24 Sep 2005 Knitting along on…
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Falling Leaves. Actually, work started Thursday knit as I forgot my tapestry needle to seem up bubby’s arm and didn’t want to make MIL dig at 10 p.m. So, I cast on, knit the toe and started to pattern. I had two problems.

First, I opted to do a different toe than the pattern stipulated and cast on the actual amount of needed stitches–32 like the pattern called for. Problem was, the author of this pattern does a toe with m1 and then some decreases. I realized, after knitting the toe and starting to pattern that I was four sitches short on my pattern. I thought about making increases and started that for a while, but then ripped everything out.

I had doubts, then,a s I tired the sock on my toe a time or two before ripping, that the sock would fit at all. I like a tighter fit and my foot narrows quite a bit after the ball of my foot. I debated starting a new pattern instead,b ut started over with falling leaves.

It;s still a bit bulky trough the narrow part of my foot, but I’m compenstating that by knitting the instep a bit shorter than usual to get a little more stretch out of what’s there to try and narrow the sock up some.

I am knitting these socks on Patton’s Kroy in a lovely green heather shade and the pattern looks nice. I’m nearly down short rowing the heel and will increase back up in about 4 stitches. I love short row heels. Don’t you?

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    I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the link. It was a pleasure finding and reading your blog.