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21 Feb 2005 Pictures coming soon….
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Of two sets of finished socks and hopefully a finished scarf.

My week of computer exile was good for me. The fuzzy feet, as mentioned, were knitted, felted and gratefully worn last night by Eric. He proclaimed them soft, fuzzy and warm. :o) Just as they should have been and I felt a bit guilty over his delight in them as I felt like I had been a bit grumbly about knitting them.

Well, in retrospect, they’re still boring, but I’m glad he loved them.

I had been working on the second sassy sock and finished that in the car on our way to IL this weekend.

Friday night I cast on with my first ball of Magic Stripes and finished it on the way home yesterday. I also cast on the second sock in that pair and am now knitting the toe. If I am so inclined, I’ll have that done in a day or two. Then, I’m going ot knit up the three leftoever sock skeins that I have into socks for Emily.


I am going to launch into another week of mostly exile starting today. I gave myself some time on the PC this morning, but save for essentials, I’ll be off of here until next Sunday night (when I’ll allow myself some time to mess around). Last week my house was clean, dinner was on the table, my child was happy, I got some crafting done and it proved to me that I really WAS spending FAR too much time on the PC.

Oh-re: medicaly malady from THursday morning. I’m fine. :o) Obviously. THe doc. thinks the numbness is due to my inflamed siatic(sp) nerve which I agree with. I shan’t die. In case you were worried. :o)

17 Feb 2005 I’m up really early
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because I may be a hypochondriac.

I had the flu this week and noticed while I was laying in bed Monday that my left foot was a little numb. Like it wanted to fall asleep. I figured it was just from laying around and didn’t think anything of it. I was laying a lot more than usual (obviously) and that it was just that

So, flash forward to today, four days after being sick. My foot is still tingley from time to time. I rather thought that maybe I pinched a nerve or something in my back and that was causing my numbness, but now, tonight, I’m worried about it.

Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like DVT, but what I am going to do is go go the doctor’s in the morning–well–later in the morning.

Just a little report on how yesterday went here. Not being on the computer for most of the day afforded me so much time!

The only time spent on the computer was while balancing my checkbook, reconciling my checkbook, menu planning and printing out the heel pattern for sassy stripe sock.

I was able to get through my entire to-do list last night. I was able to play games ith dd. I was able to finally get to the grocery store after delaying a big trip probably two weeks and went to the library after delaying an entire week.

I washed, dried, folded and put away four to five loads of laundry.

Made breakfast, lunch and dinner. No eating out.

I finished dh’s fuzzy feet (I had just finished the heel flap as of Tuesday) and felted them.

I read two chapters of Emma and worked a bit on sassy stripe.

What that equated to was frogging what had pulled out from being off the needles due to moving/needle breakage. Rekniting the heel. Trying on the sock. Deciding that it was about .5 inches too short. Frogging the heel. Knitting aforementioned half inch and deciding it was time for bed.

Oh, and I exercised. :)
I feel pretty good.

15 Feb 2005 I have come to the conclusion…
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That I really don’t want to knit anymore fuzzy feet and since I promised I would knit them before anything else, my guilt complex comes into play and instead of picking up anything else (and, hence, feeling guilty about it) I’ve just stopped knitting all together.

My sassy sock has been sitting on my nightstand. I broke a needle for it around the time that we moved into this house and tucked it into a drawer for a safe move. I untangled it a few weeks ago and it sits staring at me, in all it’s stripey goodness, wondering if I will ever knit it.

And I WANT to. It’s just the damn fuzzy feet guilt.

I sat down two nights ago and ripped out the extra inches on fuzzy feet and did my decreases. I seamed the two today. I cast on sock 2 and am now on the heel flap. These things don’t take long to knit. I’m just finding them boring and the final outcome not interesting at this point.

But I promised.

Ain’t guilt grand?

My knitting is in a serious slump. My goal for this year was to become better at the knititng process. I know the year is young, but somehow, I don’t feel like i”ll get there at this rate.

I have not been very crafty in general this month. This past month. Perhaps this year. I have been spending far too much time on the compuker at the detrement of everything else. I decided today that I was going to spend a week away from the computer.

Maybe I’ll have some finished projects to show off upon my return…

06 Feb 2005 3.5 inches is more than you think….
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I was working on Eric’s fuzzy feet as we watched Mary Poppins last night. I had done the math to account for his foot size, but forgot to subtract the 3.5″ of toe shaping from that number.

What I ended up with was an eighteen inch long foot on that sucker. It actually looks laughable. Like something knitting ends up as on shows. You know, when they’re trying to give you the idea that knitting is complicated. And the knitter ends up with an ill shaped, ill sixed item.

That’s what Eric’s sock looks like. It’s funny.

I already finished the toe, but I’ll rip back 6(!) inches and finish off the toe. My bad. Even though it is funny.

That’s going ot have to wait becuase I’m on puppy patrol again. :O) You may recall that I got the idea in my head to knit puppy puppets for dd’s entire class for Chrsitmas. That didn’t pan and I decided to move that project to Valentine’s day. Well, that party is on Friday. And I have 9 more puppies to knit and 11 puppies to seam. That’s a lot of puppies. They knit quickly, I just have to decide to sit down and do it, which seems to be my biggest problem of late. :O)

IN other crafting news, I have finished my 2000-2002 family album. It was on my to-do list for finishing before the end of 2004, but I don’t think a month late is too awful.

I’m not sure what project will be on my fast track for finished next. I guess I’ll have to look over my paperwork and see.

02 Feb 2005 Knowledge…
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I was talking to my mom on the phone this week. She was talking about some converstations she had with my Aunt while they visited last weekend. My AUnt is in touch with the younger sister of a group of two girls I was friends with when I was a child. I was less friends with younger sister and mostly friends with the older sister.

They have a less than ideal family situation.

Elder sister, and the one I was good friends with, has been dating a man for a few years. She and I are no longer in contact any more becuase of trust issues (as in I didn’t feel I could trust her anymore and that’s a big deal to me). Anyhoo, Eldest sister wants to marry this man and has asked younger sister to be her Matron of Honor.

Younger sister wants to refuse and doesn’t even want to attend the wedding as she doesn’t approve of husband to be. Apparently he has quit his job and is allowing Elder Sister to work two jobs to support him.

My mom’s tack on this is that after a while you get so desperate that you’ll take whatever you can get (partner wise) regardless of the choice. Not to mention that as a child (I have had no contact with Elder sister for 10 years or better) that she had a very persuadable personality (which is another reason, really, why we’re no longer friends).

I’m not her friend, but the idea of her being a doormat and marryign the wrong guy just to marry him is sitting in my stomach like a bag of rocks. I, quite literally, have nothing to really say to her. I’m past the incident that ended the friendship and my feelings of loathing have pretty much evaportaed into general sense of noncommitment.

But the idea of her being roped into a marriage like this becuase she doesn’t think she’s good enough bothers me. I hate that anyone would be stuck in a situation like that. Her mother isn’t very trustworthy and I don’t know how frank younger sister is being with her.

THe whole situation makes me sorry overall, I guess. I won’t call her, because what would I say.

“HI. I haven’t talked to you for nearly a dozen years, but you’re making a mistake in marrying that guy”.

To which she would probably answer “Fuck you.” which I wouldn’t blame her for. I’d say the same thing if some long lost friend (or person becuase we’re not friends) called me to rail against my husband. What would you say. Probably similar to what I have guessed.

But what do you say when there is really nothing to say?