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31 May 2004 Knitting with toothpicks and floss–AKA my first pair of socks
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When I went to my LYS Friday, I was looking for some information on sock yarn. I love socks. Adore socks. Can’t get enough of socks (It’s genentic. My family is all this way about socks and it is NOT an insult, in our family, to give or be given socks for Christmas). One thing I wanted to do with my knitting was to knit my own, wonderful, luxery socks.

So, I bought my yarn on Friday and besides the fact that I have a gift to make, cast on friday night.

I will tell you that first evening was murder and had me muttering about why, exactly, anyone would WANT to make socks. Why not buy them? Why bother? Toothpcks and floss!

I am now doing a few decreases as I work towards the arch of my foot. I would take a picture, but my legs REALLY need to be shaved, so you’ll have to wait until I can get to that. I’m doing a toe up pattern as it seemed to make the most sense to be able to be best fit the sock to my foot. I have weird shaped toes and breaking in shoes and socks is a bit of a process for me,s o the idea of making a perfect pair of socks to perfectly fit my feet is what is keeping me gong through the mundaneness of inscreasing from 8 stitches to 96 with a round knit plain every other row (aaaaah….the boredom!). I am half a “foot” away from my heel. You may hear me screaming and crying from here.

In other news, I got a box in the mail today from Webs. In April (March?) I ordered yarn from them. One skein was missing. I assumed my card had been credited and forgot about it. Apparently, it wasn’t credited and it’s here. It was for my fuzzy feet. :o) Now I have a dilema. Use it for a pair of fuzzy feet for me (in conjunction with the half a skein I have of the purple intended for them) or scrap it and knit up this little darling.

28 May 2004 LYS!!
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I am probably the only person ever to not visit a LYS. A good portion of this comes from the fact that I was so unconfident in my ability to navigate IL that it rather kept me trapped in the small amount of areas I knew. Not so here in MI. I got on the computer today, found a store and am back home with my purchase already. I am beginning to think that I may swear off on-line yarn stores for the majority of my purchases for some time (minus the fact that I have to buy two skeins of Classic Elite Two-Two to finish Eric’s Christmas stocking).

Anyhow, it was so much fun to see and fondle the yarn that I am sure I’ll be heading back as soon as I get caught up on some of the pile of yarn I already have around here.

However, that stash didn’t stop me from shopping (no siree).

I have been anxious to make a pair of socks and picked up some sock yarn and two sizes of Brittany Birch DPN, two skiens of lamb’s pride worsted for a gift pair of fuzzy feet and two balls of Berroco suede to make Sueet (I need another bag. Booga is TOO BIG for every day use).

Here’s a picture of the goodies

I can’t wait to dig into that stuff, but first, baby gift must be finished by next Wednesday! All that’s left is finishing the booties (a quick job this weekend) and all that’s left.

Here’s the little sweater.

and the little hat(which looks like part of a diaper prior to seaming, if you ask me)

I also have those two dish scrubbies to sew up. I lost interest in them after they turned out so tiny (well and when I realized how quickly this shower was coming). I’ll get to them soon.

25 May 2004 Long time, no post
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Life had a way of getting in the way of my best blogging efforts. Anyone else?

Work continues on the baby sweater. I have a week(!) to finish up and I don’t know how much futher I’ll get on this. I’m going to do the hat and booties after this. I know I said that sweater and blanket would make a great gift, but I’m running out of time and the concept of knitting a blanket in garter stitch on size 7’s is making me want to cry.

I am just a few inches away from casting off the sweater. I’ll then pick up the neck, block and seam it. I should have it done in no time.

I have done a little scrapbooking. My scanner is on the fritz, though, so nothing to scan and show. I’m not desperate enough, yet, to resort to taking pictures of layouts with my camera.

Not yet.

In other news, within a week or two I will be getting a new camera. I’ve decided on the Minolta DiMage Z2. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, so be on the look out for awesome pictures.

In even more other news, I started Weight Watchers two weeks ago. I lost 2.5 pounds the first week. I messed up a bit on the weekend and will have to try harder this weekend as we are going away again. Wish me lots of luck, I need it.

Oh. I will take pictures of baby sweater soon. I have also done two of the circular knitted scrubbies. They’re tiny. Cute, but tiny. I’m going to work on tweeking the pattern to make it a bit bigger., I can’t imagine scrubbing dishes with these things. They’re about the size of a lemon, I’d guess. Too little .

10 May 2004 Lots of updates
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Well, as you probably guessed, I have been a bit wrapped up in the moving and relocation process. We got to Michigan, with just a few hitches, on Saturday May 1st. Unloaded the truck on Sunday and started to unpack and settle in here. That meant crafts and other fun stuff was put off while I unpacked and did other more pressing things, but now, we’re unpacked and the crafting can continue

Booga is finished, felted and in use. I’m less than over the moon about it. It didn’t felt up as small as I would have hoped, which is both okay and not. It’s honestly, way too bag for a purse, but really nice for this time a year as I’m always schlepping around extra gear this time of year (water bottles, sun screen, changes of clothes, outside toys, camera, etc and so on). So, I will probably find yarn to knit a smaller purse, though Booga is going to be just fine for other things.

I case on for my baby gift. I found a cute four part layette set that I decided to knit. I cast on the sweater first, will do the blanket second, than the cap and finally the booties. I know the blanket and sweater will be a very nice gift on their own and the booties are cap are skipable if I run out of time.

Here’s a picture of the progress on the sweater…

I’m doing it in a varigated cotton tots. I LOVE cotton tots. I think it makes great soft fabric for little kids and babies. I will also do the booties and cap in white cotton tots to match.

And, here is progress on Eric’s stocking.

This is knitted in Classic Elite Two-Two and it just so soft and dreamy. I’m thinking that there may be a sweater in this yarn in my future. IT’s so soft and yummy. Also, I’m finding knitting with DPN to be quite simple. I was very worried about it and had hoped that I could knit this stocking on circs, but it’s not that bad, once I figured it out. I supose once I get through the heel and all I will know how i”m going to feel about knitting socks.

In other news, I did a fea scrapbook pages last weekend. I have two circle journal entries to get out by the 15th as well. But that should be no biggie.

Today I’m going to get started on some of Emily’s summer sewing. Summer seems like it’s ofically trying to peek through here in MI, so it’s time to get started on summer clothes.