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14 Feb 2008 Love Day
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I admit I’m still trying to determine what “casual” use of the Internet equates to.    I’m still not sure.  Apparently vacation planning shouldn’t be considered “casual” (and I agree. Vacation is freaking necessary!) but what is casual?  I really don’t know. I think I should have thought a little more about that.

Our Valentine’s Day celebration has wound down now.  Emily is sorting through her Valentines from her classmates (overseen by Smokey, her new Webkinz) and Eric is watching hockey (to Eric hockey=love and I guess it does to me too come to think of it).  Cadence is sleeping, hopefully having happy love filled dreams because she’s a baby and only lovely things happen to her.

Well, there have probably been a few less than lovely things, but Cadence’s balance of lovely things vs non-lovely things is pretty heavily weighted in favor of lovely things. 

I think.

And so, on Valentine’s Day it occurred to me that the concept of a “Stay at Home Mom” is actually a fallacy.  Today, I got up at 6:30 and showered and dressed.  I got the kids fed and took Emily to school at eight.  Cadence and I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things (party tray for mom’s group party, books for Cadence’s valentine gift) and then returned home where I ate a hasty breakfast and then wrangled dressed Cadence for our DUAL parties.

We left home at 10:00 to ensure that I’d actually be able to park in the school postage stamp parking lot and I made some phone calls for some upcoming mom’s group events.

Cadence and I hit the school at 10:25 (punctual as never usual) and then the fun really began.  At first, there were just two moms.  I helped set up the food (the teacher is super organized and makes requests for the families and the kids end up with a nice spread of unduplicated and healthy snacks.).  I had a problem, though. I didn’t realize I’d actually be helping the party.  I thought I’d stand around and observe and be overwhelmed by the cuteness.  Not so.  I left Cadence’s stroller in the car anticipating being available to chase her around the class room.   But I had to manage snacks and activities and Cadence hit her head and got a gooseegg on her eyebrow within fifteen seconds of walking into the classroom.

Thankfully, though, Cadence had a great time and Emily is still thrilled to have us come to her things.  I know the time will be coming soon when she just can’t be bothered with us so I’m trying to make the most of this time while I can, but this is about LOVE, man, and not the lamenting of me.   

Anyhow, we finished up Emily’s party LATE and I didn’t have the cushion of time I intended to have between the party of 22 second graders and the impending chaos party with my Mom’s group.  I adore my mom’s group.  Really.  I found it through Meetup and I HIGHLY recommend it, but the plain truth was there were 39 confirmed parents coming to the party.  Two dads.  A couple grandmas pushing the adult numbers to about 45.  Everyone, obviously, came with at least one child.  Probably half of the original 39 came with more than one child swelling our numbers to close to a hundred people.   But, it’s love Day.  And, the party started at nap time.  It seemed to me that an unlovely situation could occur but Cadence had a nice time.  She colored.  She played.  She hid inside the playhut tube….DSC_0119.JPGand she got cozy with other moms.  Thankfully, my group is full of friendly moms so they didn’t necessarily mind her lounging on them.  One she had met before and maybe she seemed the familiar to C, but the other was pretty much a stranger and Cadence was giving her cuddles (and calling her Mama, but she’s not realized, I guess, that Mama is a unique name because EVERYONE is Mama now, even Eric and the harder we insist that he’s Dada, the harder she laughs).

After staying at the party forty minutes longer than I intended (Cadence was not 1 hour and Forty minute late for her nap and I’m not going to get into our sleep issues around here, but let’s just say getting Cadence to sleep for certain lengths of time is crucial to ensuring that she’ll continue to sleep well).  Eric agreed to come home early so Cadence could nap through picking up Emily.  I was at home for about an hour before I was into the car again to pick up Em’s V-Day gift from 7-11 (They had the exact Webkinz she wanted. I could have gone to Hallmark, but I didn’t see a reason to drive out of my way and run the risk of not being able to get the gray cat she specifically wanted, so I bought a Valentine’s gift at 7-11.  Big deal), picked up Emily from school, stopped at Target to pick up the finishing touches for Eric’s gift and a giant raspberry colored ball for Cadence from Emily. 

I spent another hour at home before we left to go to Eric’s mom’s house so she could babysit for us in exchange for us loaning her Dell (my other love) for some book keeping she had to do.  We had dinner and now, after 9, we’re home.

Stay at home?  Whatever. (actually, tomorrow I DO plan on MOSTLY staying at home.  And I can’t wait).

12 Dec 2007 What do you know?
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This morning, Cadence was playing near me. I held out my arms and she walked into them, snuggling up against my chest for a hug. I’m so glad that this is something that Cadence has already learned, that we’re here and willing give hugs and kisses and that hugs and kisses make you and others feel good.

But more than that, I love the little world that our girls have come to understand as babies; a place where there is just love and kindness and hugs and kisses.

Emily is nearly eight now (well, 7 years and 10 months) and she’s learned, you know, that life isn’t all hugs and happiness and security. She has learned that sometimes people are downright mean to you for no reason and I wish I could keep her in that little shell she was wrapped in when she was Cadence’s age where you got what you needed and the only people around you were people who loved you.

But that’s not how life works, is it?

I don’t want this post to be a downer. That was totally not my intention. My point was, I love the fact that as babies and toddlers and young children , my children just expect to be loved because that’s what they live.

When Emily was a young child, she was fearless. It used to scare Eric half to death,b ut we realized that Emily had no fear of falling because, well, we never let her fall. She could climb as high as she wanted, secure in the thought that she wouldn’t fall and if she did fall, we’d be standing there to catch her and cushion her fall.

And I’m glad that Cadence will feel this way. That she’ll only know love and contentment because that’s what we give her and she’ll feel free to climb to the tippy top of the playground equipment because she has no fear of falling because we’re there. :o)

11 Nov 2007 Murphey’s Law
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You all know it right? Basically what can go wrong will?

About six weeks ago, Emily got her annual cough. Emily gets this cough around the start of the school year and it lingers, on and off, through Christmas and into the new year. The past several years, we would run to the doctor and get sent home with meds. for her nebulizer. This year, we decided that we weren’t going to run to the doctor. We knew what she had and how to treat it and started giving her nebulizer treatments. But, this year Emily decided to change it up and started coughing so hard she would throw up. That accounted for three trips to the doctor and a just about that many days of missed school too.

Cadence, during this time gets a runny nose and a little baby cough. Nothing too horrible (and the cough was so little it was almost cute).

This week Monday, Emily is back to school We have a clean bill of health. We’re off the nebulizer for the first time in weeks. We get a call from the school. They think Emily has pink eye.

So, we’re back to the doctor. We get eye salve. Emily misses ANOTHER day of school to make sure she’s no longer contagious. Weds. morning I notice that the bloody patches Emily has on her eyes have gotten worse. I suck it and get her another doctors appointment and she misses a half a day of school. She has a < href="">subconjunctival hemorrhage. She gets two different eye medications and a note so she can go back to school. The doctor makes a quick inspection of C’s eyes and pronounces her clear.

Thursday, I notice Cadence has a little baby fever and her runny nose is back. When she wakes up friday morning and starts “talking” it becomes obvious that she has Croup. Argh. We treat her at home, but she appears to be having trouble breathing over night from Friday into Saturday so we get out of bed and talk her to the ER. She has a breathing treatment, a chest x-ray and a steroid shot. We got home at 4 a.m. and cancel our activities for the biggest part of the weekend.

And now, to make matters worse, Cadence woke up from her morning nap with a goopy eye. Sigh.

06 Nov 2007 Bliss
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Eric just got home from work. It’s starting to get dark outside and I have the side table lamp on. XM is playing Christmas music and even though I’ll be sick of it in a couple of weeks and then will lay off until right before Christmas, things feel cozy.

Emily was home from school today because she has pinkeye which isn’t so blissful, but Cadence just woke up from her nap and I can hear Emily upstairs, with her tambourine, playing and Cadence is screaming with glee.

Not long before Eric got home I heard the alarm going off my cell phone. I leaned over next to the chair to see where it was and found the bag from McDonalds that we had for lunch. I gathered it up to threw it away and realized that Cadence had been using to hold goodies including the remove from the ceiling fan, the DVD remote, a hem marker and my memory card reader.

And now the baby is downstairs and Emily is running in joyous circles and even the dog is joining in and I’m just about the luckiest girl in the world.

Really. :o)

24 Sep 2007 Cadence didn’t want to nap today.
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We were in my bedroom, in my rocking chair in the sunny patch in the corner and Cadence was pushing against my chest. The sun catches her eyes and they turn a brilliant, clear hazel as she leans over my arm, half recklessly, stretching with every fiber of her body to try to and reach the windowsill behind me as we rock.

The rocking chair creeks and squeaks, making it’s own song. Emily is playing outside and the laughs and squeals of the kids carry up to the bedroom. I can’t resist and tickle the wrinkled skin under Cadence’s arm. She giggles in delight and turns back to trying and capture the window sill. I continue to rock. In the year since Cadence has been born I learned that my natural rock is two seconds. One second up and another second back to the ground. Cadence’s hair is swooshing softly in the air as I rock back and forth. Her head is becoming heavy as she is slowly giving over to sleep.

The dog comes upstairs to climb into bed. Cadence jerks her head up and swivels around to inspect him. He gives her a quick glance, spins in a circle twice and settles into a pile on the bed. I whisper to Cadence that puppy is going night-night too. She makes a brief attempt to catch Eric’s night stand before throwing herself over my arm again, her head dangling downwards. Within a few minutes, her eye lids are dropping and then closing. She’s asleep.

I shift her onto my shoulder and carry her into her room. She makes unhappy noises when I settle her into crib, but for now, she’s asleep.

05 Mar 2007 From the “Are you KIDDING me?” Files
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We had a long weekend this weekend. Eric had friday off to make up for his working the Saturday before and Emily had today off for Pulaski day and since Eric had a little bit of flex time floating around, we decided to take a long weekend and go to Michigan.

We hadn’t seen anyone from that side of the lake since Thanksgiving and Cadence has grown so much and the ‘rents were desperate for a visit.

So, we get out of bed bright and early on Friday morning and are on the road before 5 a.m. The weather gods seemed to be trying to tell us something, because the trip from home to Lake Zurich was miserable, with blinding snow and slush all over the road. Once we hit civilization things improved until we hit Indiana and then we had blowing snow–but no slush–until Kalamazoo.

Otherwise, the trip went well and arrived at my parents’ house around noon. I could tell, right away, that my Mom wasn’t having one of her better days. I hoped for the best on that one and noticed that Emily wasn’t having one of her better days either.

Emily had been home for two days that week for a low grade fever that had cleared on Thursday. She didn’t seem to feel bad, just had a fever. I felt a bit of uncertainty about letting her miss Friday in addition to Tues. and Weds. but we pressed on. Emily laid on the couch most of the afternoon and was generally fussy. We tried to figure out what was going on, came to the conclusion she had an earache and then debated about what to do with her. We decided to just go to urgent care and have her checked out. I figured she was tired, but I couldn’t dismiss the ear pain and thought that that if she was fine, it was cool and if it wasn’t, we’d get her on antibiotics and she’d be feeling better by Saturday.

So, we hit the Urgent care. Emily has double ear infections–hooray! But, that’s not all. The doctor is concerned about her cough. HE listens to her lungs, announces he’s worried she may have pneumonia and orders a chest x-ray. I admit to being a bit taken aback as Emily just seemed to be dealing with her usual winter/post-illness cough that we deal with on more than one occasion over the year. So, he nebbed her and sent us on our way with ’scripts for an antibiotic, albuteral, a new nubulizer and , of course, the chest x-ray.

Emily was feeling better after her first treatment, but by that time I was noticing that Cadence was sneezing and sounded congested. Perfect.

Emily fusses on and off most of Friday night, but wakes up feeling pretty good. I woke up at 5 a.m. and realized I had a clogged duct in my left boob (which is Cadence’s boob of choice) and spent the day pumping and massaging the lump to the best of my ability without grossing out the ‘rents or the sibs.

So, Emily’s results from the x-ray come back and she seems to have some “pre-pneumonia” in her lugs, which means ANOTHER ’script for ANOTHER antibiotic. We make an appt. with our pedi. for today and press on.

So, let’s recap.

  1. My Mom isn’t feeling well
  2. Emily is sick
  3. Cadence is sick
  4. My left boob is killing me

Oh, and on Saturday my Dad’s truck threw a tie rod while ERic and I were out to dinner and the ‘rents were babysitting.

Sunday was okay. My mom still didn’t feel great and actually ended up going to the hosptial late Sunday night/early monday morning to get some help with the pain she was in. Cadence was coughing and was snotty and Emily was doing okay.

We made an appt. for Cadence with the pedi also today, because, frankly, I’m done screwing with this crap. Emily still has double ear infections and he hears the issue with her lungs. HE perscribed an inhaled steroid to help Emily on her way and we have to “damage her” (aka chest percussions) to help her clear her mucus. She’s cleared to go to school as long as she doesn’t have a temp and feels okay.

Cadence has an ear infection too–WTH? She, too, is on antibiotics for the next week to clear that up and we have a follow up in 7 days.

So, yeah, how was your weekend.

P.S. my boob is better now.