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12 Oct 2006 Sweet Pea is sleeping.
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At least for now. Though, it’s nearly my bedtime, so she’ll be looking to be awake very soon, I’m sure.

Cold weather is coming and, in a way, I’m looking forward to it like I always do. I love snow and Christmas and all that stuff. :o) Sick, I know.

Speaking of Christmas, a little gem from 2004…

Lift from a Beth Proudfoot layout from Simple Scrapbooks.

And, I revised the Crafts to do list. It is as follows

  • Cadie’s Nightgown
  • Emily’s Robe
  • Em’s final canvas
  • Cadence’s canvases
  • Cadie’s bedding
  • Cadie’s taggie
  • Joey’s taggie
  • Gabby’s taggie
  • rag quilt

I have Cadie’s taggie all pinned and the picture printed out for Emily’s final canvas. I don’t know how long any will take me to complete as I’m living on Cadence time right now.

10 Oct 2006 Four weeks…
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is how old Cadence will be tomorrow. It’s amazing. Time has flown by. She is growing and changing in amazing ways.

Things aren’t “normal” yet. I understand that they’ll never be the same normal, but we’re not quite settled in. That’s difficult on people who crave schedules and order, like Emily and I, but we’re coping. I told Emily today that in a little while, Cadie won’t need so much attention and time and we’ll be able to go and be and do like we did before.

We went for lunch today, just a quick trip through the drive thru as Emily was off for Columbus Day. It takes forever to get out of the house and then twice that long to get out of hte driveway because Cadence seems to have a melt down every time Emily and I try to take off on our own. Then we debate about whether or not I should get out of the car and make Cadie calm down or if we should just shuck it and go and hope for the best.

I get out. That’s both of our votes. Emily’s too tender hearted to listen to Cadence cry for long and if she thinks Cadence is going to have to cry, she finds something to cover her ears with. ;o) She’s a doll.

But, I have gotten some crafty things done…

This is the birth announcement we’ll be sending out to friends and family as soon as they come back from being printed.

and this little lovely is our baby gift thank you card..

I had planned on handmaking Cadie’s announcements, but I realized my time is just too limited to turn out even the most simple design right now (en masse as I’ll be mailing just about 50). In an hour last week I put the announcement together and uploaded it for printing. It saved a ton of time. Hopefully the results will be worth it. If they are, I’ll be doing the same thing for our Christmas cards this year. I love the paper, but I need to save the time.

The digital elements are from a free 2peas kit.

07 Sep 2006 Oh Cadence, Cadence. Where for art thou Cadence…
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1 week and 1 day to go until my due date and I’m now officially tired of being pregnant and totally impatient. It’s time. It’s past time. I’ve been pregnant forever. I feel like a moose. or a whale. Or a manatee (a sea cow!). Something large and clumsy that has trouble rolling over in bed. I’m restless, anxious and antsy. I feel like pacing all the time, and yet can’t get interested in any task.

Eric starts paternity leave next week. I’m nervous that we’re going to waste a whole week of leave with no baby.

I did finish the moses basket. It was a nightmare…

The lining was too big in some places and too small in others. I ended up stitched the lining to the basket to make sure it wasn’t too bulk inside and didn’t smother the baby. I got stuck by pins and needles so many times working on that, but it’s pretty and just what I wanted. The ribbon matches Cadence’s coming home outfit and I’ll be using it on her birth announcements too.

Here’s a close-up of the nursery rhyme toile. I adore it.

Jack however, isn’t interested baskets or toile..waiting or dates.

01 Sep 2006 She’s crafty….
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…oh yes I am.

Cadence’s coming hom ensemble…

All knit by me. :o) I’m so happy to have this done. It’s really beautiful and I hope not too chilly for her to be in it. I packed a just in case blue outfit, perhaps I should pack a just in case warmer pink outfit too.

The dress is a pattern called Crumpets. It only sized down to a six month size, but with a ruler and a little math, I created a newborn edition that seems to be sized perfectly to the sleepers I have here. :O)

Bonnet and booties to match of course.

I have finished one of Emily’s nighties. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I tossed out her old yellow one becuase it was more green than yellow and stained and gross and torn. She got her wear out of them. I sewed that for her when she broke her arm last year, so she’s gotten a good year of wear out of them. I have some other material here I’m hoping to sew into another nightie so we can toss the princess one too.

And, last night I finished the first of Cadence’s hat and bootie sets….

We’re getting close…I’m working on the moses basket today with hopes to have that finished soon.

31 Aug 2006 I’m 30….
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Holy crap.

Well, not quite yet as I wasn’t born until the afternoon, but for all intents and purposes I. Am. THIRTY.

But I’ll still think of myself as 20 something because that’s what I’ve been the past 10 years. Somewhere around 34 or 35 I’ll realize that I’m NOT 20 anymore and have to make the swith.

There’s no dread in turning 30 for me. I have had the feeling for a few years that 30 is going to be a great decade for me.

The weather has been beautiful here. Fall is coming. I’m sure we’ll have a hot spell or to between now and then, but it feels so nice to have the windows open and to wake up cold now and then. ;o) Somethting that doesn’t happen in the summer time at all.

Emily seems to have adjusted to first grade now and we’re settling into a routine that is likely to be disturbed with Miss Cadie’s entrance, but it’s good so far. She’s doing well and lamenting less about the “good old days when I stayed home with you.” She has been fairly reluctant to sleep in her bed, though, which is odd and we have her in our room a few nights a week. I’m not sure if it’s related to school or Cadence. If she’s jealous or something that Cadence has a bed set up in our room or if she just misses us during the day. Both are likely.

I am plugging away on all of my pre-Cadence projects.

The list now looks like this:

1) Knit Cadence’s coming home outfit
2) Knit booties for Cadence’s coming home outfit
3) Knit bonnet for Cadence’s coming home outfit
4) Sew Cadence’s diaper bag
5) Sew the lining for moses basket
6) Sew Cadence’s nightie
7) Sew Emily’s nightie
8) Sew Emily’s robe
9) Make wallet albums for “special” people ;o)
10) Make last canvast for Emily’s room
11) Make canvases for Cadence’s room
12) Finish off quilt for Cadence’s room
13) Make cap and bootie sets for Cadence’s time in the hospital
14) do mending

Thus far i have the lining for the moses basket underway (meaning cut out) and one of the caps for Cadence’s hospital time nearly finished.

and on that note, I shall take an aside. I want some cute hat and bootie sets for Cadence in the hospital. I mean, I knit. Why shouldn’t my baby be decked out. I’ve been searching around for hats and booties that meet my criteria of “cute”. I have found many. Yeserday, I found this pattern and thought it would be perfect. It would tie in with our bear thing and be precious as all get out.

So, I climb into bed last night with needles and yarn and start knitting.

1) I’m using bulkier yarn than the pattern calls for, so I realize I’m going to knit half as many rows. I cast on the original stitch amount of 28. I do the ribbing and change the needle size. I then realize that no way in hell is 28 stitches going to fit a full term baby head and I’m totally perplexed because I’m using heavier yarn which should yield a bigger gauge (aka larger finished project)

2) Thhe pattern states to knit the ribbing, change needle size and knit 20 stitches.

WTH happened to the other 8?? This is supposed to be “easy” to make and witht the number of skills invlved (garter stitch, ribbing and seaming) it really should be, but the size is wrong unless it’s for a preemie and is unstated and the pattern is confusing.

So, i decided to forget that and figure it out myself. I cast on 36 stitches, in the round (who really wants to seam if they don’t have to??) with the larger size needles, ribbed for a bit, knit for a bit and Kitchenered the top. I’ll use the pattern for the darn ears and that’s it (and won’t review the patternw ell because the sizing is poor and thte pattern is useless and confusing and I don’t consider myself a new knittter).

27 Aug 2006 The Importance of Checking Dye Lots–Misadventures in Knitting…
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So, admittedly, knitting Cadence’s coming home dress has been a bit of a farce. I cast on for it, oh, nearly a month and a half ago. On vacation, I realized that I actually managed to twist my stitches making the dress totally unwearable and I ripped the whole darn thing out sitting on the porch of the cabin on a rainy afternoon in Eagle River.

So, obviously, the coming home dress is a big player on my “to-do” before baby list–she needs it to come home, right? So, last week, I sit down and cast that sucker back on again. I’m making great progress. Yesterday, I had about…oh…three or four more inches on the skirt. stockinette in the round. Super easy.

I ran out of yarn, joined my new, white yarn, bought out of hte same bin, from the same store on the same day. Knit two inches. Pull out knitting this morning while Eric is still sleeping and Emily is watching Cartoons.

Yeah, that white yarn?

Cream. The new skein at least. ARGH.

So, all of yesterday’s work was ripped out again this morning. I found the third ball of yarn I bought that day, and it matches the first, thank goodness, so tomorrow, I’ll spend my day finishing up those last three or four inches on the dress and hopefully will get to the booties tomorrow as well. Then, it’s just buying ribbon and knitting the bonnet and that project will be finished. I’m toying with knitting a blanket, but that’s just crazy.

In other news, the Holiday Grand Plan starts this week. For those not in the know, it’s an eighteen week plan to get yourself and your household ready for the holidays. I’m not sure that the entire program will be useful, because I’m not sure scrubbing grout with a toothbrush will make the list with a new baby, but I’m all for being more organized considering the new baby. Check it out. It’s pretty anal, but helpful. For those less anal, Organized Christmas features a shorter, six week plan. But whatever works for you, right?

22 Aug 2006 Crafty Updates…
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I alluded to the fact that I have a dozen projects I would like to do before Cadence arrives. Since most of these projects will take more than a day, the pace seems a bit crazy and probably totally unrealistic, but a girl has to have goals, right?

The list looks like this

1) Knit Cadence’s coming home outfit
2) Knit booties for Cadence’s coming home outfit
3) Knit bonnet for Cadence’s coming home outfit
4) Sew Cadence’s diaper bag
5) Sew the lining for moses basket
6) Sew Cadence’s nightie
7) Sew Emily’s nightie
8) Sew Emily’s robe
9) Make wallet albums for “special” people ;o)
10) Make last canvast for Emily’s room
11) Make canvases for Cadence’s room
12) Finish off quilt for Cadence’s room
13) Make cap and bootie sets for Cadence’s time in the hospital
14) do mending

And I’m sure I’m missing a couple. As soon as I find my size five circsI’ll be casting on for Cadie’s dress and while I saw it in the very recent past, it’s alluding me now (which is seriously annoying).

But, I have made some progress since I started that list….

Cadie Cadoo’s Glamtastic Diaper Bag

Wallet albums for special people…

SO, the list is down to a even dozen. ;o) Yeah, it’s probably crazy, but that’s pretty much me. :O)

18 Jul 2006 Crafty News
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So, I decided several months ago that I would knit Cadence a coming home outfit. I wanted a very simple sundress that I could pair with frilly booties and a hat and a little sweater if it happened to be cold.

I searched high and low for something that would work and never found anything I liked. I considered de-venting somethting myself based on a few patterns I had that were okay, but I managed to find a link to this little gem…, Crumpets

Only problem–sized starts at six months. I pondered it. Measured some baby clothes, did some math and decided to just size it down. I’m excited about the prospect and went out to find out how to do a picot cast on. Thanks to NonaKnits I’m on my way with that.

In other news, I started cutting out a nightie for Cadence last week. Out of adorable polka dot fabric. Decide to sew a sie medium. It doesn’t freaking fit on the fabric. Start measuring. The damn thing is thirty inches long from shoulder to hem. Now, I know you want gowns cover feet, but I was hoping to be able to put it in C as a newborn. There is now way a 20 inch baby (including her melon head) would be able to deal with a 30 inch long nightie. So, i hacked six inches off the length and said what the hell. I measured it next to other baby gowns we have here and it looks like it should work well. Progress to show soon.

27 Jun 2006 Well, I can make just one.
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The reason why this scarf is called The Potato Chip scarf is becuase, apparently, you can’t make just one. There must be something wrong with me becuase unless I get a specific request, this will be the one and only scarf I make.

Yeah, it’s cute and yes, it was nice to use two whole balls of yarn out of my stash to make it.

this is the third time I’ve knitted on this scarf. Scarf one was done only in black, in the reccomended yarn and gauge. It was TINY. There was no way I could wear it. I hardly came down over my ladies. After a while of thinking if over, I ripped it out.

Decided I’d do two color stripes. Sounded good. Cast on. Decided to double my original stitches to give it better length. Realized before I even got through my second repeat that the amount of stitches was bordering on stupid, so I ripped that out.

Upped my needle size to 10.5 and got the frilly thing you see here. I used all the fushia and nearly all of the black. The small amount I’ve saved will either be turned into a cat toy (I beleive this is a wool blend) or as salvage for my sock cast on.

08 Nov 2005 It’s been a while…
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since I’ve updated. At least for me.

We had a busy weekend in IL tying up more loose ends (no pun intended) for our move in January.

Let’s break things down a bit.

I’m totally about my paper these days. I can’t seem to get interested in any of my other tasks. I ebb and flow with my crafts. I haven’t knitted in a while, but I know that time will come back again. I’m just really feeling inspired.

I would like to point you to Becky Fleck’s fantastic sketches. I’ve been getting so much down with the help of these. They’re more my speed than Becky Higgins work. I’ve gotten so much done (and I feel a little better about my progress when I’m using sketches as opposed to scraplift after scraplift after scraplift).

I finally cast on for the second Falling Leaves sock. I got nearly through the toe. I love the sock I made so far and can’t wait to get through the other one.

I wanted to work on knitting up a harry potter scarf to wear to the movie next week, but I couldn’t find any yarn (not even acrylic!) that would work at Michaels. I haven’t given up the idea of it YET, but it’s getting there as the scarf is, like, eight feet long or something.

As soon as I repair Emily’s nightie and doll stroller, I’m packing it away for a month or so. I have some lovely red flannel that I may opt to use to make a Christmas nightie for Emily. We’ll see.


It’s less than two months away, but I’m not even close.

Went to the doc. today about my panic attacks. He wasn’t comfy. prescribing anything because of the TTC thing. That’s okay. He suggested vigorous exercise, so I’m going to give that a try. Hopefully things have settled down enough here that it won’t be much of an issue.