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12 Oct 2006 Sweet Pea is sleeping.
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At least for now. Though, it’s nearly my bedtime, so she’ll be looking to be awake very soon, I’m sure.

Cold weather is coming and, in a way, I’m looking forward to it like I always do. I love snow and Christmas and all that stuff. :o) Sick, I know.

Speaking of Christmas, a little gem from 2004…

Lift from a Beth Proudfoot layout from Simple Scrapbooks.

And, I revised the Crafts to do list. It is as follows

  • Cadie’s Nightgown
  • Emily’s Robe
  • Em’s final canvas
  • Cadence’s canvases
  • Cadie’s bedding
  • Cadie’s taggie
  • Joey’s taggie
  • Gabby’s taggie
  • rag quilt

I have Cadie’s taggie all pinned and the picture printed out for Emily’s final canvas. I don’t know how long any will take me to complete as I’m living on Cadence time right now.

24 Oct 2005 Good evening….
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I finished sewing in that damn zipper. I did it by hand. It is the hands down ugliest zipper I have ever done. I won’t even show it to you. Not even if fyou beg. I started pinning the hem on the costume as well, but ran out of steam. I MUST finish it shortly as we’re busy Weds. and Thurs. is Emily’s halloween party (plus I need a tiara by then too!).

I’m feeling ready to load away the sewing machine.. Maybe for a week or two. It’s time to clean the house. Time to get ready in case THAT happens, but time to clean thins up. I started magic erasering the walls in the kithcen today and will hit the store for a scrub brush and some gloves so I can clean the baseboards and under cupboards.

I’ll be purging again, just in case. Less to pack. Less to deal with.

In taking some inventory tonight, I realize we need to replace so much. I need new flatware. I’m tired of of the Correl dishes we have. My tupperware, or what passes for it, is mismatched and barely functional. I suppose that’s another plus of Eric getting another, better paying job. We can afford to replace this stuff all at once and maybe even not move it.

21 Oct 2005 Can I do Something Else Now?
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Probably not.

So, here’s the purse. Isn’t she cute? Yes, she’s a little big, but I can toss my cute little digi. camera into her and we can go off for the day. It’ll probably even hold lunch!

And, as you can see , lots of progress on the costume.

One problem, the freaking zipper. Awful experience. I have no idea why I couln’t get it to work as I’ve done it before, but no dice. I had to improvise. I’m sure most people won’t notice. I just have to hem boh the skirt and the under skirt tomorrow and I think I can offically be done sewing for a day or two. It puts my total to two nightgowns, 1 purse and a big ass halloween costume inside if a week, which ain’t bad progress. Yay me.

You can’t see the detail on the dress. It’s actually much prettier than it’s photographing. It’s got (fun) fur lined cuffs and pretty little pearls around the neckline. I have some pearls left that I’m considering what to do with….maybe they’ll fit around the waist??

fairly soon I will make an inventory of hte fabric/projects I have sitting around here. Just so I know what I have. I can count off at least a half a dozen projects without any effort at all. Blech.

In good news, my Mom got the results back from her scans on Monday. The tumor is shrinking and there are no new growths. :o) This means her treatment (aka chemo) is working!! I’m so happy about that. :o) Another prayer answered. It’s good stuff.

17 Oct 2004 Sew much off of my to-do list.
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I think I have been feeling punny lately. ;o)

Last week I made up a list of sewing projects I had to finish and the order in which I wanted them finished. The list is as follows:

  • Jumper (for school pictures)
  • Costume (for Halloween)
  • Pink Pajamas
  • Print Pajamas
  • School dress
  • Princess Aurora
  • Tinkerbelle

I just finished the pink pajamas about five minutes ago, meaning the jumper and the halloween costume are finished as well. Hooray! I took some pictures, but, alas, cannot find my memory reader, so pictures will have to wait. I’m so proud of my progress, though. Hooray!

I am considering finishing up the second pair of pajamas before putting my sewing machine away for a few days. The nightgown only took about three hours from start to finish (including cutting time) and I suspect the pamjamas won’t take much more than that. All of Emily’s current pajamas are ready for the donate pile. She had on a nightie I made for her alst year and it barely covers her bum. This nightgown is long and flowing. Definatly Emily’s style.

Last night while watching a move(it was okay. Some pretty funny parts, but I didn’t like the way Ray Romano did his character) I managed to knit some on the sweater. I tried it on Emily this morning and I have a few more inches to go length wise. I figure, two more inches of the white and then I can move on to the ribbing. I estimated the sweater was about four inches short, so my plan is to knit the four inches (or maybe five) in stockingette before moving on to my ribbing. I imagine I will have that done by this week, if I get a move on.

Then I will finish the baby doll sweater and then I will finish my regia sock and then I will move on to new things. I have an order of sock yarn coming from I couldn’t help myself. I bought, oh, 8 balls for $28. I didn’t think it was a bad deal. I’m going to have to seriously start knitting up my stash though. I’m running out of room!

01 Oct 2004 Retail Therapy is Good for the Soul (aka being a Good Patriot)
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I visit a message board where a woman says that if you’re out “supporting the economy”, then you’re a good patriot.

I was a pretty good patriot today. ;o)

After picking Em up for school it was off to Michael’s. I had a coupon burning a hole in my pocket and the knowledge that 1 skein of Moda dea was NOT a pair of socks going to make. One would think that I might have stopped with the yarn, but no.

Scrapbook paper was on sale 5 for $1. How could I resist 10 sheets.

I couldn’t.

And these adorable bead Christmas ornament kits were on sale, which went along with the fact that I’m giving out some Alterd Paint Cans for Christmas.

By the way, that’s not my work, just a link to some example work.

And then there was that little pumpkin stamp and the little ribbon bobbins for ONLY .99 cents and glow in the dark paint, and, and and……

It only cost $23.

The we were off to Wal-mart this even were we were patriotic some more. I bought some beautiful, gold fabric with acorns on it to make a table cloth for my equally lovely table. I was going to buy a pattern, but I should be able to sew two pieces of material into a rectangle, shouldn’t I? GUess we’ll find out sometime this weekend.

I think this weekend will be very crafty. I need to finished stuffing foam into my ikea chair. The foam I stuffed into the other made a HUGE difference, but the stuffing of the stuffing isn’t fun so I’ve been putting it off even though I love the results. I’m sewing clothes for the M

25 Aug 2004 I have been busy!
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I put the scrapbook supplies away on Monday and started sewing. Since then I have completed a skirt, two pillows and a pair of pants. After finishing two more pair of pants and possibley a pair of pajamas, the scrapbook stuff and come back out.

I don’t have a picture of the pants. They’re a very simple blue knit. Perfect for preschool (didn’t cost a lot. I figure about $3 including pattern cost)) and comfy. Emily dubbed them soft. :O)

First, the pillows. These all my own making. I had some left over coduroy(sp) from Emily’s skirt that I loved and thought it would be a shame to waste it. The first (small) pillow is the prototype. I cut the cord. before I made the top and it didn’t turn out right. The second pillow (large) I ade the top first and then did the cord. to match it. It turned out good, but Emily dripped cherry juice on it. :o( No biggie. Couch pillows anyhow.

And., Emily modeling the skirt that provided the pillow backing…

She’s such a girlie girl. :o)

I have been crocheting some booties for charity, but knitting is taking a break. I need it, I think.

I did get a couple of knitting books from Amazon for winter knitting. Knit Hats and the sister book knit mittens. I found several patterns I’m going to make for the winter season for Emily and me and maybe some other people too.