29 Jul 2007 In The Trenches-Day 3
 |  Category: Love in every stitch

I had big plans for tonight. I finished the hem on Emily’s new nightgown, in which she is currently blissfully sleeping, and I had planned on starting on the girls car tote bags. See, Emily? She has a problem. It’s called “I bring along too much shit in the car.”

I cleaned out the car on Friday and collected a large handful of costume jewelry, broken crayons, colored pencils, paper scraps and crumbs. The idea behind the tote bags was manifold. First, was to keep a nice, non-perishable snack at the ready, particularly for Cadence, but also for Emily. The second was for there to be a neat, attractive looking place to keep diapers and wipes and a spare change of clothes and possibly a small blanket for the Tot. The third was to keep corralled, the various toys and other goodies that seem to accumulate in the backseat of the car causing this sort of of mishmash of, well, trash. Of course as I sit here now, I can see myself with my hands on my hips, explaining to Emily that she may only bring in the car one stuffed animal or dollie and whatever can fit into her tote bag.

At that moment the excitement of the tote bag will be lost on Emily who is now in mourning for her piles and piles and piles of crap that, up to now, have dominated the backseat of our cars. But I think it’s for the better. At least in my head.

But, I got distracted and now bedtime is looming near and I’m half looking at the sewing machine and half thinking about bed and I’m not sure which will win out.

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