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Sunday, 04 November 2007

October was another busy month for us, as most of them are and I can't believe that it's gone arleady.  Cadence spent the month checking enjoying her new talent--walking!  She's been all over the place and enjoying her independance.    We had beautiful mild weather at the beginning of this month and we had a nice time getting outside into the sun.





Our first big event of this month was the girls' baptisim.  We were so happy to be joined by our family and friends  for this very special event.  Emily was a little bit disappointed that Father Gerry poured water over her hard attained curls, but they both look beautiful and we're so glad to have finally gotten this item marked off of our 'to-do' list.


 It was a very hot day that Sunday, but our trip to Luther the next weekend was the xact opposite.  It was really cold; winter coat and hat weather.  It was pretty warm around the fire, but away from it, it was freezing.  Eric, cadence and I had planned to sleep out in our tent, but Aunt Margie took pity on us and we got to sleep in the house with the baby.  That was a great thing, becuase it really was cold and Cadence really doesn't like to be covered.  it was a bit stressful for me because I know she doesn't sleep very well and I was afraid she'd keep people up. It turned out okay, though.

 we also made a trip to Traverse City, one of my favorite places.  We got a coffee and walked around and had a great time.  We were surprised to see a lot of dead fish in the river, but it turns out they were spawned salmon.  I didn't take any pictures of those.


After our great weekend in Luther, it was time to start getting ready for Halloween. Emily's  costume was made by me and finished and Cadence fit into hers perfectly.  We started out the Halloween festivities by attending my moms group's Halloween party.   The girls had a blast and Emily got to smack her very first pinata.  Cadence just had a good time looking at all the kids in costumes and trying to figure them out.



And then, of course, came pumpkin carving.  Cadence didn't participate last year, but this year she had a nice time playing in the guts.  We put down newspaper on the table the floor and let her have at it.  She sniffed them, threw them and even might have ate some (Jack ate a ton since Cadence kept throwing them over).  Emily designed her pumpkin and have a nice time carving it herself.  She was very proud of her work.



 And then of course, came Halloween.  Emily was beside herself and Cadence was just along for the ride.



Em and Cadence


On our way Trick or Treating (before I dropped my camera becuase Cadence fell down and made her nose bloody.  The camera, sadly, shall now RIP.  A halloween fatality) Emily and cadence



Cadence was so excited about her pumpkin.  She loved it and would give it pats.







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