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30 Jan 2007 Whatta day (and it isn’t even 9 o’clock!)
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We’ve all been sick, on and off, for the last couple of weeks. Eric and I had another tandem cold and several days later, Emily had a runny nose and a cough. Last Tuesday she missed her field trip because of not feeling well and Wednesday Cadence developed a runny nose.

On Thursday Eric didn’t feel good and on Saturday Emily had a fever and general malaise.

Cadence hasn’t slept well for several nights at this point in the game and come last night, I was exhausted. I feed Cadence while Emily is in the shower and she passes out. Eric moves her into her crib an even though I’m not QUITE ready, I climb into bed myself. I can’t get comfortable and toss and turn until Cadence waes up around 10:30.

I get up and move her into our bed and THAT is where the fun begins. I settle her onto my chest to get her to sleep and then lay her down. She starts to fuss and I can’t settle her down. Decide to feed her. Check the time–1 a.m. Cadence has been sleeping for six hours at a pop, so I’m a bit surprised she’s up. Feed her until she seems to be done and settle back down next to her, only to have her start fussing shortly thereafter.

Settle her back onto my chest, where she tosses and turns and fusses. I pat and shoosh an jiggle and she falls asleep, but wakes quite a bit to toss, turn and fuss some more, clocking me in the chin about 4 dozen times. At four a.m I can no longer convince her to sleep. Eric offers to take over. I nurse Cadence. Again. And settle into some fitfull sleep.

At 6 a.m., about the itme, I’m sure, that Eric walked out of the door, Cadence is done sleeping again and starts to fuss and toss and turn. Back onto the chest she goes and she continues to fuss, toss, turn and headbutt until Eric gives me my 7:15 wake up call.

So, I’m tired. REALLY tired.

Emily announces she didn’t sleep well and wants to stay home. I’m not convinced and tell her as much. Fifteen minutes later, I ask her to go get dressed so we can come down and get breakfast. She’s crying. I ask what hte problem is and she indicates her ear hurts. I’m not convinced.

Get up to go to the bathroom, realize Cadence’s diaper has leaked through her sleepr and onto the last clean pair of pajama pants. I go to the bathroom and feel Emily’s forehead. She’s warm. Pop in the thermometer and she’s running a slight fever, giving merit to her ear complaints. I change myself and Cadence and come dwonstairs to, once again, nurse little miss, only to be boppe din the chin about five more times during burping.

Emily is blissfully quiet right no and it’s time to call the doctor. Cadence is sleeping in her swing. Eric is considering coming home to spell me. The house is trashed. the dog refused to go out this morning and it took much gnashing of teeth to get him to go and it’s cold.

So….how’s your day?

28 Jan 2007 I think Cadence is afraid I’m going to see other babies….
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When I took Cadence to the doctor a few weeks ago, I asked about her spit up. She does it a lot. Often. IN volume and sometimes projectile. Her doctor, admittedly “old school” was totally unconcerned. She’s gaining fine. Not having issues, etc. That’s mostly what I wanted to hear. That she was doing okay and that the rest was mostly, a laundry problem.

However, I think Cadence has something else in the works.

She spits up on my cute clothes. Not my yucky clothes, my cute clothes. My non-mom jeans and the cute, gray ribbed sweater. And my favorite brown cardigan.

If I wear a stained up old t-shirt, no spit up. If I have all day to loll around the house, no spit up.

If I put on my favorite, cute clothes, she spits up. If I need to go somewhere, she spits up.

I’m starting to get a bit paranoid about the whole thing…

11 Jan 2007 mental health day
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Emily is having one today. I know she just want back to school on Monday, but the poor kid was having a helluva day by 8:25 a.m. and when she started sobbing “I don’t want to go to school today.”, I just didn’t have the heart to make her.

We’ve had some pretty strong wind here the past 24 hours. In fact, last night it was blowing STEADY at 25 mph and gusting up to nearly 40 mph. The holwing wind disturbed Emily and at 2 a.m. she came into our room complaining that she coudln’t sleep and I heard from her on and off all night.

I figured this morning would be a struggle, but she got up with no complaints, got dressed, had breakfast, etc. At 8:20 we walked out to get on the bus and as she was running to the bus stop (something she does every morning, not becausee we were late) she managed to trip over her own feet and fall face first into the sidewalk.

I jogged down to her and snuggled her and she said she was okay, but when I looked at her face I noticed she was bleeding, so into the house we went. She was bleeding from a scrape on her upper lip (her very on raspeberry pink Hitler’s mustache) and it was then that she begged to be able to stay home. Her attendance has been good this year, she’s missed a few days but nothing major and I have so been there with just needing a down day.

She changed into pajamas and got ice for her fat lip and snuggled up on the couch to watch a disney movie and, overall, she seems happier.

It’s a fine balancing act at times, to make sure Emily feels cared for and supported, but not indulged. I certainly don’t normally allow her to stay home for such minor things, but I do understand that “why did I even bother getting out of bed” feeling and who wants to go to school with a giant raspberry over your top lip like a Hitler mustache and a big one under your eye for good measure…..

10 Jan 2007 Domestications
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I’ve given up on New Year Resolutions. I do think the New Year is a great time to start fresh, but instead of making up a laundry list of items I’d like to improve on, I’m just going to improve. Part of that improvement centered around spending LESS time on the computer so I could do MORE things outside of it. Cleaning, hobbies, etc.

SO, we’re two weeks in now and my production on all fronts has improved. Today I cleaned the powder room and the coat closet. I threw away a half a dozen pairs of old or incorrectly sized tennis shoes, a pair of isotoner slippers, three pairs of worn out flip flops, one pair of beat to hell to small boots missing one felt pack, a sticky fly swatter, the box from my mobile phone, a broken hanger, a stinky hanger and rocks from vacation.

Also, three hungry, hungry hippo marbles

09 Jan 2007 I wonder how long it will be…
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I had a long morning this morning. I’m sick. And Tired. Both. Literally. I caught Eric’s stupid cold and even though today was the day HE started feeling better (counting from when he got sick) I still feel like crap. Cadence woke up exactly 30 minutes before the alarm went off for her first breakfast and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I managed to get Emily off to school without issue and settled into my morning with Cadence. When 10:15 rolled around, she seemed sleepy, which is in keeping with her now normal nap time and I sat down to rock her, expecting to be able tog et some chores down while she rested.

She was having zero part of that.

So, we went upstairs t laydown, thinking if I could’t do chores I could nap. NO thanks, said Cadence. I was hungry and tired and decided that I was going out for lunch, to the local sandwich place for a panini and a glass of lemonade. I put Cadence in her swing so I could flip flop some laundry and finish tidying up the living room and she slowly dissolved into….hysterics.

She wouldn’t be shushed or rocked or calmed, so I did what I normally do–I nursed her until she passed out. But that’s not the point of this entry.

I’m sitting in the chair, dressed to go. Cadence is dressed to go and I wonder just how long it will be until, in a fit of multi-tasking, I run out of the house with one breast flopping out of my bra and my shirt hitched up to my neck. Hopefully never, but knowing me (the girl of different socks, two different shoes and backwards or inside out shirts) I’m not counting on never.

Thankfully, on the way t the sandwhich shop for the aforemetioned panini and lemonade, Cadence fell aslep, tolerated being trasferred onto her normal daily sleeping spot (aka the couch) and has been sleeping now for nearly two hours. her napping has goten longer and more preditible, for which I am VERY glad. I’ve managed to get some chores and laundry done and goof off and Cadence will wake up soon, a happy camper.

03 Jan 2007 For the low, low price of….
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I got my first issue of Cookie Magazine in the mail today. Cookie hails itself as “All the Best for Your Family”. It’s advertising sponsors include Tiffany. The magazine itself is interesting. Sort of Vouge meets Parents. They have articles on food allergies and fashion spreads featuring $132 dollar boutique children’s dresses. I was excited to see pages and pages of websites advertising boutique children’s clothings and hurried off to see what sort of new goodies I can come up with….

For the low, low price of $98.00 you can purchase your child a non-vibrating bouncie chair, like this one…

Yes, just $98.00. Of course, it IS brown and pink and it DOES have a chrome (exposed) frame. It’s top selling points? It’s versitle and meets all regulations. I tired to find something similar at toys r us to price compare, but even their most hoity toity, for looks, no toys models vibrate (and all for the low, low price of 48.99). I spent $20 for Cadence’s. ;) It comes with two giraffes, whom she loves, and a taggy ball AND it vibrates AND meets all regulations (I hope). And, the crazy green fabric goes with the overall hodge podge decor we have going on here. ;)

For the low, low price of 48.99 you can order your little princess

A tiny tiara. Made of glass. Somehow, marketing fragile glass tiaras to little girls seems…I don’t know….the wrong idea. I did, though, on my travels find this site with tons of options, including Princess Diaries replicas for only $62 which compared to the $48.99 of the little glass lovelies seem a more affordable (and more safe) idea overall.

One thing I WILL say about these sites featured, is that they offer a beautiful array of unique children’s clothing, something I’m totally into. You see, one thing the chain stores seem to miss is that not all parents want to dress their children like mini adults. I don’t WANT my six year old to wear low rise, bell bottoms. Finding a pair of unembellished jeans at any of our usual haunts is nearly impossible. I like simple, feminine, little girl clothes on my little girl and once you graduate from size 6x (regardless of your age) you’re screwed in most mainstream retail, which is why I’m drawn to Gymboree where one can still by appropriate clothes.

The normal prices at these boutique shops are high, but sale prices are very reasonable, if you’re willing to buy a bit ahead or from last season (which doesn’t bother me, I’m not very fashion forward). Where I wouldn’t pay $50 or $60 for an outfit, I’d consider $20 to $30. I very rarely pay full price for anything from Gymboree either. I try to shop sales and clearance and always try to get (and then use) Gymbucks. My one exception my last time out, was getting a jumper for Cadence that I wasn’t willing to wait for the sale on.