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09 Jan 2005 I suppose….
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I should hook up my scanner, since all I have been doing lately is scrapbooking. A net friend is due with a much longed for baby in a few weeks and I decided that , in addtion to buying some goodies for her (well, him, I guess), that she needed a gift album.

Sooooo….I pulled out one of my adorable 4×6 Martha Stewart mini albums and am working on that now. I should be able to get it down quickly. I am using my Self-Addressed papers on the title page and it’s a pretty mix of masculine paisley and linen weave. I’ll have to get the scanner working before it does to its new home.

In other news, I am on day 7 of atkins. I can’t believe I made it so long. :) Last time I was off in a matter of days, due to reasons within and outside of my control. Eric and I had a long talk about the diet today. He wants me to join him on a diabetic thing, like he was/is doing. I had to explain that 1) 2000 calories a day are WAY too much for me and right now I’m focusing on trying to get off as much as possible because we have finally decided it’s time to have another baby. :O) At this point I’ve lost 5.5 pounds on Atkins. I will stay in induction another week and then start adding a few things into my diet. I MISS fruit and like nuts, so moving on to OWL will be good news for me.

In semi-sad news, we have had to cancel the Disney Vacation we were to take at the end of this month. ERic’s employee quit and left us in the lurch. Happily, we don’t lose the money we already spent on airline tickets , UNhappily, we have to find another trip to take within a year. I am trying to be pragmatic about not going, but it’s kind of hard. I’ve had a stressful year between two moves, Mom’s illness, ERic’s new job and new job and new schedule and the worry over the new job and the adjustments all these upheavals have meant that i was just looking forward to a week of ESCAPE! No cats, no dogs, no house, no sickness and no jobs. As sad as I am about not going to the parks, I think I’m more sad about not getting the escape I was looking forward to. I was hoping for a chance to feel rejuvinated and, for now, that chance has passed.

My resolutions did not go well last week. I was on the computer too much, Emily watched too much t.v. and I did not exercise four times last week, all three of which were my goals. ON the other hand, I did stick to my diet, take my vitamins AND drink more water, so maybe it’s a wash.

Wound the yarn for Eric’s fuzzy feet today. Mom loved hers.

27 Dec 2004 I Got Spam for Christmas….
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Well, not really, but my I come into 120 spam commetns sent over the holiday weekend. Thanks for the gift, but I’d rather pass.

Needless to say, over this week I will be removing those comments and closing comments on all old entries, leaving just the most recent current. This shouldn’t cause any issues as I’ve never had anyone leave me a comment on an old entry.

I had a great Christmas. I’m sorry it’s over. My loved ones loved their gifts and were most generous. Eric got me a great featherbed that I adore and lots of stuff off of my list and my Chistmas money from my grandpa will buy the things I wanted, but didn’t get.

So, I end up being very luck this year in a million ways. I have a warm, safe home, a great family, my Mom is on the mend and, overall, the rest of us our healthy. We had the money to have a good christmas with no stress and put $40 on credit cards. That’s it.

So, I’m pleased.

As with Christmas always, things could have gone better. I got behind making dinner and it was an hour late (no one minded, but I did). And, we had another Christmas tree issue that I won’t explain in detail but resulted in buying a second tree so we could tear the first one down.


What’s that?


I had intended to finish my mom’s fuzzy feet before Christmas day, but it didn’t happen. We had a semi-crisis on the 23rd (when I had planned on knitting slipper 2) and I just couldn’t finish. That’s okay. As soon as I get my chores done today (and take Em shopping ) I’ll sit down, knit it up and get it felted and she’ll have them a couple of days late. I know she’ll love them and life happens, doesn’t it?

THe next two knitted items on my list are as follows
1) Finish Emily’s doll sweater
2) Knit Eric’s fuzzy feet.
3) (didn’t I say two?) finish sassy sock.

If I “feel like” knitting I could have those three things done before New Year’s Day. We’ll see how i feel.

Yes, lots of that to do too. I have material to make three more nighties for Emily as well as some doll clothes AND pajama pants for me. Not to mention those princess dresses.


Prefer not to think about that one now.

Lots to do there two. I have four or five albums I want to finish off in the next three months or so.

I don’t want ot think about those either right now.

15 Oct 2004 Stuff…
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I haven’t been knitting much. I have been buying yarn though. I bought some sock yarn on-sale through Joann’s. Not that I’ve been knitting any socks, I just feel like amassing sock yarn. :o) I have knitted a few rows on the two short stripey sweater for Emily. I know i”ll finish it eventually, but it feels like knitting is going so slow. Thankfully I was able to pick it up in the round.

Hopefully Eric and I can watch the couple of Movies we’ve had sitting around here. If we don’t go up North, that is.

We were supposed to go to IL for a wedding this week, but that’s not happening. Eric just got back from a week long business trip yesterday and we’ve had some family stuff going on that we think we should stay around here for.n We’re supposed to go to IL for a wedding next weekend too, but it will depend on aforementioned family stuff as to whether or not we will go.

I have been making cards and scrapbooking….


While I have supposedlysworn off scrapbooking shopping, I may have to call my LSS(Local Scrapbook Store) to see if they carry this paper. I’m in love with it. I want to make sure I have enough of it to finish my cards (and may even scrap a few that I’ve already made that aren’t up to par). I need more letter stickers too.

I’ve sewn a little bit. I fixed Emily’s ailing Beauty and the BEast dress this week and am working on a jumper for her school pictures. I think I might have made a little boo boo on it, so I’m going to have to rip a bit out.

Funny how sewing isn’t that different from knitting. ;o)

I’ve been working on some Christmas gifts too, including one for my MIL. I know she’ll love it, I just have to decide how I want to finish it off.

21 Sep 2004 And, so it goes
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To match our new healthier eating lifestyle, Eric and I have discussed exercise at length. Eric has always enjoyed playing racquetball and I agreed to give it a try. We met up with friends last night at a local racquetball place. It was fun.


The weak Workman ankels flaired up and I rolled my ankle over 20 minutes into our hour long court rental. My right ankle looks like it has a goiter and I can hardly hobble around the house. Eric was sweet enough to stay home today so I could be off my foot as much as possible. Hopefully I’ll be better by tomorrow. Emily still has an awful cough and I’ll have to make a game time decision on whether or not to take her to school tomorrow.


I am knitting away on the front of her sweater though. I’m about an inch for the armhole bind off on the front. The back of the sweater seemed to knit up so much faster, which doesn’t make any sense. It’s the same thing up to now.

Also, for those interested, Joann’s is having their knitting and crochet needles/hooks 40% off this Saturday. Our local Joann’s, etc carries clover needles, which I like quite a bit (much more than the crappy metal stuff I’m using) so I may show up on Sat. to pick up a few more pairs of DPNs. Who can beat 40% off of that? Of course, I will have to decide on whether or not that is in the budget.

We may try to hit the Renassiance Festival this weekend. I guess whether we will or not will depend on Mr. Weakie the Right.

23 Aug 2004 It’s been a long time…
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since I’ve done a general update on things.

Knitting hasn’t been happening. I think I’ve way too stressed about the mess of the last couple of projects and needed some time off. I may go back to working on kntting up Emily’s little purse pouchie thingie. In thinking about it, I may knit it long enough to hold a doll (perhaps a barbie). She’s so in love with carrying things around. I’ve not given up, my patience is just very low for it right now.

I have been scrapbooking quite a bit and did four or five layouts yesterday (as well as completing another of those mini albums that will be gifts come Christmas time). Just five more to go! (or is it four?). I just counted, it’s five.

I haven’t been sewing at all, but that will change starting today. I have plenty of sewing to do before school and Emily is asking for her other dress updresses. I’l wash material today and get on with it, hopefully. I have two lengths of flannel I bought in previous years that I’m going to measureout to see if I can use them as well.

School starts for Emily in two weeks. I’m looking forwad to it, I confess. Since we moved to MI I literally have no time anymore that’s just to myself. WhenI was in IL, at least I was working and getting that time to take a mental break from the constant goings on of home life. Now I can’t do that anymore or at least haven’t been able to as of yet. I’m totally looking forward to having a little time and space to myself.

17 Aug 2004 WTH?
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So, I am working on a poncho from Yarn Harlot.

I think this pattern is out to get me.

I decide to use smaller sized needles as I am making this for a 4year old child and not an adult. I size down to size 10.5 needles instead of 13’s that the pattern calls for. I cast on my 64 stitches onto the needles using a really loose cast on. Turns out, it’s too loose. Try casting it on with my rgular old cable cast on. Too few stitches to knit circularly on my circular needles.

Change over to DPN, try the loose cast on again. Still too loose (DUH!!). Rip it out. Cast on again.

And again.



If I get the cast on to come out right, it all goes to hell by my purl round.

Urgh and double urgh.

I sat and cast on and knit the first round or two this morning. I think it’s coming out better? Who knows. If I wasn’t so darn set on making it, I would have junked the idea by now, but I really love the idea of Emily in a poncho, so I press on.

I think today I will work on my weekly quota of Christmas cards. I only have nine to make this week. I got some new Making Memories Eyelet Charms so I should be able to knock out a few cards pretty quickly. After that, cleaning off the desk for sewing.

I bought some more fabric at Joann’s on Saturday(though am dissppointed that I didn’t find more. I came home with some dark grey fleece for sweat pants, blue cord. for a skirt and pink flannel for pajamas). I need to get going on the school sewing as school will be here soon.

Eric and I actually watched movies this weekend. Shakespeare in Love on Saturday (We both liked it) and Timeline on Sunday (we both liked that one too, but then again we both loved the book). I attempted to watch Bowling for Columbine yesterday. I got about half way through. I won’t be finishing it.

First off, ever since the article came out about Michael Moore mis-using a letter to the Editor from the Bloomington-Normal Pantagraph I have rather found Moore to perhaps not be a reliable narrator in the scheme of things. Knowing that, (and not generally disagreeing him, but KNOWING that) I found it hard to take anything presented in this movie.

I was very distrubed by the footage showing hte inside of Columbine High School during the footage.

Oh, and people’s heads getting blown off.

No thanks.

10 Aug 2004 Retrun from Long Weekends
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are nearly as bad as returns from vacation. How did three people generate so much laundry? I think the cats were wearing our clothes while we were gone.

I don’t have any knitting news. I did take the bucket hat along with me for knitting, but knit very little. Just a few rows. Everyone was impressed and my aunt walked around all weekend saying I was “Just like Mom!” Both my grandmothers and great grandmothers sewed or quilted or crocheted or did “something”, so I’m like a lot of people.

Latest finished scrapbook project

All from the new Arctic Frog collection.

07 Apr 2004 Lots and lots of updates
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Dietwise-Even though I’ve struggled, today I am down 7 pounds from when I started my diet. I’m a bit discouraged becuase I can only imagine how much I could have lost if I had stuck with it up to know, but 7 pounds in a month really isn’t BAD progress. I am down to XX0.5 from XX7. That’s great news. What sucks is I lose about .75 to 1 pound a day. If I had stuck with this from my start date, I would be down 23 pounds.

Actually, I wish I hadn’t tabulated that.

Anyhow, here is a picture of my motivation. What I will look like at goal weight….

Look at the knockers on that thing. Wowza!

Anyhow, now that some of you have recoiled……

Craft wise-Emily’s sweater is indeed finished. I think I need to cut off and resew the buttons as I don’t think I lined them up well. They’re puckered. Here’s Emily in my first creation…

I have cast on and started one flower pillow from FCEK(Family Circle Easy knitting) for Emily’s room. However, I’m tired of squinting at the itty bitty chart they’ve included and have been too lazy to enlarge it, so I’m onto something else briefly. I have a lot of leftoever yarn so I’m knitting some preemie caps. I can do in in an hour or two and it’s very relaxing for me considering our current situation.

Move Wise-I have cleaned and sorted half of the master bedroom today. I have gathered one bag of donations and one bag of garbage. I think that’s pretty good. I’m hoping to finish the master bedroom tomorrow and hopefully, Eric will pick up some boxes this afternoon so I can start packing the non-essentials-whatever those may be…

07 Mar 2004 Atkins or Bust-aka the Last day of Carbs
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Two entries ago I noted that ERic and I would be low carbing soon. We had planned on starting last week, but a decrease in funds made eating what we had here make more sense. So, that’s what we did.

Anyhow, the Atkins starts on Monday.

I don’t know that either of us are sure what the think about that. I’m already lamenting the loss of my dear French Fries. How does one eat a burger without one. Eric was ready to give in yesterday (before day one) becuase i informed him that Atkins= no caffine.

He wasn’t thrilled with that idea, to say the least.

But, I think that iced tea will be fine, so he’s at least tempered for now. I can’t imagine this house without a case of pop, but, hey, think of all the money we’ll save (and can put towards my new camera!!!)

Going on this diet is all part of my master plan. Class reunion is coming in less than three months (good lord) and we really want to TTC (try to conceive, for all of you non-computer sorts) this fall (though that is subject to change).

I think I’ve pretty much decided that if Eric gets this job in NC, we’ll be pushing back on having the baby. At least a few months. I imagine that neither of us are going to want to deal with me pregnant during a move. Also, that’s just taking away one more stressor until we’re settled.

What I will say is that homes in the areas we’re looking at in NC are stunning. I think we’ll actually have a problem with finding too many homes we love.

By this time next week we should know if we’re getting that job. I think we’re both getting more than a little excited about the whole thing and we’re trying to hold back some. Or, at least, I am.

25 Feb 2004 AllAreas-an Update
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Craft wise–I have been scrapbooking a lot. I have about 80 pictures to scrapbook from our vacation and I won’t let myself move that far until I’ve caught up on my other stuff as best as I can. I also have joined a circle journal group and need to be ready to mail on March 2.

Better get on that.

Knitting has been dragging along. I want to have Emily’s sweater finished by her school pictures on 3/5. I don’t know if I’m going to make it. Maybe if I got off the computer, I’d have more time with my needles?

Anyway, here’s a link to the sweater I’m making. Emily’s will be bigger and white.

ALSO (yes there is more) I’ve picke dup the patterns for Emily’s summer clothes and am awaiting a shipment of four years of purple gingham to start sewing with. I’ll be making dresses, shorts, capris and tops this year as well as sewing Emily Disney Princess costumes.

Homewise I am in my second week of doing Flylady. Ever heard of her? She advocates slow steps and routines to get your house clean. I’m a confimred “messy” and doing this really helps out. We get up to a clean living room clean kitchen and clean dishes every morning.

We’re not TO the bedrooms yet. ;o)

Healthwise I have been working towards exercising on every week day. It isn’t always easy, but i’m doing it. I hate to exercise. I can think of eight million things I’d rather do including cleaning toilets and litter boxes (things I hate very very much).

I will also be starting on the Atkins diet next week. Having reading read the book from cover to cover it is very sensible, though I’m currently in a panic about giving up french fries and toast.

The induction phase, while sounds awful to most people, really isn’t bad and within two weeks I’ll be back to adding fruits into my diet. I can eat three cups of veggies on Atkins during the first two weeks which is a spot lot more than I eat now, let me tell you.

At this point in the game two things are kind of pushing me to lose weight a little quicker than normal diets (which really are difficult for me for reasons I will explain in a minute). First off, my class reuinion is in 4 months (!) and second off, Eric and I would like to start trying to have another baby in the next year or so. I need to be in better health for pregnancy.

Why do I have trouble with diets? I kind of get obsessive/compulsive about food. When I was on Weight Watchers I literally went half nuts trying to plan out meals. I can’t do it. It’s too hard on me.