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02 Aug 2004 One and a half finished objects
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I worked on my regia sock on and off all weekend. I finished sock number 1 today. I’m pretty confident that i can finished the second sock in about a week as well. I’m doing a pattern of my own making, supplemented by THe Any Weight Sock Pattern from Socknitters. I used the measurements provided by the pattern and then did some Algebra to figure out how to knit the kind of heel I wanted to use. My suff is only about three and a half inches long. I like shorter socks. I made a tiny fudge up on the toe, but that’s okay. I won’t do that again and I won’t rip and fix t. It’s a learning process.

I’m finding this foray into sock making to be much better than my last. That’s good news, becuase after the last distastor I was doubtful about trying again. Glad I did. Can’t wait for sock two to be finished.

Also, I cast on 64 stitches at the top and did a k3p1 ribbing. The sock is a little loose. I did try it on during knitting, so I’m not sure if it’s just stretched from normal wear or a smidge too big. I’ll know for sure after I wash them.

But it has set me on the search for more sock yarn. ;o)

And, in other sock news, I should have enough from my balls to make a pair for Emily. :O)

In sewing news, I finished Emily’s plaid corduroy skirt for school. I don’t know what sized kid this pattern was cut for. EMily is SUPER tall for her age and this skirt came down to her shins! My goodness. I lopped off about four inches and hemmed another inch or so. I ended up with a twelve inch shirt that’s just about knee lenth onher. It’ll look so cute with a white top and tights. :O)

01 Aug 2004 Time for Pictures
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I have pictures of a couple of finished objects to share today. Hooray.

First, is the picture of my felted fuzzy feet. Please overlook the messy table. It’s a long story.

Please excuse the fact that these slippers aren’t purple either. They’re blueberry.

Second, I finished Em’s beauty and the beast dress!

It’s way big on her. But at the rate this child grows, better to be too big. She had a lot of trauma throwing out her old flower girl dress. I cut a square of frabic off for her to keep (she was rubbing her face on the dress and making me feel miserable) and then we went out and bought fabric to make her sleeping beauty dress. She was appeased, it seems, and has wore her new Belle dress ever since it’s completion.

I am trying to decide what to do today. My back/arm is still bothering me so I think I should put off knitting one more day. That leaves sewing, which doesn’t bother me too much.

Just for fun….

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