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27 Mar 2007 So, I’m stumbling…
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I’m probably the last person on the planet to use it, but I finally downloaded the plug-in for StumbleUpon into Mozilla tonight and i’m wasting FAR to much time Stumbling around finding new, cool things to waste time on.

These little things are called Readymechs. They’re paper toys. You print them out onto 8.5×11 paper and fold and cut and turn them into toys. How ingenious. I think there may be a few there Emily is interested in.

Also, I’m thinking the girls might enjoy these in their easter baskets….

12 Mar 2007 Knitting…
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I actually have TWO FO for the year. YAY me! I finished the second of the adorable Big Foot Bunnies from “Knitted Toys” by Zoe Mellor. I spoke about this rabbit the other day. I’ll be casting on for a giftie bunny today and I’ve learned the following

1) To knit the body in the round as well as the arms and probably the legs. However, if you opt to do one leg in the round, you need to do the other the same way because the feet turn out different sizes.

2) Sewing on the first before stuffing and sewing helped a ton

3) Reconsider arm placement as I’m considering pulling off Cadence’s bunny’s arms and re-sewing them on a little higher up.

I think bunny 3, which is being made for someone who DOESN’T live here will be even better. I only have a few weeks before Easter, which is when I would like to have the four remaining gifted. We’ll see how that goes.

You may also notice that I have pared down my yarn stash listing. I tossed some of the balls that I knew I just wasn’t going to use. Most of it was Lion Brand crap I bought during my Puppy Puppet stage which I’m just not going to do. There’s no way and with my new knitting books, I have much better toys to knit for both girls than acrylic puppy puppets.

I’m also looking for some socks to knit to use up my six balls of sock yarn. I’m thinking about the following…

Snicket Socks, and Hourglass Eyelet Socks

I’m likely to do just a simple toe up sock pattern for the variegated balls of yarn I have and those knit up quickly. I really would like to knit up what i have in my stash before I buy more. But, that’s always my goal and I never quite hit it. ;) I definately want to knit Ruby Slippers Booties for Cadence which is going to mean more yarn, honestly…..

12 Mar 2007 Six Months of Nursing.
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I admit that when I was considering nursing Emily, I ran from the idea. I couldn’t imagine figuring the whole process out and dealing with all the “special” situations of nursing on top of being a new mother was more than I could handle. I started into pregnancy thinking I WOULD nurse her., and then talked myself into a few months and then six weeks and then totally out of it.

I’m not sure why. I think it had a lot of do with my control issues and my body issues and just my issues in total.

I wouldn’t say I REGRET not breastfeeding Emily. It’s not that at all. I think what I do regret is not TRYING to nurse her. That’s all. But, I admit fully I wish Emily could have had the mom I am now as opposed to the mom I was then. I’m a much better mom at 30 than I was at 23, but I digress.

When we were preparing to have Cadence, I was convinced that I would nurse. I read all I could. I looked at pictures. I watched videos. I contemplated products. I visited message boards. I asked questions. I pondered the size of my ladies vs the size of an average new born head.

When I got pregnant with Cadence, I read and researched more. I did vast searches on how to nurse if one is well-endowed (and received little information). I watched more videos, read more websites, viewed more pictures and read until I thought my eyes would bleed.

I had no goals for how long Cadence would nurse. Not any. My only goal, really, was to nurse as long as I could, to do my best and if it didn’t work out, to end the agony. I bought a boppy. I tried to figure out how the hell to hold my breast in the “c” hold without smothering my newborn.

When Cadence was born, I asked for help latching her on at the hospital. Cadence, thankfully, was born with a great interest in nursing, which made the process easier. She willingly and happily, it seemed, nursed right after birth and after taking a bit of a break on the day of the 12th, was happy to nurse for hours on the 13th and every day since then.

In the hospital, I encountered tons of varying opinions and advice on nursing. I was having trouble latching Cadence on on the 12th. She did feed, from both sides, for a quite a bit in the recovery room and my night nurse told me not to worry if she wasn’t nursing much that night. Babies get born with what they need and what she got would hold her over until she woke up a bit. Of course, that advice all changed when, at 1 a.m., the nursery staff marched in declared it had been to long since she had eaten and told me to nurse her. I did. Without much success I’m sure. Cadence was tired and I was tired and Eric was tired. My nipples wouldn’t draw out. At all. I couldn’t latch her on. I was frustrated. We called the nursing station and requested a consultation with the Lactation Consultant ASAP the next morning.

That night, Eric and I both tried everything we could to get my darn nipples to draw out. The night nurse said “You gotta pinch ‘em sometimes.” And, I wasn’t the only one pinching them. I think the night nurse left them alone, but Eric tried too. It was so frustrating. I wasn’t sure I would still be nursing when I left the hospital. I was stressed by my nipples and the fact that nursery was pushing Cadence to eat. I didn’t want her to have a bottle because I was afraid of that harming our chances to succeed at nursing.

In the morning, the Lactation Consultant came in. She was very kind. She explained to us the size of Cadence’s tiny stomach and told me not to worry. She reiterated that Cadence would be sleepy and not interested in nursing a whole lot and not to worry. To call her when Cadence wanted to eat and she’d help me latch her on. She made an awful face when I told her we had been trying to draw out my nipples and told me NOT to pinch them.

When Cadence got hungry, my day nurse was in the room. She was going to take Cadence back to the nursery for a warm up, but said she’d help me feed Cadence instead. She showed me how to let Cadence suck on my finger to get her sucking and then, basically, how to shove the stuff in her mouth (The LC frowned at the shoving thing, but it worked! It really did). She showed me how to get Cadence positioned and I was very happy.

That night, Cadence nursed for about four hours straight when the nursery staff asked if I had ever considered a paci. I said, yes, I’d love one and nipple confusion has never been an issue.

There have been times, over the first six weeks, when I thought we wouldn’t make it long. I was having some pain with my right side that I still have issues with from time to time (I think that nipple may be more inverted or something, I don’t know), but at this point, unless biting is a serious issue, we’ll be nursing until I wean at about a year. It’s a goal I never thought I’d be looking down and, I’m actually looking forward to nursing our third child (once we get that far).

12 Mar 2007 The Crud.
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We have it.

Well, Emily had it.
Then Cadence had it.
And then Eric and I got it.
And now Emily feels better.
And Cadence is mostly better, but with a runny nose.
And I am mostly better, but with a runny nose and plugged ears.
And Eric still has the crud. In fact, he told me this morning that he thinks he has an ear infection. To go with his sinus infection and yucky, cough.


But, we did get a ton of work done over the weekend, so I don’t start out this week behind the eight ball and the kids are doing better, though Cadence’s sleep is still fair to poor.

I’ve nearly got the little knitted bunny I’m working on finished. I’m considering trying to knit more of him in the round because the seaming on him is just…insane. There are 11 separate parts to him, ALL of them requiring seaming to some degree. Then, six parts must be sewed onto the body.

Oh, and you have to sew on the face.

It’s a lot of work. Cute, but I think trying to do the arms and body at least in the round (and the legs too, for the most part) may really help out in the seaming process. Also, I’ll be sewing on the face BEFORE even seaming up the back of the darn bunny body. The instructions said to seam it, stuff it THEN do the face, but that was just stupid because it made it really hard to do.

Anyhow, I kind of want to knit four to five more by easter and I’m just not sure if I will be able to or not. I guess it depends on how much time I want to devote to the process.

I knitted the body out of sugar babies worsted cottonand bought cotton tots (yes, a favorite) for the ear inserts and paws. It really is the perfect yarn for a toy. Easy to wash and very, very soft.

07 Mar 2007 COnfessions of a sleep deprived mother….;
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It’s not news, really, that Cadence isn’t a good sleeper. She’s just not. Period. If she manages to string together six hours over night, we’re dancing in the freaking streets. So, we’ve been dealing with this cold for about five days now and Cadence actually seems WORSE since we went to the doctor and started antibiotics.

Nothing serious is going on with her. She’s just stuffy and king of feeling off kilter, but what it does mean is that Cadence’s usual spotty sleeping has gotten even worse, For the past two nights, Cadence has been awake every two hours, needing consoling, changing and nursing. It leaves for a very tired me in the morning.

Eric has been leaving a bit later because he’s in class this week. This morning, as I’m nursing Cadence at 6:30 and pondering how my morning is going to actually work, he said, “Did get as much sleep as you wanted?”

No. It has nothing to do with WANT at this point in the game. I’m not getting nearly the amount of sleep I need and I’m meddling through the day, fuzzy headed with little to no energy.

It’s really making for long days.

So, I’ve been resisting doing housework, etc and found this fun little meme on a knitting blog….

The idea is, to visit This site and click on the year you graduated. Copy the top 18 songs onto your blog. Bold the songs you loved, Italicize the songs you’re ambivalent about hand strike the songs you hate.

I’m doing 20 because, well, I like round numbers…

1. All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow
2. I’ll Make Love To You - Boys II Men
3. Turn The Beat Around - Gloria Estefan
4. I Like To Move It - Reel 2 Real
5. I Swear - John Michael Montgomery (or All-4-One)
6. Bootie Call - BLACKstreet
7. Another Night - Real McCoy
8. On Bended Knee - Boys II Men
9. The Sign - Ace of Base
10. Always - Bon Jovi
11. Crazy - Aerosmith
12. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John
13. Action - Terror Fabulous
14. 100% Pure Love - Crystal Waters
15. At Your Best (You Are Love) - Aaliyah
16. Beautiful In My Eyes - Joshua Kadison
17. Mr Vain - Culture Beat
18. Power Of Love - Celene Dion
19. Mr Jones - Counting Crows
20. Whatta Man - Salt N Pepa

I look like such a hater, don’t I? But, there were a few songs on that list that I had totally forgotten about that I did really like, just not many in the top 20 (and honestly, a few of those I have NEVER heard of). My list of the top 13 from that year looks a little different. In no order…

  1. I’ll Make Love to You -Boyz II Men
  2. Crazy-Aerosmith
  3. Laid-James
  4. Wild Night-John Melloncamp
  5. Loser-Beck
  6. Basket Case-Green Day
  7. Stay-Lisa Loeb
  8. Blackhole Sun-Soundgarden
  9. Undone-Weezer
  10. Sweet Jane-Cowboy Junkies
  11. Closer-Nine Inche Nails
  12. Cantaloop-Us3
  13. Today-Smashing Pumpkins
05 Mar 2007 From the “Are you KIDDING me?” Files
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We had a long weekend this weekend. Eric had friday off to make up for his working the Saturday before and Emily had today off for Pulaski day and since Eric had a little bit of flex time floating around, we decided to take a long weekend and go to Michigan.

We hadn’t seen anyone from that side of the lake since Thanksgiving and Cadence has grown so much and the ‘rents were desperate for a visit.

So, we get out of bed bright and early on Friday morning and are on the road before 5 a.m. The weather gods seemed to be trying to tell us something, because the trip from home to Lake Zurich was miserable, with blinding snow and slush all over the road. Once we hit civilization things improved until we hit Indiana and then we had blowing snow–but no slush–until Kalamazoo.

Otherwise, the trip went well and arrived at my parents’ house around noon. I could tell, right away, that my Mom wasn’t having one of her better days. I hoped for the best on that one and noticed that Emily wasn’t having one of her better days either.

Emily had been home for two days that week for a low grade fever that had cleared on Thursday. She didn’t seem to feel bad, just had a fever. I felt a bit of uncertainty about letting her miss Friday in addition to Tues. and Weds. but we pressed on. Emily laid on the couch most of the afternoon and was generally fussy. We tried to figure out what was going on, came to the conclusion she had an earache and then debated about what to do with her. We decided to just go to urgent care and have her checked out. I figured she was tired, but I couldn’t dismiss the ear pain and thought that that if she was fine, it was cool and if it wasn’t, we’d get her on antibiotics and she’d be feeling better by Saturday.

So, we hit the Urgent care. Emily has double ear infections–hooray! But, that’s not all. The doctor is concerned about her cough. HE listens to her lungs, announces he’s worried she may have pneumonia and orders a chest x-ray. I admit to being a bit taken aback as Emily just seemed to be dealing with her usual winter/post-illness cough that we deal with on more than one occasion over the year. So, he nebbed her and sent us on our way with ’scripts for an antibiotic, albuteral, a new nubulizer and , of course, the chest x-ray.

Emily was feeling better after her first treatment, but by that time I was noticing that Cadence was sneezing and sounded congested. Perfect.

Emily fusses on and off most of Friday night, but wakes up feeling pretty good. I woke up at 5 a.m. and realized I had a clogged duct in my left boob (which is Cadence’s boob of choice) and spent the day pumping and massaging the lump to the best of my ability without grossing out the ‘rents or the sibs.

So, Emily’s results from the x-ray come back and she seems to have some “pre-pneumonia” in her lugs, which means ANOTHER ’script for ANOTHER antibiotic. We make an appt. with our pedi. for today and press on.

So, let’s recap.

  1. My Mom isn’t feeling well
  2. Emily is sick
  3. Cadence is sick
  4. My left boob is killing me

Oh, and on Saturday my Dad’s truck threw a tie rod while ERic and I were out to dinner and the ‘rents were babysitting.

Sunday was okay. My mom still didn’t feel great and actually ended up going to the hosptial late Sunday night/early monday morning to get some help with the pain she was in. Cadence was coughing and was snotty and Emily was doing okay.

We made an appt. for Cadence with the pedi also today, because, frankly, I’m done screwing with this crap. Emily still has double ear infections and he hears the issue with her lungs. HE perscribed an inhaled steroid to help Emily on her way and we have to “damage her” (aka chest percussions) to help her clear her mucus. She’s cleared to go to school as long as she doesn’t have a temp and feels okay.

Cadence has an ear infection too–WTH? She, too, is on antibiotics for the next week to clear that up and we have a follow up in 7 days.

So, yeah, how was your weekend.

P.S. my boob is better now.