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29 Sep 2005 Seriously, you guys, this sucks
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I hope you read that in your best Cartman voice.

Things continue to deteroirate at the Anderson household. In addition to our other, various, huge amounts of stress, we got word this morning that we’re not getting paid. Maybe just this week. Maybe this half of the month. Maybe te whole month. We don’t know. It’s apparently not important that we get that information, so we don’t have it. I checked the bank balance. My stomach is in knots, again. Just like it has been for the past several weeks. Hooray.

Seriously, if I come out of all this without going insane, I’ll be surprised. Because I feel like I”m on the crazy verge right now.

I’ve been scrapbooking. Nothing too impressive. I finished a page I’m not totally thrilled with, but put into the album just to put it in. I finished a second page, that I like fine, but that is pretty unspectacular. I’m in progress on a third page that I’m having trouble translating right now. My original vision isn’t working out, so it’s back to the drawing board.

I finished the first Falling Leaves sock. It’s cute. I knit it longer than most of my other knitted socks, but it’s actually narrower and less bulky than my others. I like it. The only bummer is that because the pattern suggests you knit the sock a little small so the pattern will come out, mine is actally a little big. I do like how it’s translating, though.

I should hurry up on the bubby bear. He’s so cute and should be so quick to finish up. Emily’s anxious for him as well.

I hope to be in better spirits for my next post. I’m in the downie dumps right now for sho’.