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29 Sep 2005 Seriously, you guys, this sucks
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I hope you read that in your best Cartman voice.

Things continue to deteroirate at the Anderson household. In addition to our other, various, huge amounts of stress, we got word this morning that we’re not getting paid. Maybe just this week. Maybe this half of the month. Maybe te whole month. We don’t know. It’s apparently not important that we get that information, so we don’t have it. I checked the bank balance. My stomach is in knots, again. Just like it has been for the past several weeks. Hooray.

Seriously, if I come out of all this without going insane, I’ll be surprised. Because I feel like I”m on the crazy verge right now.

I’ve been scrapbooking. Nothing too impressive. I finished a page I’m not totally thrilled with, but put into the album just to put it in. I finished a second page, that I like fine, but that is pretty unspectacular. I’m in progress on a third page that I’m having trouble translating right now. My original vision isn’t working out, so it’s back to the drawing board.

I finished the first Falling Leaves sock. It’s cute. I knit it longer than most of my other knitted socks, but it’s actually narrower and less bulky than my others. I like it. The only bummer is that because the pattern suggests you knit the sock a little small so the pattern will come out, mine is actally a little big. I do like how it’s translating, though.

I should hurry up on the bubby bear. He’s so cute and should be so quick to finish up. Emily’s anxious for him as well.

I hope to be in better spirits for my next post. I’m in the downie dumps right now for sho’.

24 Sep 2005 Knitting along on…
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Falling Leaves. Actually, work started Thursday knit as I forgot my tapestry needle to seem up bubby’s arm and didn’t want to make MIL dig at 10 p.m. So, I cast on, knit the toe and started to pattern. I had two problems.

First, I opted to do a different toe than the pattern stipulated and cast on the actual amount of needed stitches–32 like the pattern called for. Problem was, the author of this pattern does a toe with m1 and then some decreases. I realized, after knitting the toe and starting to pattern that I was four sitches short on my pattern. I thought about making increases and started that for a while, but then ripped everything out.

I had doubts, then,a s I tired the sock on my toe a time or two before ripping, that the sock would fit at all. I like a tighter fit and my foot narrows quite a bit after the ball of my foot. I debated starting a new pattern instead,b ut started over with falling leaves.

It;s still a bit bulky trough the narrow part of my foot, but I’m compenstating that by knitting the instep a bit shorter than usual to get a little more stretch out of what’s there to try and narrow the sock up some.

I am knitting these socks on Patton’s Kroy in a lovely green heather shade and the pattern looks nice. I’m nearly down short rowing the heel and will increase back up in about 4 stitches. I love short row heels. Don’t you?

22 Sep 2005 Pictures, Pictures…
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So, yes, I’ve knitted a few things.

I mentioned the baby blankets for Project Linus that I finished last week. Two of them. They were knitted in Red Heart Baby Clouds. THe first blanket, done in Tutti Fruit and white using the Angel Baby Pattern. The second blanket was knit in playtime and white using just a garter stitch in a random stripe until I ran out of yarn. The pattern I used for the first didn’t show up that great and the row of yarn overs and knittig up the yarn overs were taking longer than straight garter stitch, so since it didn’t matter, ya’ll get it.

Project number two I finished up last night. It appears Mom may need a cap after her rounds of Chemo this time. You may remember me mentioning that I started a cap out of baby alpaca, but ran out of yarn and gave the hat to Emily since it matched her coat anyhow. This one, I managed to finish (witha little drama). I thought one skien wouldn’t do me for this project yesterday as I was moving towards the crown decresaes. Back to the Joann’s near me, but they no longer had the color I was using. I bought two skiens of a differnet color so I could still turnout a knit hat, but ended up having enough of the cream anyhow.

So….I’m sitting here now with two skiens of “beautiful” by Joann’s and no plans for it. My damn stash just keeps growing!

I do think that this yarn wil lmake a better hat. The acrylic/nylon blend is very very soft and warm and will wash well without worries (unlike the alpaca that could felt some even though it was a blend too).

Lastly, I need some zen knitting. I can’t even begin to get into what all is going on right now, but I’m under so much stress. I don’t even know how to describe it. I had planned on knitting falling leaves from the fall knitty, but went for Bubby from knitty instead. As you can see, progress is going pretty well. I figure Bubby #1 will be ugly, but Bubby #2 should be better. I’m knitting him out of some pink sugar babies that I bought (for some unkown reason!) and may make a skein’s worth. I may donate them or keep them here for quick baby gifts. We’ll see.

Let’s talk about stash for a minute. My stash.

I admit to making new knitter mistakes when it comes to my stash and I’m stil trying to dig out from under then.

Prior to fall/winter 2003, I had tried to learn how to knit/crochet before. Even before I started knitting for real in 2003, I had several odd balls of yarn laying about the house from previous attempts. I purchased yarn one skien at a time, with no idea how much yarn/yardage one actually needed for any sort of project.

One I started knitting in 2003 I began amassing yarn the same way. One skein here. One skein there. One at a time. Not enough, truth be told, to knit much of anything at all. Just enought o take a stab at it. This stopped, briefly, when I picked up a butt load of cotton tots on clearance to knit both Haiku and a very harlot poncho AND baby sweater for the sweet girl in Atlanta. Otherwise, one ball, one ball, one ball.

As a more experienced knitter, I realize the folly of my ways. I have boxes of yarn that I can’t really knit into much of anything. A scarf here. A scarf there. My point is, you can’t knit much of anything with just one skein of yarn.

My goal in 2005 was to try and knit through my stash. Reduce it. And I have, to a degree. Two balls of cotton tots gone for baby sweater. A ball of dk (why oh why did I buy so much darn acrylic dk?) gone for baby booties for charity, but plenty remails. Lots of single skeins.

Really, lesson learned on this stuff, I swear, but now it’s digging out. And that’s a slow process. It’s difficult now, to find things that take just one skein of yarn that i actually want to knit (besides socks and I don’t really have the stash to support much actual sock knititng). It’s annoying.

19 Sep 2005 Finished Thus Fa r
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Both peace blankets (photos posting tomorrow). I’m glad as hell that they’re done. I know acrylic is hypoallergenic, but I have trouble working with it (and I swear I’m not being a snob) particularly the really bulky, twisty stuff. But, both blankets are finished and I’ll post pictures of them later on. I’m too tired to dig up the camera tonight.

I ripped out and reknit a scarf I made for Emily early this year. I made it thinner and on biggeer needles so the one skien of yarn stretched a little farther. Now, just have to knit a better pair of mittens (something thicker and felted) and she’s totally outfitted for winter. A plus.

Cast on and ripped out the hat for my Mom several times. The yarn was bulkier than I thought, so that was one rip. Then, I wanted to actuallly try on my progress and that was rip two. I’m nervous about the yarn. It’s really fuzzy and it’s hard to tell if you’re grabbing the yarn, or just the outlying fibers.

Also finished one baby jumper, one baby sun dress, one baby shirt and one baby pair of pants. The pants, though, are awaiting elastic. I have a few more pieces and then I may move on to nightgowns or purses or something/

Lots of people give sewing advice and suggest people start with baby clothes. I suggest the opposite. Trying to hem a teeny tiny sleeve or pant leg after it’s been sewn closed is nearly impossible and i’ve had to sew out of order to make srue my things are hemmed before they’re closed. Moral of the story? Don’t start with baby doll clothes.

But do start with pants. A monkey could sew pants.

Got the new Martha Stewart today. I know, I know. But I like her. She had some cute halloween ideas and we’re sorely lacking halloween decor around here. She had some super cute cut out mice on her staircase that were SO cute. I don’t have a staircase, but maybe I could work them in elsewhere.

15 Sep 2005 Fall is in the Air…
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Don’t get me wrong, it’s been warm here. 90 degrees + yesterday and 80 today, but there’s something in the breeze. This sweet smelling coolness. A few dry leaves are starting to flurry down onto the ground. Some of the leaves are changing color and some of the wild grasses are turning gold.

I can’t wait to make soups and stews. Good chili and corn muffins. My awesome potato soup (that our diets really only allow once a year). I adore fall. I love being curled up, warm, at home as it rains and blows outside. I get darn near romantic about it. :O) Welcome Fall! I know you’re on your way.

In knitting news, work continues on my second “peace” blanket (what I’ve dubbed them in my attempt to spread a little peace and kindness). They’re knitting up fast and I should be able to move on to new projects soon. I can’t wait to mail them along to someone who needs them. Emily gets so much comfort and warmth and fun out of her “beaky” that I can’t help but feel good about passing something like that.

I haven’t scrapbooked in two months. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m not.

However, I have more than enough sewing projects to make up for that. On the list

  1. Autumn Purse
  2. Christmas Purse
  3. 2 sets of doll clothes (about 20 pieces, I think)
  4. Pink fairy princess nightie
  5. Yellow nightie
  6. Curtains for Emily’s room
  7. Halloween costume
  8. Two quilts (oy!)
  9. Oh and three or four baby items for the “someday” pile.

    Tonight, after I get some more housework done, I’m going to sit down and try to knock out some baby clothes. I’ll then move onto the autumn purse (I need a purse. I’m tired of my blue knitted one for now), I think. There’s just so much to do and I keep adding to my pile. I’ll post pictures of some finished items in the next couple of days.


08 Sep 2005 New Knitty!
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I have to be honest, the last few Knitty issues left me feeling less than inspired. The Man issue didn’t really do it for me and the Spring issue had little that drew me in.

I was happy to get the announcement today that the new Knitty was up and I’m really happy. LOTS of designs in larger sizes (Thanks, designers!) inclduing a couple in 2 or 3 XL.

But there is so much inspiration there. SO MUCH!


At first, I labeld this a “no” but after further refelction I agree with the desinger that it would be flattering on me and fits my “rules” (play up the boobies, desguise middle with a litlte something).


Also wonderful

Falling Leaves

Just the pattern I was looking for to use with my Patons Kroy. :o)

And lastly


What do I like about Samus? I love the design, I love the cabeling (not much, but enough to try out) and I love the yarn it’s knitting in (Lamb’s Pride Worsted–such a great yarn). I won’t be doing my in orange, of course, but a blue or brown would be lovely.

I think after I finish my project linus blankets and my mom’s chemo cap, I’ll move onto falling leaves and then onward from there. I’m excited!

04 Sep 2005 This week, I survived….
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  1. Sending Emily off to kindy. It sucked a little bit and I cried a little bit more. I’m so bored in the afternoons without her. I don’t know what to do. I kind of wander around from task to task, missing her. I’m sure that will get better. Won’t it have to? Oddly enough, I think it’s given her confidence a little boost. Hey! I’m actually REALLY important to Mom. ;o)
  2. Hurrican Katrina coverage for the most part. My heart is breaking. Isn’t yours? My Mama Bear gets so big when stuff like this happens. I want to rush down there and hold the chilren and feed the babies and comfort the old and the sick. I hate having my hands tied behind my bank. I’d give anything to help them
  3. My last Saturday at work. Only three more days to go. Emily said today, “Only three more days of work and then we’ll be together all the time.” Her enthusiasm confirms for me that moving on was the right thing to do.
  4. family drama. Freaking oy.

My new self-addressed kit came yesterday. I’m feeling a little inspired. ;o)

I’ve been reading and knitting though. I finished up a hat last weekend. I had intended that it be a chemo cap for my Mom (losing her hair, it seems, will be unavoidable and she deserves an awesome hat) but sadly I didn’t have enough yarn so I made it for Emily. It matches her coat anyhow….

I’m half-way through with a blanket for Project Linus I felt so small and helpless this week and realized that doing good things anywhere was as important in doing them in the South. So, I’ll work on my blankets (I’ll make two) and send them off for Children who need comfort. It’s nearly as good as me being there, right? And there’s love in every stitch. :o)

Otherwse,….the Joann’s by my house is moving to closer to my house. To a SUPERSTORE. The local Joann’s is clearancing out the whole store. Lord help me, but I can’t pass by a big sale at a craft store. I came home with five different patterns, material for baby clothes, quilts and halloween costumes. It’s disease