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25 Feb 2004 AllAreas-an Update
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Craft wise–I have been scrapbooking a lot. I have about 80 pictures to scrapbook from our vacation and I won’t let myself move that far until I’ve caught up on my other stuff as best as I can. I also have joined a circle journal group and need to be ready to mail on March 2.

Better get on that.

Knitting has been dragging along. I want to have Emily’s sweater finished by her school pictures on 3/5. I don’t know if I’m going to make it. Maybe if I got off the computer, I’d have more time with my needles?

Anyway, here’s a link to the sweater I’m making. Emily’s will be bigger and white.

ALSO (yes there is more) I’ve picke dup the patterns for Emily’s summer clothes and am awaiting a shipment of four years of purple gingham to start sewing with. I’ll be making dresses, shorts, capris and tops this year as well as sewing Emily Disney Princess costumes.

Homewise I am in my second week of doing Flylady. Ever heard of her? She advocates slow steps and routines to get your house clean. I’m a confimred “messy” and doing this really helps out. We get up to a clean living room clean kitchen and clean dishes every morning.

We’re not TO the bedrooms yet. ;o)

Healthwise I have been working towards exercising on every week day. It isn’t always easy, but i’m doing it. I hate to exercise. I can think of eight million things I’d rather do including cleaning toilets and litter boxes (things I hate very very much).

I will also be starting on the Atkins diet next week. Having reading read the book from cover to cover it is very sensible, though I’m currently in a panic about giving up french fries and toast.

The induction phase, while sounds awful to most people, really isn’t bad and within two weeks I’ll be back to adding fruits into my diet. I can eat three cups of veggies on Atkins during the first two weeks which is a spot lot more than I eat now, let me tell you.

At this point in the game two things are kind of pushing me to lose weight a little quicker than normal diets (which really are difficult for me for reasons I will explain in a minute). First off, my class reuinion is in 4 months (!) and second off, Eric and I would like to start trying to have another baby in the next year or so. I need to be in better health for pregnancy.

Why do I have trouble with diets? I kind of get obsessive/compulsive about food. When I was on Weight Watchers I literally went half nuts trying to plan out meals. I can’t do it. It’s too hard on me.

09 Feb 2004 Misc. musings-vacation and otherwise.
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Finished dealing with the Christmas decor today. Yes, I know it’s well into February now. Yes, I know I said I’d have done a month ago. No, I’m not depressed, just a procrastinator. I had most of the stuff done, just shoved into the garage. I still have to find a place to put all of my pine garland. I might need a new tote. Guess we’ll have to see. Emily asked if it could be Christmas for just one more day. Had to explain that Christmas is WAY over and wouldn’t be back for, oh, 11.5 months now, right? I should start a coutdown.

Anyhow, just have to carry the stuff up to the closet and that will be done. I’m sure I”ll find a few odds and ends all over the house for the next few months. Ain’t the holidays a blast?

The Vacation was wonderful, though, as usual, I’m happy to be home. I like my house and my routine. I did, though, come away with some hints, tips and suggestions that I’d like to share before I forget.

First, plan what things you want to see at the park. Come up with a list. Yes, I know it sounds rather anal, but it helps. On day one at the Magic Kingdom, we were really clueless-spent a lot of time looking at the map and not much time doing things. Day two at the Magic Kingdom we were much more prepared with a short list of things we wanted to do. I felt our touring was more optimized and it still left a lot of room for doing whatever.

Second, use the Fast Pass system. Trust me. Use it. Even if it’s the “slow” season, use Fast Pass. For instance, Eric walked over to Fantasy Land and got a Fast Pass for Peter Pan while Mom, Em and I staked out our spots for Cinderella’s Magical something or other show. After the show, we walked to Fantasyland, used the bathroom, watched Mickey’s Philharmagic and THEN walked right onto Peter Pan It’s a great system. USE it

Third, do a character dinner if it is at all in your budget. Very worth it, particularly if your children are shy or not interested in battling a crowd to meet characters.

Fourth, remember, you get what you pay for and this rings true at WDW. I know it’s pricey (Eric almsot crapped himself when he forked over $430 for three days of passes) but Disney works so hard to make sure that everyone has a magical experience, and it truly is. The parks are SO clean, the grounds and rides beautifully maintained, the staff is so so SO friendly and helpful and so much consideration is given to making sure the children have such a wonderful time. You DO pay a lot for those days at WDW, but every penny is worth it.

Fifth, try to be considerate. Be reasonable when saving spots for events. Look behind you before you stop to gawk at something as you might be blocking a child’s view (you, as an adult are taller, so you can step aside a bit and most likely still see). Don’t push to enter attractions. Don’t be rude. Watch your kids.