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12 Aug 2008 Diet Diary-Week 1
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Yesterday saw me finish up my first week on my new diet.  Eric and I want to try and have another baby soon and I decided that I needed to be in much better shape before we did that.  Now, I am one of the odd few who manages to lose weight during pregnancy (it’s not dangerous.  I just kind of lose my appetite and eat less while burning baby growing calories).

Anyhow, I decided that I needed a solid eight week commitment before we could TTC (try to conceive) so I could make sure I was in a healthier place before I tried to grow a baby in my body.

After some deliberating, I decided that I was going to go on Weight Watchers and give it more than a 1 week try.  I signed up to go to meetings  and keep track of my points on-line, which is what I’m doing know.

How’s things?

Well, I love the Weight Watchers program.  It’s easy to manage and their site is great to use.  The problem with me and Weight Watchers really isn’t weight watchers.

To pardon a cliche, it’s, well, me.

The first few days, last week, were kind of difficult.  Some of my “staple” foods seem to contain large amounts of points.  For instance, those daily iced coffees from Starbucks?  4pts (when ordered non-fat, which I never did until this past week).  My favorite breakfast cereal with milk?  7pts.

So, I’m having to prioritize.  Do I want coffee?  Or more to eat?  What’s the plan?

Dieting is hard for me, besides the obvious eating less reasons.  I get really compulsive.

Really REALLY compulsive.

So, managing food can get difficult.

But, I started out by menu planning and when I get up in the morning, I plug in what we intend to have for dinner which allows me to manage my day.  I’m working on eating slowly, chewing slowly, pausing in between bites, things that I don’t normally do.  I’m a shoveler.

Last week I was using the Wii Fit to help make sure I was getting my activity, but that’s more difficult the next couple of weeks with company.

In any case, my loss for last week was 5 lbs.  I feel great about that.  And, of course, keeping that idea on my mind motivates me to keep my progress heading forward.  Even when we go out.  Even when we have company.