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24 Aug 2008 Good luck, baby.
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Can you believe that I am a mama to a third grader?  Doesn’t that seem so big??

It seems like time is screaming fast, particularly this summer and once again, we’re back to back to school time. I look forward to school time every year. It feels like New Year’s Eve to me, a chance to start everything fresh again. We pack up the kids back packs with new things and dress them in new clothes and send them out to start all over again.

And Emily, to her credit, is so excited to start school; to be with her friends again and to get back into the swing of things. I wonder if she, too, feels the potential of a fresh school year stretched out before her. This year, she’s not the new kid anymore. There’s nothing new for her to adjust to. Emily has attended five school since she started attending school at age 3. Yes, that works out to one a year. I can only hope when she walks through the double doors tomorrow that she’ll feel confident, because she knows the ropes. There’s no adjustment period for her this year.

Just stepping in and going with the flow. I can only imagine how she’ll excel without having to puzzle out the system or her place inside of it.

So, the back pack is packed, the first outfit selected, Old Navy frustrated towards (hey, I ordered uniforms from that palce a week ago and NOTHING, which means if they don’t show by Tuesday night (I have convinced Emily to wear her jumper and blouse) I’m off to the store to rebuy things I’ve already bought and paid for. Curse you Old Navy!!), the snacks and lunch things bought, the lunch box washed and ready.

Best wishes for this year, babygirl. I hope it’s fantastic. I know you’ll do all you can to make it that way.

21 Aug 2008 Interconnected….
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…but probably not really.

I got an e-mail today, from extolling me to pre-order their new album “The Block” on I-Tunes.

Now, I’m not above pre-ordering things.  Don’t get me wrong.  The last several Harry Potters showed up at my house the day they were released.  I definatley want to make sure I get what I want when I want it, but does it make sense to pre-order an album on ITunes?  I mean, is ITunes going to run out or something?  I feel doubtful about that at best.  If I don’t pre-order will ITunes NOT sell me a download.

Doubtful.  Nice try, though.

Now, speaking of JK Rowling, the girls have been watching (well, Emily.  Cadence glances at it in passing) Labyrinth.  You know, that 80’s movie with David Bowie?  I have to wonder now of JK Rowling was a fan as 1) a snowy white owl tracks Sara’s progress (Hello? Hedwig?),2) Hoggle, the goblin, is. mistakenly called Hogwart and Hoghead.  Also, the big beast is called Ludo and Ludo Bagman appears in Goblet of Fire which also, oddly enough ,features a Labyrinth.

Not that I blame her from possibly borrowing.  It is a great movie. :O)

There isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake me up this morning…..

15 Aug 2008 Has it really come to this?

I’ve been having a great time on Facebook lately.  It’s been so much fun reconnecting with old friends, classmates, family and interacting with current friends.  That’s part of the reason why I adore the Internet.  The miles between people are so few.  In a few minutes, I can upload new pictures of the girls that can be seen instantly by the family, friends and loved ones we have spread around the country.

And, you know, I’m not one of those people that forgets others easily.  If you spend time in my life, I think about you.  Maybe not often or all the time, but definitely every once in a while.  I wonder about how you’re doing or what’s going on in your life.  If the things I knew you wanted came to pass.  If you’re happy or sad or what has changed about you.

About a week ago I sent a “friend” request to someone I had known casually from an Internet group before Emily was born.  We had never met, but for the time that we posted together, she came to know a lot of things about me and I knew a lot about her.   Today I had my “friend” request rejected.

She just doesn’t have time.

And I’m wondering….again…..what sort of life we lead, in general, if we don’t have time for one more contact, one more friend.  I wondered this years ago when, at a scrapbook crop with people whom I doubted I would be friends with (yet hoped to be friendly with) the group at large agreed that they just had too many obligations to make any more friends.

<cricket cricket cricket>

Who are these people who are too busy for friends?

After that night at the scrapbooking crop, I cut off contact with the people who just didn’t have time to make more friends.  Why extend myself to them and why bother?  And, I feel the same way about my rejected “friend” request today.  Obviously this isn’t the sort of person I want to have a relationship with, no sour grapes intended (particularly since the excuse of not having time to keep up with anyone else via a social networking site that updates everyone at once seems a little….fishy.  Or stupid.  I’m not sure which  And I’m not interested relationships with fishy people or stupid people either).

But it does, in my mind, post a larger question about the choices we make as a society and about where we put importance.  I’m not like Emily in that I believe that everyone can be bosom buddies and that a few hours spent in happy play equates to best friends.  I know as you enter adulthood that real friendships are hard won and few and far between, but the carte blanche rejection of general friendship across social classes (the person who rejected my “friendship” today would consider herself very urban and savvy and probably above the middle class suburban moms who admitted to it as well)   is perplexing to me.  Particularly when the excuse given is ‘out of time”.

I understand how hard it can be to manage families and obligations, work and fun.  I’m sitting right in the middle of it too, attempting to balance Emily’s school time, her need for a social life, Cadence’s play dates, Eric’s work obligations, social outings and family obligations.  The only difference is, I’m not managing my own work obligations (which I probably make up for with Cadence’s schedule), but there still seems to be time inside of my admittedly busy life to reach out when I can to those who reach towards me.   It doesn’t make sense not to. What kind of people have we become (myself included of course, because I’m right up there with people who can’t find “time” to return e-mails or make phone calls or, this year, send out Christmas cards) that we reject connections with other human beings?

Doesn’t that seem….



Isn’t our emotional connections to each other, our highly structured, hierarchical relationships one of the things that sets us apart from Mighty Joe Young and his band of primates?

Honestly, it’s not really about the Facebook thing.  My fondness for this person obviously wasn’t returned and I don’t want to be a pity add. ;o)  As I tell Emily multiple times a school year, we just can’t all be friends with everyone and that much is true, but we can always make time to lend an ear, extend a hand and put ourselves out there into the greater universe and wait for the good that will come back.

12 Aug 2008 Diet Diary-Week 1
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Yesterday saw me finish up my first week on my new diet.  Eric and I want to try and have another baby soon and I decided that I needed to be in much better shape before we did that.  Now, I am one of the odd few who manages to lose weight during pregnancy (it’s not dangerous.  I just kind of lose my appetite and eat less while burning baby growing calories).

Anyhow, I decided that I needed a solid eight week commitment before we could TTC (try to conceive) so I could make sure I was in a healthier place before I tried to grow a baby in my body.

After some deliberating, I decided that I was going to go on Weight Watchers and give it more than a 1 week try.  I signed up to go to meetings  and keep track of my points on-line, which is what I’m doing know.

How’s things?

Well, I love the Weight Watchers program.  It’s easy to manage and their site is great to use.  The problem with me and Weight Watchers really isn’t weight watchers.

To pardon a cliche, it’s, well, me.

The first few days, last week, were kind of difficult.  Some of my “staple” foods seem to contain large amounts of points.  For instance, those daily iced coffees from Starbucks?  4pts (when ordered non-fat, which I never did until this past week).  My favorite breakfast cereal with milk?  7pts.

So, I’m having to prioritize.  Do I want coffee?  Or more to eat?  What’s the plan?

Dieting is hard for me, besides the obvious eating less reasons.  I get really compulsive.

Really REALLY compulsive.

So, managing food can get difficult.

But, I started out by menu planning and when I get up in the morning, I plug in what we intend to have for dinner which allows me to manage my day.  I’m working on eating slowly, chewing slowly, pausing in between bites, things that I don’t normally do.  I’m a shoveler.

Last week I was using the Wii Fit to help make sure I was getting my activity, but that’s more difficult the next couple of weeks with company.

In any case, my loss for last week was 5 lbs.  I feel great about that.  And, of course, keeping that idea on my mind motivates me to keep my progress heading forward.  Even when we go out.  Even when we have company.

10 Aug 2008 Three Years ago….
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I did the following meme.  I thought it would be interesting to do it again to see how things have changed.  You can view the original here

Ten things I do everyday:

1. Sing to Cadence

2. Talk with Emily

3. Surf the Internet

4. Smooch Eric.

5. Let the dog out (and in and out and in and out and in and out)

6. Watch Ninja Warrior

7. Wish for just five more minutes under the covers.

8. Shower

9. Tell Emily NO!

10. Pet cats

Nine favorite shows of all time:

1. Ghost Hunters

2. Ninja Warrior

3. Heroes

4. Chuck

5. Jericho (still pissed about them canceling it)

6. Dead Like Me

7. Arrested Development

8. Ugly Betty

9. Amazing Race

Eight junk food favorites: (none of these have changed)

1. French Fries

2. Nacho (cheese? Put it back!)

3. Doritos

4. Chocolate chip cookies

5. Frozen custard (chocolate and vanilla twist)

6. Cherry Coke

7. Pizza

8. Egg rolls

Seven things that bug me:
1. Rude Drivers on Cell Phones

2. Stupid parents

3. Clueless people

4. redundant messes

5. Dog drool on any part of my body

6. Cat who prefers fastidiously clean litter box

7. Being in a rush

Six songs I love this minute:

1. Shake It-Metro Station

2.  Seasons of Love-Rent

3.  Magic-Colbie Cailiat

4. I kissed a Girl-Katy Perry

5. Shut up and Drive-Rihanna

6. the Toast Song

Five things I want:
1. Emily to have a fabulous school year

2 Cadence to keep growing like a happy little weed

3. To get the work done on the house so we can get the house on the market

4. To finish my freaking laundry

5. To have this diet finally be the one that is successful (still worried about hte same thing three years later)

Four facts about me:

1. I speak pig latin fluently

2. I get very OCD about stuff.

3. I’m a cat person. Sorry Jack.

4. I want to write a novel some day

Three wishes: (none of these have changed)

1. For my family (all of them) to be happy and healthy always

2. A long, long , long marriage to my sweetheart

3. Peace On Earth

Two people I wish I could see again: (sadly, this one has)

1. My mom
2. Ma

One thing I’m looking forward to:

1. School starting.  Not my normal take on it, but I’m ready this year

07 Aug 2008 Reduce, Recycle….
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Not so sure about the reuse part.

I pick up Real Simple magazine whenever there’s a new one, but I rarely read through them.  I made it through August’s issue, though, and there are just a few things I want to save without needing to save the whole magazine, so…..enjoy, I guess (though this is mostly for me).

Sweetgrass Farm Lemon Verbena Farmhouse Furniture Wax.  $6 from
Bodycology Continuous Spray Lotion in Fresh Waters $9

Ham and Cheese Quesadillas
serves 4
4-10 inch flour tortillas
1 pound fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced
1/2 pound thin sliced deli ham
1 cantaloupe cut into wedges
>Heat Broiler.  On one half of each tortilla, layer the cheese and ham.  Fold the over half of each tortilla over and place on a broilerproof sheet pan
>Broil until cheese has melted and tortillas are brown, 2 to 3 minutes per side.  Cut into wedges and serve with fruit

Ravioli with sauteed zucchini
serves 4
1 lb cheese ravioli
2 tbsp olive oil
3 small zucchini, sliced into thin half moons
salt and pepper
2 cloves of thinly sliced garlic
1/2c grated Parmesan
>Cook Ravioli according to package directions.  Drain and return to pot
>Meanwhile, heat oil in large skillet over medium heat.  Add zucchini, salt and pepper and cook until tender (4 or 5 minutes).  Add garlic and cook for 2 minutes
>Add zucchini mix and 1/4c Parmesan to the ravioli and toss gently.  Garnish with remaining 1/4c of Parmesan.

Summer Pasta Bolognese
serves 4
12 ounces of fettuccine
2 tbsp olive oil
1lb ground turkey
salt and pepper
2 cloves chopped garlic
1.5 lbs beefsteak tomatoes
1/2 dry white whine
1 small zucchini, coarsely grated
3/4 fresh basil leaves
>Cook pasta
>heat oil in large skillet.  Add turkey and season with salt and pepper.  Cook for 3 minutes
>add garlic and cook for 1 minute.  Add tomatoes and wine and simmer, stirring occasionally,until turkey is cooked through and sauce has thickened, 4 to 5 minutes
>remove from heat and fold in zucchini and basil.  Serve over pasta

And now, off to the recycle bin.