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04 Sep 2005 This week, I survived….
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  1. Sending Emily off to kindy. It sucked a little bit and I cried a little bit more. I’m so bored in the afternoons without her. I don’t know what to do. I kind of wander around from task to task, missing her. I’m sure that will get better. Won’t it have to? Oddly enough, I think it’s given her confidence a little boost. Hey! I’m actually REALLY important to Mom. ;o)
  2. Hurrican Katrina coverage for the most part. My heart is breaking. Isn’t yours? My Mama Bear gets so big when stuff like this happens. I want to rush down there and hold the chilren and feed the babies and comfort the old and the sick. I hate having my hands tied behind my bank. I’d give anything to help them
  3. My last Saturday at work. Only three more days to go. Emily said today, “Only three more days of work and then we’ll be together all the time.” Her enthusiasm confirms for me that moving on was the right thing to do.
  4. family drama. Freaking oy.

My new self-addressed kit came yesterday. I’m feeling a little inspired. ;o)

I’ve been reading and knitting though. I finished up a hat last weekend. I had intended that it be a chemo cap for my Mom (losing her hair, it seems, will be unavoidable and she deserves an awesome hat) but sadly I didn’t have enough yarn so I made it for Emily. It matches her coat anyhow….

I’m half-way through with a blanket for Project Linus I felt so small and helpless this week and realized that doing good things anywhere was as important in doing them in the South. So, I’ll work on my blankets (I’ll make two) and send them off for Children who need comfort. It’s nearly as good as me being there, right? And there’s love in every stitch. :o)

Otherwse,….the Joann’s by my house is moving to closer to my house. To a SUPERSTORE. The local Joann’s is clearancing out the whole store. Lord help me, but I can’t pass by a big sale at a craft store. I came home with five different patterns, material for baby clothes, quilts and halloween costumes. It’s disease