18 Jan 2009 Sadness.
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If you are all sensitive to reading about the death of children, I’d encourage you to not only not read the above article, but to probably skip the post.

In passing on Friday, Eric mentioned to me that a toddler had died in a local daycare.  We both spent time speculating just how something like that happened.  We figured some daring lad had climbed onto and jumped off of something he shouldn’t had in a lapsed moment of watchful eyes.  We didn’t guess what really had happened to 16-month old Benjamin Kingan on the last morning of his life.

His 22-year old day care worker, in a fit of frustration, threw him to the ground.  Benjamin collected his blanket, crawled to his “comfort zone”, a bouncy seat, passed out and died.

Typing that makes my heart break.  Reading it makes my heart break and I’ve been catching Cadence today in rib crushing hugs, thankful  for her and so, so sad for the Kingan family.    So sad that someone disregard the importance of his little life and what he must mean to his mama and dad.  So sad that this was the only answer, that this was what they came up with.

And so, so SO sad that his Mama and Dad were deprived of being able to, at the very least, comfort their baby from one life and into the next one.  I hope that he wasn’t hurt or frightened, just confused or sad.

What I believe is that if you have to leave, if you must really go, you should be loved like crazy on your way out.  That you should have your hand held, or be hugged or to have your ear whispered into with words so full of love that you’re comforted.

I can’t help but think of my own sweet, sweet baby.  How we comfort her.  How she wraps her little monkey arms tight around us and buries her head under our chins and I hate to think of her ever anywhere alone or scared without us.  Regardless of the situation.

After I laid Bug down for her nap this afternoon, I prayed for Benjamin Kingan and his family.  He won’t be far from my thoughts.  If you pray, pray for him as well as his family, who probably needs comfort in this awful time.

04 Jan 2009 Family Day Out
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Eric and I have been talking a bit lately about the amount of stuff we have in the house.  We both agree that we have too much and while we LOVE the generosity at the holidays, our wee house seems to be bursting at the seams with toys, books, clothes, shoes, movies, etc, etc.

Eric’s grandparents give the us and the girls monetary gifts every year and this year, instead of letting Emily buy ANOTHER toy, we used the money to have a day out. It was cold, so we went to the mall.

We decided to have lunch at the Rain Forrest Cafe. Now, normally Eric and I don’t really care for these pricey, theme chains, BUT 1) the food is really okay and 2) the kids are entertained the entire time which makes it worth the extra cost. The wait, however, was 40 minutes so after petting a snake (no pictures. Cadence was afraid of it) we walked down to Bass Pro to see the fish.

After that, it was nearly time for our “adventure time” at the Rain Forrest, so we strolled back down the mall where Cadence was also scared by the robotic crocodile in front of the restaurant. Poor kid. Once inside though, there were too many things to see and too many places to watch.

Em was really happy that we were sitting along the outside of the restaurant. The rain would start up right beside our table and it would get all misty. She had to reach her hand in a few times to check it out. Cadence was just happy with her super big slurpee.

and her stinky Leopard toy…

After lunch (where Cadence ate one mini hot dog and was scared twice by the thunderstorm) we walked back to the Merry-Go-Round. Emily and I wanted to ride before lunch, but Eric was on his way so we skipped it. For the low, low price of two bucks, we couldn’t resist getting a ride.

Eric was nice enough to ride. Which is good becuase he was queasy when he got off.

It was the perfect gift. Thanks Granpa and Grandma B. :o)

01 Jan 2009 Poem
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No crafty doings.

Baby-to-be sucking out my life force. Cold weather makes me want to hibernate.

Dreaming about vacation and spring.  Dreaming of taking down the tree (but will wait until SUnday to stave off any possible post Christmas depression).

Wondering what 2009 will bring us.  Thinking of good years and bad years and hoping that this will balance out on the good side.  Hoping we grow and learn and change while staying close.

Happy here right now.  Tucked in.  Girls playing.  Eric chatting.  Friends gathered or gathering.  Family safe and healthy and warm.

Blessings abound.  Too numerous to tally.

Love to all.  Peace to all.

The end.

03 Nov 2008 Tomorrow…
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Vote.  Even if it seems like it “doesn’t matter”.  Even if you’re voting blue in a red state or red in a blue state.  Vote

Remember that less than a hundred years ago our Grandmothers weren’t allowed to vote.  Take your daughters.  Tell your girls. Vote because you CAN.

Take the rights that are given to you. Take the rights that people fought for and are still fighting for.


30 Oct 2008 I forgot how much I LOVE pumpkin seeds!

I used this recipe and they are GOOD.

But no one is here for a pumpkin seed recipe, are they?

You’re here because…..

….Emily got an awesome report with just 2 B’s and just as many A+’s.
….I am the mama of the cutest baby ever….
…it’s pumpkin carving night!

05 Oct 2008 It’s in the air…
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Stay tuned…..

23 Sep 2008 Some people…
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..are probably waiting for an update.  For birthday pictures and school reports, but I’ve been languishing.  Something is in the air and I feel  cagey and restless as I puzzle out what exactly is in the air after all.

Is it Eric’s job hunt and the knowledge that his ultimate wish is that we move locations?  Maybe.  But I’ve lived with that since 1999.  Is it Cadence’s birthday or the start of another school year and feeling like third grade is a very big girl when second grade isn’t?  Is it the change of the seasons or the worry about the dog or just the need to shake things up?

I’m never sure.

Do I suppress my nervous energy or do I run with it?  Do I stay up late and exhaust myself in a flurry or activity or go to bed, understanding that an early morning is coming no matter what else I choose to do?

The family is good.  Eric and I are great, but something is moving in the air.  Can you feel it too??

(and it’s not the stupid election or the stupid economy before someone suggests that……)

05 Sep 2008 Two Piggie Tails…
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She has hardly enough hair for it, but on a whim I decided to give Cadence two piggie tails today (usually she just has one, jaunty one on the side)

She is also wearing her Little Miss Trouble shirt, which suits her well. See?

Here she was saying cheese, it’s blurry but still cute.

Aren’t toddlers the absolute cutest??

24 Aug 2008 Good luck, baby.
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Can you believe that I am a mama to a third grader?  Doesn’t that seem so big??

It seems like time is screaming fast, particularly this summer and once again, we’re back to back to school time. I look forward to school time every year. It feels like New Year’s Eve to me, a chance to start everything fresh again. We pack up the kids back packs with new things and dress them in new clothes and send them out to start all over again.

And Emily, to her credit, is so excited to start school; to be with her friends again and to get back into the swing of things. I wonder if she, too, feels the potential of a fresh school year stretched out before her. This year, she’s not the new kid anymore. There’s nothing new for her to adjust to. Emily has attended five school since she started attending school at age 3. Yes, that works out to one a year. I can only hope when she walks through the double doors tomorrow that she’ll feel confident, because she knows the ropes. There’s no adjustment period for her this year.

Just stepping in and going with the flow. I can only imagine how she’ll excel without having to puzzle out the system or her place inside of it.

So, the back pack is packed, the first outfit selected, Old Navy frustrated towards (hey, I ordered uniforms from that palce a week ago and NOTHING, which means if they don’t show by Tuesday night (I have convinced Emily to wear her jumper and blouse) I’m off to the store to rebuy things I’ve already bought and paid for. Curse you Old Navy!!), the snacks and lunch things bought, the lunch box washed and ready.

Best wishes for this year, babygirl. I hope it’s fantastic. I know you’ll do all you can to make it that way.

21 Aug 2008 Interconnected….
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…but probably not really.

I got an e-mail today, from NKOTB.com extolling me to pre-order their new album “The Block” on I-Tunes.

Now, I’m not above pre-ordering things.  Don’t get me wrong.  The last several Harry Potters showed up at my house the day they were released.  I definatley want to make sure I get what I want when I want it, but does it make sense to pre-order an album on ITunes?  I mean, is ITunes going to run out or something?  I feel doubtful about that at best.  If I don’t pre-order will ITunes NOT sell me a download.

Doubtful.  Nice try, though.

Now, speaking of JK Rowling, the girls have been watching (well, Emily.  Cadence glances at it in passing) Labyrinth.  You know, that 80’s movie with David Bowie?  I have to wonder now of JK Rowling was a fan as 1) a snowy white owl tracks Sara’s progress (Hello? Hedwig?),2) Hoggle, the goblin, is. mistakenly called Hogwart and Hoghead.  Also, the big beast is called Ludo and Ludo Bagman appears in Goblet of Fire which also, oddly enough ,features a Labyrinth.

Not that I blame her from possibly borrowing.  It is a great movie. :O)

There isn’t enough coffee in the world to wake me up this morning…..