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29 Jul 2007 In The Trenches-Day 3
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I had big plans for tonight. I finished the hem on Emily’s new nightgown, in which she is currently blissfully sleeping, and I had planned on starting on the girls car tote bags. See, Emily? She has a problem. It’s called “I bring along too much shit in the car.”

I cleaned out the car on Friday and collected a large handful of costume jewelry, broken crayons, colored pencils, paper scraps and crumbs. The idea behind the tote bags was manifold. First, was to keep a nice, non-perishable snack at the ready, particularly for Cadence, but also for Emily. The second was for there to be a neat, attractive looking place to keep diapers and wipes and a spare change of clothes and possibly a small blanket for the Tot. The third was to keep corralled, the various toys and other goodies that seem to accumulate in the backseat of the car causing this sort of of mishmash of, well, trash. Of course as I sit here now, I can see myself with my hands on my hips, explaining to Emily that she may only bring in the car one stuffed animal or dollie and whatever can fit into her tote bag.

At that moment the excitement of the tote bag will be lost on Emily who is now in mourning for her piles and piles and piles of crap that, up to now, have dominated the backseat of our cars. But I think it’s for the better. At least in my head.

But, I got distracted and now bedtime is looming near and I’m half looking at the sewing machine and half thinking about bed and I’m not sure which will win out.

28 Jul 2007 In The Trenches-Day 2
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After an easy (well, only 20 minutes) amount of crying yesterday afternoon, I was hopeful for a decreased amount of crying last night and while C-note didn’t cry for 50 minutes, it was still at least 20 (I was hoping for ten) and naptime today took every bit as much crying as yesterdays nap and yesterday’s bedtime did.

But, the crying thing (henceforth known as CIO) IS working for her. On at least two separate occasions last night, Cadence fussed for a few seconds and went right back to sleep. THIS is what we’ve been waiting for. She slept from 8:30 until 5 a.m., woke p to nurse and then went back to sleep until 7. That’s how normal babies sleep and Eric and are thrilled. The crying is still hard. SO hard, but the benefits are good enough that we can handle the crying, so I guess it’s a good tradeoff.

Yesterday, the girls and I hit the store to pick up some stuff to make Amanda and Cjay a couple of dinners to welcome their new baby Kellyn. We stopped to visit last night and Kellyn was very content and VERY pretty. Emily, naturally, didn’t even peek at her (turns out, Emily only likes her OWN) babies and Cadence liked the cat toys better and got shy when and hid her face when I held her up so she could see Kellyn. :o) But, it was nice to see the new baby. She was very, very sweet.

In other news, I’ve almost finished a second outfit for Cadence. I have the waist band to sew into the diaper cover and she’ll be sporting her second mamamade outfit in as many days. I have a third one here near completion, but I had a diaper cover issue and will have to improvise. I wanted to knock a few out before we went on vacation and I guess I got my wish on that one. ;o) Eric has to fix Grandma B’s compuker today and I think the girls and I may drop him off and hit Joann’s for a little more fun stuff. It sounds like hardware which, IMO, may take a while and this will give us something to do that Eric doesn’t CARE to do, so win-win for all of us. I’ll post pictures of C in her new outfit tomorrow.

27 Jul 2007 In The Trenches-Day 1
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Last night, Eric and I came to the agreement that it was time to let Cadence cry to help her sleep. It was something I was VERY opposed to Eric was mostly opposed to. The advice given to us by our Nurse Practitioner yesterday was that we were going to have to do things “hardcore”. Putting Cadence down and letting her cry, uncomforted, for as long as it took for her to cry herself out. If she threw up or passed out from the effort, that was okay.

But in our books, that wasn’t okay.

I spent some time reading up on the Ferber method (which still advoacates crying, but with more comfort and care. You leave the child for increasingly longer intervals, coming in every so often–in our case last night, 10 minutes–to comfort the child in their crib) we decided to give it a go.

Cadence went down like a dream last night at 7:30, but at 9:30 she woke up and the adventure again. Eric and I took turns going in first after two mnutes, then after five minutes and then every ten minutes to hug her, comfort her, give her a kiss and lay her back down. It took 50 minutes, just under an hour, for Cadence to give up her plight and go to sleep willingly. She slept until the wee hours when Eric got up with her for me to nurse and then went back to sleep until 6:30. Impressive by Cadence’s standards.

This morning, she seems content. She woke up more slowly than she typically does and was willing to sit with me and cuddle for quit a bit. Something she doesn’t easily choose to do. She had breakfast and a poop and is playing happily right now, reading her books.

Obviously right now we’re looking for her to string together as much sleep as possible and then we’ll work on weaning her off her 3 a.m. feeding. I’m willing to put up with it. One thing at a time.

But I’ve still managed to get a few things done. The first thing I completed on Wednesday was a trail run on Cadence’s birthday cake.

There were a couple goofs, but it turned out good for my first attempt, so I will be making her cake(s) for her first birthday party. I also finished a dress up tutu for Emily and a new summer outfit for Cadence….

More to come….

We felt bad.

25 Jul 2007 And does it ever feel GOOD to be back.
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We had a few issues that took our site off line for a bit and I’d be happy to get into them with you off the blog,but suffice to say, we’re back and I’m back and I have a thing or three to talk about.

1) For those of you with kids, I implore you to check out Hip Young Parents radio on We’ve been using it for Cadence overnight and I’m REALLY impressed by the vast library they have. So much children’s music is LAME, but this station is really cool and I’m enjoying myself listening to it too. is Internet streaming radio and it’s free, of course, with a few commercial interruptions (for under $4/month you can be a VIP subscriber and it will remove commercials). Great product and the registration time and $4/month is worth Hip Young Parent radio if you’re interested for your kids. Really

2) It turns out Cadence might be a schedule kid.

I kid you not.

I’ve spent plenty of time over the last ten months whining worrying about Cadence’s sleeping issues. They’ve been difficult to say the least. Tiny, truncated cat naps, nursing several times overnight at seven, eight and nine months. I was so dejected about how things had gone and it even had Eric wondering about whether or not contemplating a third child was a smart idea with Cadence draining both of us so much.

About a week ago, I threw in the towel and we marched off to Border’s to pick up a book intended to help us help Cadence to sleep. I sat down the book the first night and started reading. I realized very quickly that according to this author Cadence was likely missing 1.5 to 2 hours of naptime per day and probably 2 hours of sleep overnight. I figured that explained a thing or two about her constant clinginess here at home.

As I read through into the second section of the book, the author had a suggestion that you make sure to make a strong transition between daytime/awake activities and nighttime/sleepy activities. She quoted scientific studies about how artificial light at night negatively affects sleep length and quality and even spoke about how having a t.v. on in a child’s room can affect their sleep.

At that point in time, i dropped the book and gazed at the t.v. across from me. Naturally, with my sleeping issues, the t.v. had been on nearly every night since C was born and maybe JUST maybe the extra light and noise was affecting her sleep, so……I turned on the radio (see point 1 above), turned off the lights and voila, Cadence slept from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. nursed and went back to sleep until 6:30.

I wondered, could it have been the t.v. after all and we repated our successes with Cadence through more bedtime and nap time over the course of the week. This weekend, however, we spent less time concerned about making sure she got her naptimes and the result was last night Cadence hardly slept at all. She was up and down and miserable, nursing three times between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. (which she should just be past by her age).

So, it would seem, for now, that Cadence’s scheduling needs are going to have to take a front seat for Eric and I. And that is something we typically avoid. Emily, it seems was much more fluid in her needs. Feed her and let her sleep. Cadence is more sensitive and we’re going to have to make sure that we cater to that.

I think if we can get her on a schedule of some sort, then we can work around it. Right now we’re a little bit all over the place, but I have hope that it will work itself out shortly.