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29 Jun 2004 Not much
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knitting to speak of. I broke one of my darn brittany needles on the trip out to Il and while I was able to fill in, I just couldn’tget into the grove. I did a few rows of ribbing on my sock and it is now foundering in Eric’s car. I need to find a project that will allow me to knit with larger needles as knitting with such tiny things make my hands ache and I can’t keep it up for long. I think I’ll be lucky to wear my socks come fall.

However, I have been scrapbooking. I got bit by the bug and now that’s all I want to do. It feels good and it’s such a quick thing. I can have a page done in an hour or so, and that feels like good progress, to me. Sometimes you need that kind of progress in the things you’re doing. Kntiting k3p1 ribbing on sock yarn with size 1 needles doesn’t feel like much progress and I have no idea how some knitiers label sock knitting as a quick project. It’s taking me forever!!!!

Do I really knit that slow?

Today was supposed to be a sewing day, but I felt like

24 Jun 2004 Urgh….
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We went to the local festival last night. Emily won a little plastic horn that goes tootie toot toot.

She has been tootie toot tooting it since she got it and I’m about to go out of my mindy mind mind.

Add to that the fact that our condo is getting roofed today (news to me) so between the tappy tap tap and the tootie toot toot I’m feeling nutty nuts nuts.

I think I mentioned some time ago that I was starting weight watchers. It’s been a rough few weeks. I am having some sucess on it and am happy to report that i’ve lost 2 pounds last week. However, we have three long, hard weeks ahead of us and I need lots of positive thoughts to make sure I come through okay.

When I’m at home it’s simple to plan out my points becuase I can control what I’ll be eating. I also know that we’ll grab McDonald’s for dinner tonight on the road (and have planned out points for that) but we’re dealing with three meals unplanned tomorrow and at least two on Saturday and one on Sunday, which just makes it hard.

If we stop off at Mickey D’s to eat on the way home, I know I can order a grilled chicken sandwhich (no mayo) and a salad and be fine, but it’s the unknowns that are so hard on me. And, I love food and have trouble turning down something I love to to eat just becuase it doesn’t fit with my points.

Add to all of this our fourth of jUly trip and our trip to TN for our anniversary and you have one worried girl.

I did knit on my sock at my WW meeting yesterday. I did a few rows. It was hard becuase I had to keep putting down my sock to clap. As mentioned, I’m sure to have plenty of knitting time on our trip to IL, 12 whole hours in the car–hoo-ray (not!). Having tried the sock on, I can’t wait ot get it done. Im waiting, anxiously to begin my ribbing. I figure this sock will be about anklet length, so once I get to the ribbing, I wont’ have much further to go (and may have enough yarn after my two socks ot knit Emily a matching pair).

22 Jun 2004 Sometimes you just gotta
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As confessed, I have a craft finishing problem. Therefore, I will often force myself to finish something, past the point that i am finding it fun, just to call it completed. My summer sewing has gotten to that point. I’m very close to done with it and a few hours will afford me all the time I need to finish it up, but I have a case of the “don’t wannas” and have been circling my machine, eyeing my scrapbook stuff for a few days now.

So, last night I schlepped the machine off of my desk and brought out my scrapbook stuff AND managed to do two whole pages between last night and this morning (doesn’t sound like much, does it?). I also managed to put together my 2003 family album (languishing as it was missing a much needed post extender) and bought three new albums to hold my new work (I need one more and I’ll be just about caught up on Album purchasing). Hooray! I have been itching to scrapbook. I’ll do a day or two of this before moving back to sewing.

In knitting news, I finished my heel on my sock and am now knitting up the leg. I love the way the heel turned out with the super easy short rows. I tried the foot of the sock on and it fits like a dream. Once I get up my leg a ltitle more, I’ll start ribbing. I’ll be making a fairly short sock as I have no use for socks that go half way to my knees. Since we have 12 hours in the car this weekend, I’m thinking that I should be able to finish sock 1 and start on sock 2.

20 Jun 2004 Needless to say
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I’m lining Sueet. I tried to use it yesterday, but the bag got all stretched out and I said forget it. I put the carboard insert in last night and will sew in the lining this evening (I need to pick up a needle).

In other news, I got a new sewing machine yesterday. :o) My MIL thinks the old one is fixable, but honestly, my sewing is rather moving beyond the functionality of that machine and this new machine, though more expensive than I’d planned, should provide all the function I can ever forsee myself needing. I was able to whip out two pairs of pants for Emily and my lining for Sueet in nearly no time last night. I don’t think I’ll b sewing today, but my list of to sew items is shrinking and after a dress and two shirts, I can move onto to Emily’s costumes AND be abel to scrapbook guilt free again.

Since my new machine has a built in button hole maker, I decided to to do a button closure for my lining. I haven’t QUIT figured out how that will work yet (silly me) but I’m sure it wil be wonderful once finished.

I also picked up my socks last night and nearly done with my decreasing wraps on my short row heel. I like this so far, though I made a small mistake that I’m not gong to fix. I accidentally purled a few wrong side rows, giving me a little swatch of st in the middle of my garter stitch. I have decided 1) not many people, if any will see that part of my heel, so no one but me will know it is there and 2) too much work to frog it and start over, so I’m going forward.

I don’t mind knitting the short row heel, but still dislike the pointy toe. I will probably use a different toe on my next pair of socks.

19 Jun 2004 Hey-Sueet is finished
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My sewing machine is on the fritz so I can work on other projects shamelessly–which included Sueet. I admit to being bored about the eight inches of mindless knitting, but it went pretty fast. The straps took very little time and I finished it up last night while Emily and I were watching Peter Pan.

My one complaint is ripping out that inch or so of waste seemed to take forever, but I was finished up before American Casino was open and will carry my purse today.

As of yet, I have not sewed in the gussets or lined the bag. I am unsure about whether or not I want the gussets. Here’s a picture, by the way.

Anyhow, I am carrying a bag similar in style to Sueet that is gussetless. I have decided if I want to make any changes, I still most certainly can, but I’m going to try it as is for now.

Another thing to note, the picture makes the fabric look much lighter than it actually is.

Hooray! Now I should head off to Webs to order the rest of my Two Two so I can finish up Eric’s stocking and get my DPN back.

17 Jun 2004 I DID knit
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Emily was feeling under the weather yesterday so after being asked to sit on the couch while she watched a movie, I ventured out to the car and brought in sueet. I knitted and knitted and knitted and am happy to say that I only have 1.5 inches of body left. Hooray! I want to have it done by vacation, as it seems to be the perfect sized bag.

From the “What was I THINKING” file, Emily and I went to Joann’s today to pick up some supplies for a couple of craft projects for her. While there I found a whole year of their “Quilt Block a Month” series in a pretty yellow and blue. At $3 a month (and probably $50 for a beautiful finished quilt) I bought it. Don’t ask why. No clue. I’m thinking it might make a fabulous Christmas gift in some way, shape or form.

Also, bought the new edition of Scrapbooks, etc. This is my new, favorite magazine. The pages are filled with beautiful layouts that ANYONE can create (compelte with a how to list). I have yet to subscribe to a scrapbook magazine, but might give in to scrapbooks etc, it’s wonderful.

16 Jun 2004 Knitting? What knitting?
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Yes, I know that I have a 1/8th finished Sueet in the car.
And, yes, that sock that is about to have it’s heel turned.
Oh, and that stocking that needs more yarn before finishing.
And, yes, that yarn I bought for a Christmas gift.
And thsoe two darn dish scrubbies that need seamed.

Well… knitting happening here. I am quite inclined to go dig sueet out of the car and sit on the couch with the under the weather baby and knit a bit. It’s going to rain today. Again. Not that I had outdoor plans today, but at least when it’s gloomy outside I can’t come up with something better to do than knit.

As is usual, my craft tastes waver. As a parent, my free time is limited so I have to pick and chose. Lately I’ve wanted to read and since I can’t figure out how to read and knit (well, I have , but it’s an annoying process becuase i read so fast that I’m constantly putting the needles down)

I also have to note that I have been quite shocked about the controversy flowing across the blogs lately. I’m a bit surprised at some of the nasty feelings following something that can quite simpley, be ignored. I’m sure my mom isn’t the only one who, when adivsing on how to deal with an annoying sibling to ” ignore him and he’ll go away”.

14 Jun 2004 You know, I love to read
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And when I found this on The Knitty Gritty I had to join in as well. The idea is to copy the list and then highlight what books you have read.

Achebe, Chinua - Things Fall Apart
Agee, James - A Death in the Family
Austen, Jane - Pride and Prejudice
Baldwin, James - Go Tell It on the Mountain
Beckett, Samuel - Waiting for Godot
Bellow, Saul - The Adventures of Augie March

13 Jun 2004 Sewing, sewing and more sewing. Will I ever do anything else again?
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Okay, I shouldn’t sound like anyone is holding a knife to my throat and forcing me to sit at my sewing machine. That wouldn’t be the truth. I am, however, the sort of person who tends to be a little spacey about finishing my projects. I know that if I don’t sit down and make myself finish something, I won’t finish it. Emily’s last year shorts are too short, meaning I have to get sewing so the kid has some clothes!

I did finish the fourth of JUly dress and it’s lovely. I have two little situations to clear up (that I won’t divuge because they’re idiotic things and I hate to confess that I can be an idiot from time to time). In any case, the dress is just what I wanted and I have some ribbon left to tie up Emily’s pig tails with (if she has enough hair for them. She seriously needs a haircut). But, in any case, she’ll look adorable on the fourth.

I also finished a pair of shorts out of blue print seersucker. If you have an inkling to make summer clothes for your children, I highly suggest seersucker if you can stomach your pattern options. It gets so soft with wash, but keeps it’s brilliant color. It also doesn’t pill (which I hate). And it’s light and breathable, perfect for summer wear. I will make one more pair of capri’s out of that matieral and move onto the purple check (dress, shorts and capris) before moving on to white broadcloth for shirts.

After that, I am making something for myself. :o) Eric and I are going away on vacation for our anniversary and I decided to sew myself some pajamas. I have never made something for myself to wear (and have actually knitted very little for myself too). I know that sewing simple pants take next to no time (for Emily, one hour from pinning, cutting to sewing to finish). I’m really looking forward to that, but won’t allow myself to do it until I get Emily’s things done.

08 Jun 2004 This and that
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I have been knitting a little bit. Very sporadic knitting here and there on my sock and Sueet. I have committed myself to getting some of Emily’s summer clothes down. As of tonight I have 1 and one quarter dresses done. These are easy dresses that shouldn’t take more than an hour or so sewing time, but I keep making dumb mistakes and having to redo a lot.

Here’s a picture of hte first dress done

The other dress I’m working on will be the same style as this, but is done in a dark blue demin color with red and white stars–made special for the fourth of july. Emily, true to form, loves the dress and has been wearing the one I finished since I finished it Sunday night.

I am hoping to get through a good protion of this stuff this week, but I’m behind schedule at this point.

In other news, if we travel this weekend, I will most assuredly bring Sueet. I was going to start another baby gift for someone, but after a comment made, I’m thinking she’ll get something store bought instead.