23 Sep 2008 Some people…
 |  Category: Inside Out-Examining Me

..are probably waiting for an update.  For birthday pictures and school reports, but I’ve been languishing.  Something is in the air and I feel  cagey and restless as I puzzle out what exactly is in the air after all.

Is it Eric’s job hunt and the knowledge that his ultimate wish is that we move locations?  Maybe.  But I’ve lived with that since 1999.  Is it Cadence’s birthday or the start of another school year and feeling like third grade is a very big girl when second grade isn’t?  Is it the change of the seasons or the worry about the dog or just the need to shake things up?

I’m never sure.

Do I suppress my nervous energy or do I run with it?  Do I stay up late and exhaust myself in a flurry or activity or go to bed, understanding that an early morning is coming no matter what else I choose to do?

The family is good.  Eric and I are great, but something is moving in the air.  Can you feel it too??

(and it’s not the stupid election or the stupid economy before someone suggests that……)

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