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04 Jan 2009 Family Day Out
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Eric and I have been talking a bit lately about the amount of stuff we have in the house.  We both agree that we have too much and while we LOVE the generosity at the holidays, our wee house seems to be bursting at the seams with toys, books, clothes, shoes, movies, etc, etc.

Eric’s grandparents give the us and the girls monetary gifts every year and this year, instead of letting Emily buy ANOTHER toy, we used the money to have a day out. It was cold, so we went to the mall.

We decided to have lunch at the Rain Forrest Cafe. Now, normally Eric and I don’t really care for these pricey, theme chains, BUT 1) the food is really okay and 2) the kids are entertained the entire time which makes it worth the extra cost. The wait, however, was 40 minutes so after petting a snake (no pictures. Cadence was afraid of it) we walked down to Bass Pro to see the fish.

After that, it was nearly time for our “adventure time” at the Rain Forrest, so we strolled back down the mall where Cadence was also scared by the robotic crocodile in front of the restaurant. Poor kid. Once inside though, there were too many things to see and too many places to watch.

Em was really happy that we were sitting along the outside of the restaurant. The rain would start up right beside our table and it would get all misty. She had to reach her hand in a few times to check it out. Cadence was just happy with her super big slurpee.

and her stinky Leopard toy…

After lunch (where Cadence ate one mini hot dog and was scared twice by the thunderstorm) we walked back to the Merry-Go-Round. Emily and I wanted to ride before lunch, but Eric was on his way so we skipped it. For the low, low price of two bucks, we couldn’t resist getting a ride.

Eric was nice enough to ride. Which is good becuase he was queasy when he got off.

It was the perfect gift. Thanks Granpa and Grandma B. :o)

01 Jan 2009 Poem
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No crafty doings.

Baby-to-be sucking out my life force. Cold weather makes me want to hibernate.

Dreaming about vacation and spring.  Dreaming of taking down the tree (but will wait until SUnday to stave off any possible post Christmas depression).

Wondering what 2009 will bring us.  Thinking of good years and bad years and hoping that this will balance out on the good side.  Hoping we grow and learn and change while staying close.

Happy here right now.  Tucked in.  Girls playing.  Eric chatting.  Friends gathered or gathering.  Family safe and healthy and warm.

Blessings abound.  Too numerous to tally.

Love to all.  Peace to all.

The end.

03 Nov 2008 Tomorrow…
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Vote.  Even if it seems like it “doesn’t matter”.  Even if you’re voting blue in a red state or red in a blue state.  Vote

Remember that less than a hundred years ago our Grandmothers weren’t allowed to vote.  Take your daughters.  Tell your girls. Vote because you CAN.

Take the rights that are given to you. Take the rights that people fought for and are still fighting for.


30 Oct 2008 I forgot how much I LOVE pumpkin seeds!

I used this recipe and they are GOOD.

But no one is here for a pumpkin seed recipe, are they?

You’re here because…..

….Emily got an awesome report with just 2 B’s and just as many A+’s.
….I am the mama of the cutest baby ever….
…it’s pumpkin carving night!

14 Jun 2006 More crafty things…
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Pardon the crappy picture. I just wanted to get the shot done without much arguement.

You may, or may not, be able to tell that the purse matches Emily sundress that I posted about yesterday. :O) I found a great, easy pattern and threw the purse together nearly as quickly as the sundress itself. I stabilized the handles and bottom with plastic cross stitch canvas. The purse doesn’t stand up on it’s own, but Emily doesn’t mind and it looks pretty good for a prototype. She’s asking if I can make a purse to match the other presmocked stuff we have sitting up here. I think that’s very possible.

I’ve been pondering hte pattern of the baby fern washcloth and think it could be adapted for socks. I tried making Falling Leaves late last year/early this year, but the pattern was all wrong. I couldn’t reduce it in a manner to fit my foot and it’s relaly bulky and not lace at all. The baby fern looks like a good option, but it does mean frogging my other falling leaf sock which keeps ending up in the wash.

I cast on yesterday for a potato chip scarf. I ripped the black one I made out earlier this year becuase it was FAR too short. I’m working with two colors of yarn now and double the stitches. It’s SLOW knitting, but it’ll be cute when it’s done.

13 Jun 2006 Finally! Evidence of crafty happenings!
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It’s been a while. My mojo has been slow to return. I admit it. I wish it were quicker to get here, but the amount of work I feel I need to do in order to have “permission” to be crafty is keeping me from just doing it. Eric won’t mind. Emily won’t mind. It’s me. I mind.

But, I managed to turn ou a couple of things.

First, a waved welt dishcloth

and a smaller sized Baby Fan dishcloth for none other but my baby who, 10 seconds after being gifted with her on Emmie sized dish cloth is in the kitchen, washing things with it. ;o)

lastly, we happened over to the Joann’s Etc in Vernon to buy this awesome presmocked material to make sundresses.

It’s so simple, I can’t believe how easy it was to make the dress. I stithed up the back, adjusted the length, hemmed it and made straps. It took no time at all to have it finished and Emily loves it. We have a green print with butterflies upstairs, pinned and ready to go. I just need to find time to spend a half an hour in front of the sewing machine to stitch it up. I highly reccomend this for beginning sewers–and, if you’re an adult and the dress it will make is too short, no problem. Turn it into a skirt. :o)

12 Jun 2006 You’re not worth $300.
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Today, Emily went outside and Eric finally hooked up our DVD player downstairs this weekend. I decided to pop in a movie while i was doing chores, etc and put in Gone with the Wind. I haven’t watched it in some time and it is still…

The Best Movie of All Time

I’m at the part where Scarlett seduces Frank Kennedy. Well, maybe not seduces but lures him away from Suellen, her sister, to get the taxes paid on Tara.

And you know, I’ve always been a Rhett girl. Ashely’s sweet and all, but he’s just not the right guy. It’s RHETT, Scarlett. How can you throw away Rhett for Ashely (and worst off, that miserable drip Frank Kennedy). We won’t even get into her marring Charles Hamilton for spite, although it seems necessary to get her together with Rhett.

The book Scarlett (and the movie for that matter) by Alexandra Ripley was disappointing and weird, even though Scarlett and Rhett DID get together in the end. But that whole O’Hara thing, burning people out of houses and shit (and another rescue) was just too much.

I realy don’t know if Rhett would have ever taken back Scarlett under any circustance. She hurt him too badly after the death of Bonnie, but I don’t think it would have come down like Ripley wrote.

But I do have a confession. As I was watching today I realized I’m a Rhett girl. When I was younger, I was desperate for Scarlett to hook up with Ashley, but now, I realize that Rhett is the MAN. And interestingly enough, there are parts of Eric that are Rhettesque. Just a little bit. A couple parts. Good parts.

02 Jun 2006 The Gift of Space.
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Today, at 9:30 Emily peeked out the front door and noticed next door neighbor outtside collecting rollie pollie bugs in her pajamas. Emily, still in her nightie, went out side and has hardly been back in since. She came in a few moments ago, asking to have lunch and movies with the neighbor girl and I’m alone.

That’s not the gift.

The gift is , the six year age difference that I lamented is a blessing. Really.

Emily is moving away in little steps. She said that she couldn’t wait to spend all day with me, but that’s changing. I know that change happens. I remember it from my childhood.

But the gift I’ve been given is the space that is Cadence. I think if Cadence had come too quickly, I wouldn’t have recognized the beautiful of each age with Emily. Emily’s toddlerhood would have run into Cadence’s and it will have been gone in a matter of a few years. But now, I get to look forward to every little thing I loved about Emily and I get to have it all again with Cadence.

30 May 2006 The Cadence Files-Second Edition
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I’m 24 weeks pregnant. Cadence is due in less than 16 weeks now. I’m more than halfway through.

Developmentally, Cadence’s lungs are developing. She’s gaining weight and is nearly a foot long now. Her spine is developing, growing bones and ligaments. Personally, she’s a wiggle worm, though I still think she’s breech. Body Position could help her move, so I may be giving that a try coming up. The sharpest kicks are still lower in my stomach with more fluttering at the top. People suggest visualizing the baby turning, but whatever. I don’t buy that something like that will work.

In a week we head to the Doc for my GTT (glucose tolerance test for those not speaking momspeak) and then in four more weeks for another ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved into a better place. That will make FIVE ultrasounds for this pregnancy so far.

We’ve started to think about purchasing for Cadence now. We don’t have a ton of stuff to buy because we’ve learned a lot about what we need and what we don’t need, but the costs are coming close to 2K. I’m Froogling and checking ebay to see how we’re going to be able to reduce costs.

And then, I hit on something that kind of skeeved me out.

Used breast pumps.

Yes, a flourishing market for used breast pumps.


I’ll be buying new, thanks.

19 May 2006 Who IS this girl?
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I do admit that at times, I see Emily as younger than she is. More vulerable than she is. More needy than she is. I suppose it’s the traps of parenthood that does this to you. Causes you to see her as something she was more than what she is, at times.

I make no secret that I fret about every single birthday. I hate that she has to grow up, but each year leaves me surprised that while she is growing up, she’s still little in a lot of ways. She still likes to snuggle and still needs a lap and a teddy bear when she’s scared or anxious. She still likes to kiss and hug and hold hands and have stories read to her and she still likes to play with us.

Her hands are still smaller than mine, though not chubby like they used to be and yesterday I realized that her legs really aren’t chubby anymore either. SHe plays now, less like a little kid and more like a Kid. A bigger kid. She wants to ride her “big girl bike”.

And, she apaprently wants to grow up. She usually has messy little kid bangs in her face and a smile of exuberance or impatience, not patience and knowledge like I see here. It’s breathtaking to see her like this, still little,b ut on the cusp of something else.