04 Jan 2009 Family Day Out
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Eric and I have been talking a bit lately about the amount of stuff we have in the house.  We both agree that we have too much and while we LOVE the generosity at the holidays, our wee house seems to be bursting at the seams with toys, books, clothes, shoes, movies, etc, etc.

Eric’s grandparents give the us and the girls monetary gifts every year and this year, instead of letting Emily buy ANOTHER toy, we used the money to have a day out. It was cold, so we went to the mall.

We decided to have lunch at the Rain Forrest Cafe. Now, normally Eric and I don’t really care for these pricey, theme chains, BUT 1) the food is really okay and 2) the kids are entertained the entire time which makes it worth the extra cost. The wait, however, was 40 minutes so after petting a snake (no pictures. Cadence was afraid of it) we walked down to Bass Pro to see the fish.

After that, it was nearly time for our “adventure time” at the Rain Forrest, so we strolled back down the mall where Cadence was also scared by the robotic crocodile in front of the restaurant. Poor kid. Once inside though, there were too many things to see and too many places to watch.

Em was really happy that we were sitting along the outside of the restaurant. The rain would start up right beside our table and it would get all misty. She had to reach her hand in a few times to check it out. Cadence was just happy with her super big slurpee.

and her stinky Leopard toy…

After lunch (where Cadence ate one mini hot dog and was scared twice by the thunderstorm) we walked back to the Merry-Go-Round. Emily and I wanted to ride before lunch, but Eric was on his way so we skipped it. For the low, low price of two bucks, we couldn’t resist getting a ride.

Eric was nice enough to ride. Which is good becuase he was queasy when he got off.

It was the perfect gift. Thanks Granpa and Grandma B. :o)

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