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12 Jul 2006 Whimsy…
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has always been one of Emily’s strong suits.

Check out Mama says Om for more whimsy. ;o)

11 Nov 2005 Hey there…
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I haven’t been blogging much.

That’s okay though.

I’ve been working on some Christmassy things. No pictures yet. I tired to make another prototype tonight, but got too complicated and it didn’t work out well. I’ll go back to that tomorrow and will hopefully have some pictures to share.

Started work on the Christmas cards too. For those of you on my list (and those of you who aren’t) this is what you’ll see on your Christmas cards this year..

One of the best things I have done over the past few years if work on my photography skills. I’m actually able to capture my girl. SHe’s comfortable in front of my camera as long as I’m reasonable with her. She would look lovely in the professional photos we had taken prior to this, but never comfortable. She’s shy. THose picture showed the shy girl. My pictures show the real girl.

I’m so glad of that. WHen she’s grown, I’ll have lovely pictures of the girl she really was.

Not the girl she allowed a stranger to see.

29 Oct 2005 I love fall
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Not far from our house is a Michigan metro park called Wolcott Mill. W e were there last weekend. There is a lovely walking path that winds through the wods and around the mill stream. The colors there aregorgeous.

Today we’re having a beautiful fall day, one of the thigns I love best about the Midwest, and decided to pack up the dog and head out to the mill to soak up fall sunshine.

Jack had the best time. See? He’s even smiling

The colors are starting to fade here aleady. Last week must have been peek. There were still beautiful things to see though…

Of course I am remindedof my favorite Robert Frost poem “Nothing gold can stay.”

So beautiful.