24 Aug 2008 Good luck, baby.
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Can you believe that I am a mama to a third grader?  Doesn’t that seem so big??

It seems like time is screaming fast, particularly this summer and once again, we’re back to back to school time. I look forward to school time every year. It feels like New Year’s Eve to me, a chance to start everything fresh again. We pack up the kids back packs with new things and dress them in new clothes and send them out to start all over again.

And Emily, to her credit, is so excited to start school; to be with her friends again and to get back into the swing of things. I wonder if she, too, feels the potential of a fresh school year stretched out before her. This year, she’s not the new kid anymore. There’s nothing new for her to adjust to. Emily has attended five school since she started attending school at age 3. Yes, that works out to one a year. I can only hope when she walks through the double doors tomorrow that she’ll feel confident, because she knows the ropes. There’s no adjustment period for her this year.

Just stepping in and going with the flow. I can only imagine how she’ll excel without having to puzzle out the system or her place inside of it.

So, the back pack is packed, the first outfit selected, Old Navy frustrated towards (hey, I ordered uniforms from that palce a week ago and NOTHING, which means if they don’t show by Tuesday night (I have convinced Emily to wear her jumper and blouse) I’m off to the store to rebuy things I’ve already bought and paid for. Curse you Old Navy!!), the snacks and lunch things bought, the lunch box washed and ready.

Best wishes for this year, babygirl. I hope it’s fantastic. I know you’ll do all you can to make it that way.

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