hoping I can glue gun her back together.  Emily isn't confident and was lamenting yesterday that she had the ugliest project EVER.  We'd be nothing around here without the drama.... but here's Orange Kitty in happier days....

 Emily would have a happier day if Iwould just put down the camera.....



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