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29 Apr 2004 Booga and Life
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I cast off booga yesterday and starting work on my i-cord. I admit that I blanched when I read I would need six feet (that seems like a damn awful lot of knitting) but after working on it last night, I’ll have that six feet sometime today. I have to run some errands today and may pick up a zippered pillow case and go ahead and felt it while I’m here. It would kind of fit with the whole “in this house, during this move” symbolism that I waxed poetic about in my last entry.

I had fully planned to cast on Eric’s Christmas stocking next, but now am not sure. Since I will be in MI for a baby shower of an ex-coworker I’m thinking I will knit a little goodie or two for the baby first. I have several months until Christmas.

I am also going to have to order some more yarn. I used a good porition of my fuzzy feet yarn on the booga bag (who know those colors needed purple too). Once we get settled I’ll have to make another yarn order. ;o)

I also got a great gift from a “secret sister” yesterday. A set of peace fleece birch knitting needles. They’re beautiful and I can’t wait to knit on them. Maybe that baby project needs to be something that can be knit on size 9’s ;o)

In any case, through the knitting of booga I have learned several things.

1) My color change technique is awful and I need to work on that or I will never progress
2) I like knitting with bamboo needles and will probably slowly move the metal out of my collection and move more wood in. I really like them
3) I do not like the feel of Reynolds Lopi wool It’s very, very scratchy. Lamb’s pride worsted is much softer and more suited to me. The Lopi will be fine as long as I’m not using it for clothing that will be against my skin.

In other news, I packed up the living room last night. I have one small box of books and one larger box of odds and ends. I will pack up the DVD’s at the very end. My bedroom is all packed (hooray!). I have one open box that will hold the odds and ends I still need. That leaves the kitchen (two boxes, one of dishes, one of food) and Emily’s room (probably another box or two, depending on how I can condense it). Overall, I feel the end is in site.

I do feel bad because, frankly, this house won’t be very clean when we leave and I hate leaving itlike that. However, we HAVE to be out on May 1st so I don’t have the time or ability to come back here and deal with it. I am going to Kaboom the shower and make sure surfaces are wiped up/out. Other than that, no time. I had also hoped to get my circle journal out, but no dice on that either. Oh well. What’a girl to do?

I will post pictures of booga tomorrow (maybe)

27 Apr 2004 Welcome and revelations
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Blogger ate my blog.

I updated today and I get this crazy error now every time I try to access it. I had been contimplating moving my blog to our personal site for some time, but never got around to. Since my blog has been digested by the computer Gods, I tweeked this blog a bit and moved my stuff over here.

I think this will work out well. First, I haven’t been updating the blog here because of the blog there. Second, I dont’ write anything on my blogs that I would be unhappy with my family or friends reading, so there is no need for the secrecy. Third, Idon’t think my family and friends look at my blog anyhow. They’re too interested in Emily

But, in any case, here it is, in all of it’s lovely blue bloginess.

For those of you interested in moving news, things are going here at home. I was off track last night and spent today getting back on track. After I’m done updating this I need to work on today’s daily chores and then move on to packing. I am trying to get it all finished in a timely manner (aka according to my sechedule) but I am slacking a bit. The good news is, Thursday is pretty much a “free” day (meaning nothing specific on the board) so I can catch up then if I need to. I’m hoping to not.

I did have an “ah ha!” moment as I sat knitting today. I was working on my booga bag (I am 92 rows in, if anyone wants to know) and realized that this bag holds the memories of this entire time. I got the yarn for booga right after we got the news we were moving. It was such a stressful time that I cast on as quick as I could, as I personally find knitting to be a soothing activity. I rocked and knit while Eric and I discussed moving and what we would do with our cats. I showed my co-worker how to knit and pearl on it. I knit as we traveled to MI and I knit as we talked about future plans once we got to MI. I knit as the hours and days we spend in this house wane and I will hopefully be knitting on it my last evening here.

I realized that we knit our memories into projects. I will never be able to think about the knitting of the booga bag without thinking of this time. They’re linked. Forever. My memories are woven into the fabric. I will remember sitting outside today, knitting on my bag as Emily played in the bright spring sunshine. I’ll remember how yellow the dandilions were that she loves to play with so much. I’ll remember sitting in quiet companionship with my husband, as I knit.

I wonder how anyone can part with their finished items. They hold so many memories!

I guess the good news is, I won’t be parting with Booga. It will be my last creation in this home. It will always hold the memories of this little white house and the times we had here as our time here was ending. It’s all woven into the fabric.

22 Apr 2004 So much, where to begin
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I haven’t updated this blog in a month. Needless to say, a lot has happened in that time.

On April 6th we received a job offer that will take us back to Michigan. That decision has been full of happiness and sadness so it’s been a trying time to say the least.

As I write this, Eric is just a few short days away from leaving for Michigan (while leaving us here in IL). We will remain for a week and then join him.

Packing is going well. I packed eight more boxes today. We’re beginning to get to the point where we’re running out of things to pack. I imagine we may have 10 or so boxes to go. Emily and I will continue to work on that this coming week.

Tuesday of this week was my last day of work. I’ve been quite sad about that, to say the least. I really did enjoy my job and my co-workers.

I know we’re moving on to good things, though, and i’ll be thrilled once we’re in MI. It’s leaving here that;s so hard.

Diet-What diet? You think I can diet with all of this stress? That will begin again once we’re in MI


  • Knitting-work continues on the purse i’m making. I’m about 70 rows into the 100 rows I need to knit. I haven’t been doing too much, though, as it’s turned into a car project for right now
  • Scrapbooking-Except for my circule journals, I haven’t been scrapping at all
  • Sewing-on hold until we move


Well, I’m still reading. In fact, I finished a book today, Only 79 more to go before 12/31. I also have a book in the works as we speak too. Hopefully I can finish it before this month is over.

07 Apr 2004 Lots and lots of updates
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Dietwise-Even though I’ve struggled, today I am down 7 pounds from when I started my diet. I’m a bit discouraged becuase I can only imagine how much I could have lost if I had stuck with it up to know, but 7 pounds in a month really isn’t BAD progress. I am down to XX0.5 from XX7. That’s great news. What sucks is I lose about .75 to 1 pound a day. If I had stuck with this from my start date, I would be down 23 pounds.

Actually, I wish I hadn’t tabulated that.

Anyhow, here is a picture of my motivation. What I will look like at goal weight….

Look at the knockers on that thing. Wowza!

Anyhow, now that some of you have recoiled……

Craft wise-Emily’s sweater is indeed finished. I think I need to cut off and resew the buttons as I don’t think I lined them up well. They’re puckered. Here’s Emily in my first creation…

I have cast on and started one flower pillow from FCEK(Family Circle Easy knitting) for Emily’s room. However, I’m tired of squinting at the itty bitty chart they’ve included and have been too lazy to enlarge it, so I’m onto something else briefly. I have a lot of leftoever yarn so I’m knitting some preemie caps. I can do in in an hour or two and it’s very relaxing for me considering our current situation.

Move Wise-I have cleaned and sorted half of the master bedroom today. I have gathered one bag of donations and one bag of garbage. I think that’s pretty good. I’m hoping to finish the master bedroom tomorrow and hopefully, Eric will pick up some boxes this afternoon so I can start packing the non-essentials-whatever those may be…