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25 Mar 2004 Well, or bust, BUT
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Discovery #1-It’s Stupid to Start a Diet When You Will be Away from Home Five Days of the First Week
Discoery #2-A Cheese Dog is Never Going to be Able to be Eaten Without a Bun When Riding in a Car

So having learned those two things…..

My first two weeks on Atkins trned out to be wastes. The first week was too stresful to try and adapt and think overlong about food choices.

Week two was going great into the afremoentioned cheese dog and then I sort of spiraled downhill after that.

Week three is going good so far. I started out this week at XX5.5 and am now down to XX2. For anyone counting that’s a loss of three pounds (actually 3.5 pounds) in three days. Overall I am down 4 pounds from my start weight and I think that’s not too bad.

Overall Atkins is very easy to do and I don’t miss the carbs at all as a general rule, which surprises me becuase I had no idea how I was going to live my life without french fries and toast. I guess it’s easy if you don’t really WANT them.

I have had a bit of a sweet tooth I’m been trying to fight, which is quite unusual for me. I would have never guessed sweet stuff would be the monkey on my back.

In other news: Work continues on Emily’s sweater. Will it ever be done? Just one sleeve to go and then seaming. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I think the sweater needs to be blocked. Part of thinks I should and part of me thinks it’s probably fine the way it is. I guess I’ll see. I want to really work on the sleeve over the rest of this week and maybe be ready to start seaming this weekend.

What is seaming? Sewing it together, for the most part.

07 Mar 2004 Atkins or Bust-aka the Last day of Carbs
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Two entries ago I noted that ERic and I would be low carbing soon. We had planned on starting last week, but a decrease in funds made eating what we had here make more sense. So, that’s what we did.

Anyhow, the Atkins starts on Monday.

I don’t know that either of us are sure what the think about that. I’m already lamenting the loss of my dear French Fries. How does one eat a burger without one. Eric was ready to give in yesterday (before day one) becuase i informed him that Atkins= no caffine.

He wasn’t thrilled with that idea, to say the least.

But, I think that iced tea will be fine, so he’s at least tempered for now. I can’t imagine this house without a case of pop, but, hey, think of all the money we’ll save (and can put towards my new camera!!!)

Going on this diet is all part of my master plan. Class reunion is coming in less than three months (good lord) and we really want to TTC (try to conceive, for all of you non-computer sorts) this fall (though that is subject to change).

I think I’ve pretty much decided that if Eric gets this job in NC, we’ll be pushing back on having the baby. At least a few months. I imagine that neither of us are going to want to deal with me pregnant during a move. Also, that’s just taking away one more stressor until we’re settled.

What I will say is that homes in the areas we’re looking at in NC are stunning. I think we’ll actually have a problem with finding too many homes we love.

By this time next week we should know if we’re getting that job. I think we’re both getting more than a little excited about the whole thing and we’re trying to hold back some. Or, at least, I am.

04 Mar 2004 Another All Area Update
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Crafts-I have finished the body of Emily’s sweater. Two sleeves to go. We also picked out and bought buttons for it yesteday. Emily liked a garden themed package and I decided on little roses and green leaves. They look lovely and I can’t wait to have the sweater finished so she can show it off. It’s lovely.

Scrapbooking-Eh. I did the cover and one page on my first Circle Journal. Thankfully, they pushed off the mailing date. I really am in the mood to scrapbook. Maybe when this entry is done.

Sewing-have material for two dresses, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts and one pair of pajamas. Nothing sewed.

Housework-Very bad. Flylady who?