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18 Jul 2006 Crafty News
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So, I decided several months ago that I would knit Cadence a coming home outfit. I wanted a very simple sundress that I could pair with frilly booties and a hat and a little sweater if it happened to be cold.

I searched high and low for something that would work and never found anything I liked. I considered de-venting somethting myself based on a few patterns I had that were okay, but I managed to find a link to this little gem…, Crumpets

Only problem–sized starts at six months. I pondered it. Measured some baby clothes, did some math and decided to just size it down. I’m excited about the prospect and went out to find out how to do a picot cast on. Thanks to NonaKnits I’m on my way with that.

In other news, I started cutting out a nightie for Cadence last week. Out of adorable polka dot fabric. Decide to sew a sie medium. It doesn’t freaking fit on the fabric. Start measuring. The damn thing is thirty inches long from shoulder to hem. Now, I know you want gowns cover feet, but I was hoping to be able to put it in C as a newborn. There is now way a 20 inch baby (including her melon head) would be able to deal with a 30 inch long nightie. So, i hacked six inches off the length and said what the hell. I measured it next to other baby gowns we have here and it looks like it should work well. Progress to show soon.

12 Jul 2006 Whimsy…
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has always been one of Emily’s strong suits.

Check out Mama says Om for more whimsy. ;o)

12 Jul 2006 Medical Care-My Thoughts…
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Today, I was off to the OB again. I dodged the bullet and didn’t have to have a pelvic exam (Emily and I were both happy about that, she because she’d have to leave the room while the doctor checked my “parts” and me because I just don’t like the damn things). Since i have no risk for pre-term labor, the OB didn’t think checking me was necessary.

But Cadence continues to grow like a weed and that means another ultrasound in 5 to 6 weeks.

Anyway, I’m thinking at some point induction due to Cadence’s size may be discussed. I told Eric I’m actually expecting it, but then again, Iv’e been a bit of a negative nelly in regards to the pregnancy and have been waiting for that THING that’s going to happen to make me unhappy.

Shall we recap–Early monitoring due to an ectopic and light spotting. First ultrasound, mean ass tech about killed me with the probe and was very curt in regards to the lack of sack. Grrrrrrrrrreat. Numerous blood draws culminating in an ultrasound that showed the sack in the right place.

Move to IL. Find a new provider. Have another ultrasound. All is well.

Show up for my something week ultrasound, placenta is low. Worry and fret until 2 weeks ago when another scan showed a healthy, but big, Cadence and a moved placenta. Cervix is soft. Worry about pre-term labor.

Show up today, fears about pre-term labor erased, high blood pressure (no concern yet), baby still large, schedule another ultrasound.

Yeah, there have been a lot of ups and downs. I mentioned to Eric that the little bird that nags me inside of my head is muttering about induction due to size. No one has mentioned it, but it’s there. Settling around me like a cloak.

Honestly, if my body and Cadence are ready, the idea of a planned induction really doesn’t bother me. But that’s despite that point.

Generally, I don’t distrust the medical system. I pick doctors I feel like I jive with, that I get a good feeling from and who understand my philosophy. It’s also helpful if they don’t treat me like an idiot (veddy helpful). I believe strongly in finding a doctor whose ideals and outlook suit your own and putting your trust in them. Of course, you should question things if something doesnt’ jive, and I’ve done that in the past and over the course of this pregnancy with Cadence. I declined an intensive ultrasound based on the information that the issues in my and Eric’s genetic makeup that would necessitate further testing wouldn’t show on an ultrasound at all. And, if induction is suggested for Cadence, we’ll be taking some time to research and talk before agreeing to it blindly (but you can bet your ass Eric will be at the ultrasound appt. with me because he’s firmer than I am).

I generally believe in the good in people. I just do. It’s probably a big downfall, but so far it hasn’t steered me wrong. I believe that the doctors I have chosen are making the best decisions they can in regards to the care of their patients and thereby me. Of course I seek second opinions. Of course I do research, but at the end of the day, I didn’t go to medical school. And reading medical journals bores the shit out of me. So, I find people I like and trust, people I feel as though are honest and non-patronizing and I put my trust in them until they show me I shouldn’t.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. It’s just not in me. It’s genetic, I think.

05 Jul 2006 Dear red Wings,
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My God am I going to miss Stevie. We all knew this day was coming, but Im still going to miss him like crazy. I know I’m not the only one. I cannot imagine the make up of this team without Stevie at the front.

Ted Montgomery from the USA today said “In some ways, he’s the antithesis of today’s professional athlete: He doesn’t run around with women, he doesn’t gamble and he doesn’t ask for the day off when he has the sniffles.”

From Mitch Album’s column

“So he pulls off the sweater and they take the name off his locker and they retire his number and anything else they can think of. Yzerman has never been into that stuff. Outsiders may not understand why Detroit had such an infatuation with this guy, but it’s because he symbolizes the way we feel, the way we approach things, and the way we dream. He was a hockey player, not the biggest of sports, and he was 5-feet-11, not the biggest of guys, and he played in Detroit, not the biggest of cities.

But he dreamed big. And he never stopped trying. And he never lost his humility. And finally, 14 years after he joined his company, at an age when other guys already have given it up, he saw his big dream come true.

And that’s what we want for ourselves. That’s what working class people fantasize when they drop their heads on the pillow: a chance for it all to come true. It is the reason why there have been and will be many athletes in Detroit who will be called “Captain.” But only one will get a “The” in front.

And that’s the difference.

That’s all the difference.

“I did the best I could,” he said Monday. This was his humble summation, and it was pretty much what he promised when he came here. So in the end, Steve Yzerman is, above all things, a man of his word, and his word was good and he was good and the idea of him was good. Better than good. It was the best of ideas, when you think about it, one man in one place for one team in one city, saying good-bye and witnessing, in return, a sea of admirers in a farewell salute, worthy of a captain.”

Gonna miss you Stevie. Every game.

But while we’re on the Wings…

DUDE—DON’T SIGN BELFOUR. What the heck are you THINKING?