21 Aug 2008 Interconnected….
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…but probably not really.

I got an e-mail today, from NKOTB.com extolling me to pre-order their new album “The Block” on I-Tunes.

Now, I’m not above pre-ordering things.  Don’t get me wrong.  The last several Harry Potters showed up at my house the day they were released.  I definatley want to make sure I get what I want when I want it, but does it make sense to pre-order an album on ITunes?  I mean, is ITunes going to run out or something?  I feel doubtful about that at best.  If I don’t pre-order will ITunes NOT sell me a download.

Doubtful.  Nice try, though.

Now, speaking of JK Rowling, the girls have been watching (well, Emily.  Cadence glances at it in passing) Labyrinth.  You know, that 80’s movie with David Bowie?  I have to wonder now of JK Rowling was a fan as 1) a snowy white owl tracks Sara’s progress (Hello? Hedwig?),2) Hoggle, the goblin, is. mistakenly called Hogwart and Hoghead.  Also, the big beast is called Ludo and Ludo Bagman appears in Goblet of Fire which also, oddly enough ,features a Labyrinth.

Not that I blame her from possibly borrowing.  It is a great movie. :O)

There isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake me up this morning…..

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