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29 Oct 2005 I love fall
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Not far from our house is a Michigan metro park called Wolcott Mill. W e were there last weekend. There is a lovely walking path that winds through the wods and around the mill stream. The colors there aregorgeous.

Today we’re having a beautiful fall day, one of the thigns I love best about the Midwest, and decided to pack up the dog and head out to the mill to soak up fall sunshine.

Jack had the best time. See? He’s even smiling

The colors are starting to fade here aleady. Last week must have been peek. There were still beautiful things to see though…

Of course I am remindedof my favorite Robert Frost poem “Nothing gold can stay.”

So beautiful.

27 Oct 2005 Insert witty title here…
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I’m tired of making things up.

Emily wore her costume to school today. Of course, my ego was stroked when I showe dup and saw lots of kiddies (save one) in their store bought costumes. Even with my gripes about the fabric, Emily’s costume was much better made that the others there…

Now, before you accuse me of being elitist, with a little girl who loves to play dressup I have two goals-longevity and cost. I want something economical so that Emily can have more dress up options and I want things that will last. A few years ago we bought a dress up trunk full of costumes from the Disney Store. Guess what?

They didn’t last. The skirts were made out of cheapish tulle and the tops thin polyester. That trunk retailed for $100 for the three outfits.

They just didn’t last. Emily’s alice costume from last year cost me around 20. She can still wear it and it looks perfect. This costume cost a little more and will last nearly as long if not longer. So, I’m not being a snob, I swear. THe uber deluxe disney princess costumes (which are the only ones that look nice) retail for nearly $100 dollars, so I think I got a bargain.

I’ve been scrapbooking. See?

I swear that damn thing is straight

I’m happy to announce my 2005 family album is nearly caught up through Feb. Sadly, my 2004 album isn’t finished yet.

Anyone else want to join me in scaling down how many gifts they buy their kids this year? I ask because I’m thinking of doing. Actually going forward with three gifts (what the magi brought baby jesus) under the tree. She’ll get things in her stocking and a gift from Eric and I.

I’m so chicken shit about it though. I don’t break the bank on the kid. I spend what I consider to be a reasonable amount, about $150 to $175 all said and done and I probably would stills pend that much, just buying bigger gifts instead of the usual little crap I buy to make sure the tree is stuffed. Last year Emily probably got one gift from us that she still plays with regularly–wait–two. Her bitty baby and the car seat we bought her. Otherwise, the dolls and little ponys and crap I bought so she’d have a lot to open really isn’t played with much.

When I was a kid, though, there was a competion. How much did you get?

On the Internt, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. People spending THOUSANDS of dollars on their children EVERY Christmas. I’m not talking about “Well, little Johnny is dying for a telescope and it costs a lot, but it’s a once ina life time thing”. I’m talking every year.

Every. Year.

And I’m thinking, it’s the right thing to do to scale down. To buy Emily a few gifts that she loves instead of a bunch of crap so she can have a long list, but on the other hand, I don’t want her to go to school and tick of her three things and feel like she got less.

So, if everyone just scales down, I’d feel a lot better. ;o)

26 Oct 2005 So I finally
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finished that God forsaken halloween costume last night. By the end, I was nearly in tears. I think I made a bad fabric choice with the dark pink and it made it damn near impossible to hem. Yes, the hem is ugly too.

And I Don’t Care!

It’s done and Emily loves it. I need to get a tiara for tomorrow, but other than that we’re in good Halloween shape.

And it’s time to start thinking about Christmas, don’t you think?

Picked up some provo craft lunch boxes from Michael’s yesterday. Of course, I didn’t get the cute top open ones, but I have come up with some ideas for mine–which is good as I bought five or six. :embarassed:

The first one is in progress as a recipe holder. I’m thinking this one is for me, but I’ll transcribe our favorite recipes into it and then coat it wih mod Podge and then seal it to make it kitchen mess safe. We’ll see how that turns out. I stitched together the cards last night.

I do have to clean off my scrap desk again. I’m not making much progress on the house I think that we may do that this weekend. I have just about finished magic erasering the kitchen walls, which is on my list for sure. The worst of the wall meses are out there, so the rest of the wall messes should be pretty easy.

24 Oct 2005 Good evening….
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I finished sewing in that damn zipper. I did it by hand. It is the hands down ugliest zipper I have ever done. I won’t even show it to you. Not even if fyou beg. I started pinning the hem on the costume as well, but ran out of steam. I MUST finish it shortly as we’re busy Weds. and Thurs. is Emily’s halloween party (plus I need a tiara by then too!).

I’m feeling ready to load away the sewing machine.. Maybe for a week or two. It’s time to clean the house. Time to get ready in case THAT happens, but time to clean thins up. I started magic erasering the walls in the kithcen today and will hit the store for a scrub brush and some gloves so I can clean the baseboards and under cupboards.

I’ll be purging again, just in case. Less to pack. Less to deal with.

In taking some inventory tonight, I realize we need to replace so much. I need new flatware. I’m tired of of the Correl dishes we have. My tupperware, or what passes for it, is mismatched and barely functional. I suppose that’s another plus of Eric getting another, better paying job. We can afford to replace this stuff all at once and maybe even not move it.

23 Oct 2005 Here is my confession…
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Tonight, I dish.

The idea that we will be moving back to Illinois seems to becoming clearer and clearer as time passes. The only thing we

21 Oct 2005 Can I do Something Else Now?
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Probably not.

So, here’s the purse. Isn’t she cute? Yes, she’s a little big, but I can toss my cute little digi. camera into her and we can go off for the day. It’ll probably even hold lunch!

And, as you can see , lots of progress on the costume.

One problem, the freaking zipper. Awful experience. I have no idea why I couln’t get it to work as I’ve done it before, but no dice. I had to improvise. I’m sure most people won’t notice. I just have to hem boh the skirt and the under skirt tomorrow and I think I can offically be done sewing for a day or two. It puts my total to two nightgowns, 1 purse and a big ass halloween costume inside if a week, which ain’t bad progress. Yay me.

You can’t see the detail on the dress. It’s actually much prettier than it’s photographing. It’s got (fun) fur lined cuffs and pretty little pearls around the neckline. I have some pearls left that I’m considering what to do with….maybe they’ll fit around the waist??

fairly soon I will make an inventory of hte fabric/projects I have sitting around here. Just so I know what I have. I can count off at least a half a dozen projects without any effort at all. Blech.

In good news, my Mom got the results back from her scans on Monday. The tumor is shrinking and there are no new growths. :o) This means her treatment (aka chemo) is working!! I’m so happy about that. :o) Another prayer answered. It’s good stuff.

21 Oct 2005 Overwhelmed and Unpressed
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Unpressed is Emiliese for unimpressed. That’s the sort of day I’m having.

On Tueday I pinched a nerve in my back while stretching and yawning at the same time. So, my back hurts. I can get passed that.

Emily the fabulous is still feeling a little miserable from her arm. How miserable, I can’t tell. She complains about pain, but it’s hard for me to read. Tonight we had major trauma, again, trying to bathe her. We tried a garbage bag twice and it’s not working out. The cast was wet, her fever on Friday has turned into her usually, soggy winter cough and she was upset this evening to the point of hyperventilating. :o(

She’s now sleeping comfortably with little coughing in my spot. so I’m sleeping on the couch tonight–which I am also umpressed about.

Sewed a cute pruse last night. I would share a picture, but I’m not inclined to search out the digi and the cord and spend the time uploading it. You’ll have to take my word that it’s cute. The only downside is, it’s a little larger than I’d tend to carry, so I may alter the pattern and downsize it some for my next one.

Also started work on Emily’s halloween costume tonight. Am wondering if Dorothy would have REALLY been that hard. Any way, got the bodice put together and lined and started on the sleeves. Realized the sleeve as is won’t fit over the cast. Thought about it and widened te sleeve. Sewed the sleeves on (difficult because I had to catch up both the bodice and the lining) and realized I put the friggin’ big sleeve on he wrong side and have to rip both of them off and start over.


THe good news is, I know that if I just sew them on with a 5/8th allowence I shouldn’t have a problem catching up my lining and my bodice so hopefully the next round won’t be so frustrating.

I should get going on it though. Emily’s Harvest Fest starts tomorrow at 7ish and she wants to wear her costume. I’m thinking I could make it, but I have to get out of avoidance mode.

Actually, once the bodice is done the last hard thing is the zipper. I hate putting in zippers.

18 Oct 2005 And it figures even more…
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On Sunday, Emily fell off of her bed and broke her forearm. We rushed her to the hopsital on Sunday evening, they put it in a sling, gave her painkillers and sent her home and we had it set and casted yesterday.

Emily is feeling miserable and not sleeping well. I am exhausted. Period.

Sunday night I was up until 3 a.m. with Emily and amanged to get some broken sleep between then and 9 a.m. when I leaped out of bed to call the doctor.

Last night we were up until 1:30 and I almost cried when she came in at 7:30.

She just passed out within the last 10 minutes. I pray she sleeps well tonight. SHe needs a good night sleep and so do I. I know she feels miserable, but I’m tired and losing my patience. She had the habit of getting on repeat mode and she repeats the same half dozen sentences. I love her, but I need a change, man. The Amazing Race is on right now and then I’m off to bed to hopefully sleep for more than 6 hours, if Emily lets me. I suspect that won’t work. But thankfully we get an early night.

I finished both of Emily’s nightgowns this week. The fairy princess nightie on Saturday and her yellow one today. I started work on the Halloween costume today in hopes of having it done by Friday. We’ll see. I’m not sure how complicated it is and life is off kilter right now to say the very very least.

14 Oct 2005 Doesn’t it just figure?
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Emily came home from shool yesterday complaining about not feeling well. She didn’t have a fever, but was definatley out of sorts. Took a nap. Really fussy, etc. Last night, temp was up to 102. She complained about a sore throat. Gave her ibuprofin and put her to bed. She spent a restless night (which means we all did) and she and I didn’t get out of bed until nearly 10 a.m. today.

At about noon, her temp. seemed to be going up and she was complaning of a stiff neck. Decided I wasn’t taking a chance and called the doc. Got there at 2:45. They checked her over. Couldn’t see a reasonf or her to have a temp. of 101. Decided she should give a urine sample JIC. We spent nearly 45 minute trying to get the poor kid to pee. Couldn’t do it.

Came hom, got the sample. Ran (literally) back to the doctor to drop it off to the lab before they closed.

About 6ish this evening, kid is pouring sweat.

You guessed it. Fever seems to have broken and besides being a little drowsy is mostly hunky dory.

Now, if I hadn’t taken her to the doc. she would be running 104 this evening and doing something horrible. You all realize that, don’t you?

I’ve been scrapbooking. Wanna see? I picked up Scrapbooks, etc “Made in Minutes” magazine last night. I’m sure EVERYONE has it already, but I was just inspired when I opened it up. It’s a whole magazine URGING you to scraplift.


First off, a lift of Lisa Russo from DW 2005

Next, my entry for the Becky Higgins Sketch Challenge for this week.

This is a lift of “Oh That Face” by Allison Landy from BHG

And lastly, a lift of “Fish” by Shelley Laming

You’ll notice two patterns lately, I think.

1) Lots of white card stock (I’m in love with it)
2) Lots of linear layouts. Yes, I’m lifting, but truly these things are what are drawing my eye right now. I stop on these and they just work. I have a LO in progress right now that is another linear one. I love the look.

12 Oct 2005 I have Underware Gnomes….
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I think they were featured on a South Park episode. Little guys. Who take your drawers. They live at my house. I think they talk socks too, though that could be the sock Gnomes and we certainly don’t want to offend any Gnome parties by attributing theft to the wrong group.

But, yes, my underwear seem to be disappearing. I’m very confused about this. I think I’m now down to four or five pairs, though right now I can only account for three (I hope the other two are in the whites load).

Eric has been after me, since I dropped down to about seven pairs, that I should just buy some freaking new underwear already. But, like a lot of women I know, I can think of better things to s pend money on. But, it appears I’m finally going to have to break down and stock up.

I actually considered wearing Eric’s underwear today. He has a lot. But I’ve never worn boxer shorts under pants, so I skipped that. Plus, there probably is a limit to how much one should share with one’s spouse. Something should be sacred and we’ve already used each other’s toothbrushes (mostly on accident, but once on purpose in a pinch).

But in the end, I have to buy new, which is okay. It’s time to add some clothes anyhow. Over the last few years, with all of our moves, I’ve purged a lot. I need a few, reasonable, fall/winter pieces. And the drawers. Don’t forget them.