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31 Dec 2006 Typical, isn’t it?
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It’s nearly midnight. Eric is snoring blissfully in bed. Emily is snoring blissfully on the floor, having watched Monster House tonight and scared herself and Cadence appears to be sleeping mostly blissfully in the coveted “monkey in the middle” spot. We’ve tried to transition her into her own bed, but she’s not that interested and my heart isn’t in it yet.

But, I’m awake. Cadence has been asleep for a full two hours now. The first night in two nights she hasn’t been waking up every ninety minutes looking for a meal, and still, I’m up.

2006 was mostly a good year for us. It started off rocky. We did find out about Cadence very soon, which was a major plus, but the move and the job change in combination with my Mom’s health made for a stressful month. No doubt about it. Moving from there to here was painful. Physically at times, but we maintained that this was the best thing for our family (the three and now the four of us) and it really was.

In the spring, Eric changed jobs again; unhappy with the way the job we left Michigan for was panning out. My anxiety was finally coming under control, just in time for my morning sickness to take off. I threw up lots of stuff for several months and bemoaned the horror of just never feeling good. I could hardly make it out of the house in the morning and one afternoon, nearly threw up in the bushes when I felt the overwhelming urge to spit because of post nasal drip.

Look, I’m not really much of a lady, but I don’t spit, save in the privacy of my own bathroom during teeth brushing, so the fact that I felt I had to spit was something in and of itself.

May rolled around and Emily finished up Kindergarten, not without a battle about peanut allergies and what that meant to the school, her and us. Her kindy teacher? Not very helpful. Apparently she can’t monitor what kids bring in to eat from home and asking her to do so is unreasonable. The principal and the school district, though, were much more helpful.

The summer rolled in. I worried about Emily’s dealings with the neighbor girl, but it was all for naught as she was hardly home. Instead, Emily befriended the Mexican boy behind us (and it took us ALL summer to figure out his name and that was only after Eric had a conversation with his dad ;o)) and the little girl across the way. There was lots of drama at times, but Emily had the kind of summer I hoped she’d have. One with friends and playing out in the yard and eating freezie pops and all of that good stuff.

If I had been less pregnant I would have done more yard work, but I digress.

And Eric changed jobs again. My grandfather informed me that he needed to stop changing jobs because it was stressing out my parents and while I did apologize for that stress, it’s just a part of who Eric is and I’m just not going to squash that. I said, as long as he left a job for a new job, I was fine with it and I am. The grass is a heck of a lot greener where he works now and he’s happy, which is really all that matters.

In August we went on vacation, had a blast and I turned 30.

In September Cadence was born. There really aren’t words for me to describe the joy she brings all of us. Emily is a wonderful sister, so caring and concerned. Cadence, I think, is like a living, breathing baby doll and Emily’s sweet sensitivity suits her position well. For Eric and I, it’s a return to something we loved so much. Parenting Cadence is different than parenting Emily. Emily’s babyhood was fraught with expectation and worry and brief, bright swatches of joy. I loved (and still do love) Emily intensely. Hardcore. Neurotically. I’m learning with Emily. Cadence has the great benefit of my age and my experience. Cadence’s babyhood, I believe, will be marked by patience and surprise. I realized six years ago, that milestones, reached early or not, won’t mark how smart your child will be or how well he/she will do in childhood and probably not in life. Emily is an amazing child, with a quick mind, amazing vocabulary and fantastic analytical skill. It doesn’t matter anymore if the kids on babycenter rolled over before her or after her. She is what she is. And, having learned that, I’m Joe Cool with Cadence. She’ll roll. Sometime. She’ll laugh. Sometime. I’m in no hurry for Cadence to cruise past her milestones. I can tell by her sweet smile and bright eyes that her thinker is working just fine and by her full body smiles and batting hands that her body is just fine as well.

I wish I had known that the first time around.

This fall has felt like a gift. Really. Not just Cadence, but everything. My mom’s health teeters at times. She’s had more surgeries and, as I write this, is back on chemo. But, we’ve had good visits and she’s gotten to enjoy the girls. Dad and the sibs too. And my great grandmother has met her second great-great Granddaughter and my Grandpa thinks Cadence might be the prettiest baby he’s ever seen. Emily still believes in Santa Claus and Cadence likes shoving the nubby hat top of her first baby doll into her mouth. My husband loves me and he’s happy and I’m happy and, damn if things don’t seem nearly perfect.

This time last year I was shoving 2005 off with both hands. Begging it to leave fast and to leave now. I’d had enough. I couldn’t bear another moment of it’s crap. 2006 was nearly all I could have hoped for, save a clean bill of health for my Mom. 2007 seems to have great potential as well.

Happy New Year. Bring it on.

30 Dec 2006 Holiday Second Guessing
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I do this every year. It’s as much a tradition, since we’ve started a family of our own, as putting up stockings and decorating the tree. Sort of a reflection and part of the post holiday hangover thing.

Early this year, I noticed was organizing and promoting something called “Rudolph Day”. What this is, is on the 25th of each month, people commit to working on part of their Christmas To-Dos, an admirable goal, I suppose, if 90% of MY Christmas to-do didn’t involve items that had to occur in the month November at the very earliest.

For example, our girls get three Santa gifts under the tree. That’s it. Santa fills their stockings, but two Christmases ago, Eric and I decided to scale down the process and the materialism (mostly only our part and not on Emily’s) and have Santa bring the number of gifts that the Magi brought baby Jesus. Just three. Emily doesn’t remember anything else and was watching a Christmas cartoon and wondering why the heck Santa was bringing Donald Duck MORE than three presents.

But, I digress. Sure, I could go out now and score some killer deals on toys, but when Christmas rolls around again, Emily will be a year older (you’re kidding?, you might be saying. I could have never done the math), but I’m unwilling to invest in presents now that, come next December, will end up disappointing under the tree. I could probably shop for Cadence because her interests next Christmas will be few and there won’t be disappointment, but then I’d have to store the crap, which is also an issue.

Similarly, I refuse to shop for other people in January. For the same reason. I do believe my parent’s taste won’t change much between now and next December, but what they want or need just may. Same with the sibs. And the myriad of other people we buy for. I suppose I could put a few benign gifts away

28 Dec 2006 Holiday Hangover…
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I’ve got it big time. I get it every year. The stress, stress, stress leading up to the holidays, a fantastic, explosive cumulation and then….

Back to Tuesday.

Sucks, doesn’t it? It was worse this year because ERic had to head right back to work. He has a small team and half of them (aka two) were already off meaning he’s sitting at his desk, probably playing motocross and reading newspapers.

Emily has had a cold the past couple of days and tonight she actually ASKED for Robetussin, which she hates with a passion. We’ve been laying low. Emily’s been playing with her new toys and we’ve watched a couple of recorded Christmas movies, the usual stuff. Eric is going to have a few days off next week so we can do some family stuff while Emily is still off school.

Tonight, we made up a batch of cake balls. I know they’re the nutritional scourge of the universe, but they taste all right, little kids can make them without screwing them up and we’re revising our eating habits with the New Year and I’d hate for someone (aka me) to get desperate and make a cake and plow through a good portion of it while everyone was gone at school or work. We’ll take them to our New Year’s party and share them, so it won’t be so bad.

IN a week we’ll be taking down the tree and packing up what’s left of Christmas. We did okay this year. Overspent some, but that seems typical. We’re doing great with our budget and in the last week before Christmas must get giddy or something and spend, spend, spend. Thank goodness it only comes once a year.

23 Dec 2006 Hey…look what the google holiday image is…
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Cute, eh?

03 Dec 2006 Update…
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As an aside, I will be closing comments until further notice. I’m getting spammed like crazy and had something like 550 comments to remove this evening when I logged in. Since I’m not able to post as much as I’d like now, this is the best way to do it. I fyou need to reach me, I’m available via email at jamie at ericandjamie dot com.

Anyhow, time marches on. We put up the Christmas tree last night. With the foot or better of snow on the ground, it just seemed Christmassy and Eric agreed so up it went. I decided it was better to do it now, when we had the inclination and desire than later when it felt like an obligation and something we were rushing to do.

Emily and I did some more decorating today and wrapped some presents. I have a few more to wrap when Emily is at school and some shopping today, but we’re moving forward and doing MUCH better than we did last year.

Cadence is doing well. She’s a sweet baby, but defiantly more needy than I remember Emily being. I don’t mind, but it seems as though I spend a good deal of time on the couch or bouncing ro doing my best to entertain someone with a thirty second attention span. (Eric’s is only 45 seconds, so I’m semi-used to it ;o) It means a lot of nursing–and while I CAN use the laptop while I’m doing that, it’s hard to type one handed and not worth the effort at this point in time. I’m patient. I know this stage will pass.

Cadence, unlike other babies, seems to sleep very little. SOme information suggests that three month old babies should sleep 15 hours a day. I suppose it’s possible Cadence does sleep that much with various cat naps, etc, but it seems unlikely. She only gets about half that total over night, sleeping usually from 10 or 11 until 3 and then until 6. I’m doubtful that her little cat naps over the course of the day add up to eight hours or better. Thankfully, she seems to be a happy baby and the lack of sleep doesn’t seem to bother her at all, it just makes it VERY difficult to get much done because as soon as I try to start something (cleaning, usually, is my first priority) she’s awake again and I’m either rushing through what i’m doing or stopping it altogether.

But, again, I look at how quickly Emily’s babyhood lasted and I honestly don’t mind. I miss doing some of the thigns I used to do, but I’ll have my whole life to do those things. Cadence will only be here once.

Nothing crafty is happening. No time. I moved my scrapbook stuff down stairs in anticipation of scrapping last weekend. That didn’t happen, but I think I have a better chance with it down there then upstairs, so maybe I’ll turn a page or two out before the end of the year.

Or not.