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Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Not many pictures this month.  I broke my camera on Halloween and had to resort to using my old digital camera and the film camera.   The film camera takes awesome pictures, but comes with the added problem of having to develop film and the old digital camera is dinosaur slow and frustrating to use.  A new camera is coming my way for Chrsitmas, so that's good, but for now you'll have to deal with mostly words and few pictures.





November was another month frought with sickness.  We got a phone call early in the month from school that they thought Emily had pinkeye and, indeed she did.  That made the fourth trip to the peditrician in three weeks.  I think he was as sick of seeing us as we were of him.  About a week later, poor little baby Cadence came down with croup which involved a trip to the emergency room, a breating treatment, a chest x-ray and a shot. 

 And, Emily still has that nasty lingering cough that as of today, still isn't gone, but is at least better.  Eric, not to be left out, came home from Thanksgiving weekend with strep throat.  It's been a tough one, health wise, for sure.

We had our first parent teacher conference at Emily's new school and she's doing great, much to my relief.  I was worried about her ability to keep up in  a more academic setting with a tougher grading school and while the transition hasn't been easy, I'm glad for the decision we made.  It was a good one.  We did have our first run in with bullying too and while the situation seems to have passed, it's left me feeling a little bit raw around the edges and warry of every account Emily makes of the child in question.

 Cadence is doing well.  Learning more every day.  She's really into climbing now and uses every item she can and every opportunity to use her body.    She has begun to really show us affection now, not just by giving big open mouthed kisses, but by hurrying up to us and hugging us about the legs.  She also shows her frustration with us by head butting on some occassions too, but we're trying Really HARD to stop that bad habit.


She's also really beginning to show preference for things.  She loves Dora the explorer and The Wiggles.  The picture above is of her watching the Wiggles, sometimes with rapt attention and sometimes dancing and laughing. 



We celebrated Thanksgiving in Luther this year.  I was afraid that it might be difficult or sad, but mostly I walked away feeling good about it.  We all miss Mom in our own ways   I was afraid of the experience, but it was okay.  I came away feeling like we could still carry on as a family, a strong family, and that was a good thing to know.


Right now, I'm in full swing for Christmas.  Stay tuned. :o) 












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